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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I am violating my own rule... to blog again.
But I have a reason to share which is more than technical, I guess.

I have learned a few things on this Independence Day.

1) Don't argue with somebody. There is no use.

your 'wrong' might be 'right' for somebody else.
Maximum you may go for two replies with your arguments.
Still you couldn’t convince, stop it.

2) email is a powerful tool for communication;
But you can not set your emotions in it properly.
So take care to control your anger in email.
It will get multiplied as soon as it reaches on the other end.

3) Keep the same in mind while reading an email too;
other person may not knowing 2nd learning.
So.. try to divid the amount of anger in the email into half.

4) Respect others opinion, appreciate it if you agree with it.

5) Don't worry if you didn't get the same appreciation;
other person may not know about the 4th learning.

6) Avoid personal attack to win. (common law while arguing)

7) Ignore the personal attack.

I have done a huge mistake. I forgot all these things while emailing.
Result: lost a blog-friend for an unnecessary reason.

Return to sleep mode.


Good One......................................
Informative ..........................

"It is always better to let go of the argument than waste your energy on arrogant brats who think they just can't be wrong."- Dew Drops

And thanks for your visit.