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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Am I preparing for Networking Certificates???
Or else for Microsoft or for Java certificates!!!!

Currently I am a Kalyanaraman Certified Engineer. Now trying for Manichitrathazhu certificate. In a mock certificate interview, Even though I made all conversions meaningfully correct, I couldn't make it "dialog-ly" correct. Need to improve a lot. I think I need more revisions on this movie. Already revised it 12 times. But I am not good in memory :-(

Ethu kazhinjittu vennam Viatnam Colony kku padikkan. Hamme …

You might wonder who the authority of these certificates is. It is nothing but “Kairaly”. Sorry .. it is not kairaly TV, but Kairaly room. Guys.. It’s our own room.

Everybody in our room is Kalyanaraman certified. We can make all the situation/conversation correctly. More over, we are practicing the ways to implement its dialogs in real life. Athu koodi kazhinjal njagalkku “sarttettu” kittum. Kalayanaraman

This is our room. Don’t wonder how we learned this movie perfectly. The first day we rented this movie CD, We watched this movie twice. After onwards, every day in that week, a second show. Every day while cooking, while walking, while we are in company even while in dreams … we are rehearsing the dialogs. Now you say.. can anybody do it !!!!