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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

She (or he) is not the first one who is disturbing (or entertaining) me Anonymously.

It’d started from my 9th standard at my tuition centre. Usually I don’t like to write something on the desk (in short, father told me not to write). In spite of his warning, once I wrote something on my desk. It already had some name, pictures, lines etc. So once I got bored of some topic, I wrote a poem. Ok I am not poet; it was a poem from some great minds. I don’t remember what it exactly was. Yet, I am adding some interesting lyrics for a sample.

“Some people think that love is foolish
While others think it is a game
I feel love is a fire.
I am burning up in your flame”
-Gary Barlow

One anonymous comment appeared in my desk as reply in an appreciative tone. chumma... For fun I just replied continued everyday... there was not an inch on that desk with out a comment.

After a few months, it was difficult to distinguish the new comments from the old ones. And it was great fun to write comments back on the least reachable spaces :-) We had chat through the desk, we argued, we fought !!!

I wondered who he was?

Surprisingly I found one thing. Those comments might be from a girl. but if yes, she is in 10th. Boy’s and girl’s sides were swapped in these two classes. Otherwise it should have been from an 8th std boy. But I successfully eliminated the latter by the time of comments and the class schedules.

I don't think that she ever knew me, or neither do I . But, I remember it was great fun.

While “Fan from Venus” started commenting in my blog, I simply smiled. Is it he or she? Who wants to play with me? I am confused. But I was pretty sure that I'll write an entry for my fan sometime.

My second drawing on my desk was during my final year B.Tech. The subjects were too boring so that we even started playing niraoppikkal!!

Don't get confused by name. This is the board diagram ...

Surprisingly this took a convenient space on all desks in a short period. Engineers!!! and their 'creativities' ;-)


hmmm..aa poem enikku ishtapettu

Sir similarly was paro(Parvathy) for me? Aval oru divasam ente blogil comment post cheythu. Alle manassilaayilla. Then i too posted a comment in her blog. Pinne manassilaayi she is my junior stusying in NIT Calicut.

@Praveen: Kazhivullar ezhuthunbo athu nannavathirikko?
@Sujith: enjoy !! pinne NITyil padikkunna avalengane ninte Junior avum !!!

Aval 6th sem aanu sir. So ente junor alle?That's it.

Women are from Venus..but not all from Venus are women...


umm... You may not konw the thrill of not knowing who is (s)he!!!

That is why I am not asking "who are you?"



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