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One year back I had a decent fight with an atheist. She is doctor and a Christian too. She don't believe in Virgin Mary. Whether she believe it or not, it is none of my business. But I failed to understand her reasonings.

Her reasoning : "A woman can't deliver a baby without intercourse". (Yeah even cloning require a male's interference)

My doubt : "Then how was the first human born?" (കോഴിയണോ കോഴിമുട്ടയാണോ ആദ്യം ഉണ്ടായതു?)

All atheist "believes" in evolution. It says that intercourse by two monkeys resulted in the begining of human being era. That too millions of years back. Even they don't know 'how many million years?'. They are just guessing. they are just believing so. no proof.

They says that their great grandfather is a monkey.We 'like' to believe that our great grandfathers are Adam and Eve.

The most funny thing is that Human being have 46 Chromosomes, and the apes have 48 !!!? One can't be a descendant of another!

"sansar main bahuth kuch cheesam hain jo insane ke samaj ke bahar!!"(Dil chahta hai).

Even a doctor don't know how a human life starts. If they knew, no couple would be without children.

Happy Independence Day!


Happy independence day.
Sorry that I read this blog little late. I was busy with my work. Well this was some of the questions that I asked my mom and she told me the same EVOLUTION.

There is no proof that god created adam and eve and that we descended from them, in the same way there is no concrete way of explaining mans evolution from monkey.. but the latter is more logical than the former and I believe that u have one of the best logical minds around here (at least in programming!!!)..if u don't like accepting that ur ancestor was a monkey.. then u can accept a bacteria or amoeba as ur ancestor :-)))

I have a doubt now. Joju is becoming a "Upadeshi" - preacher ?

You have a good future in that line.


Yeah..No proof; That is why it is called belief.

But evaluation states that whatever it says is a fact. yet there is a chromosomes contradiction.

Also while looking into intelligently designed human body, I can not logically conclude that it is evolved from just a bacteria.

and many question flying in my mind!!!

how did a bacteria split into a male and female?
and how did 'they' introduced a easy method of reproduction called intercourse ?

One thing I still wondering is that bacteria became a human after a million year,say.
now it is a million + 5000year. if one bacteria could become a man and second one become woman, then nth bacteria should be either man or woman. but nobody reported that another bacteria become a human again.

just my thoughts

If u can believe that a single celled egg can develop into someone like Hulk Hogan then I think we can start believing that we evolved from bacteria..and abt the question abt male and female bacteria.. even the human embryo in the early stage is sexless.. only after some months will it turn into male or female...also the human fetus looks similar to any other animals in the early months..


Grow up man, grow up

Yours lovingly,
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my question was different.

If something is evolved after so many years, why it is not happening today? yup we already fulfilled 'that so many' years.

Other question is... it took several years to born a human from a bacteria. now it is just 9 months (almost fixed). how it is possible. and method to reproduce is different too.

Also a bacteria is a single complete thing; There is no male and female concept. (please correct me if I am wrong). Still after evolution, it split into TWO incomplete things, male/female? how?!!

Kids has a lot of question :-(

Friend, I strongly advise you spend some time learning biology. A couple of decent undergrad level courses will clear a lot of your misconceptions. Try MIT open courseware or something if you are not willing to spend money for that. Knowing what evolution and genetics is all about will for sure add credibility to your opinions.

Thanks for your comment!

and yeah... I am very weak in biology. may be I am wrong too.

But from the childhood I am hearing that "20 billion Years ago..." (evolution starts) ... what is this 20 billion years? any scientific proof? At least what is the age of the Earth?

if you are not convinced with or are not able to think further from what 'DayDreamer' mentioned about the living beings (and you) began from a single cell (egg), i think we all will wait for you to growup.. :o)

Never expected this much from a software junkie!

For your theory, there shouldnt be a process called intercouse..
When adults are ready to marry (or ready to nature a child), they should just sit and pray for one and one will just come out of thin air. :)

If they still donot want to wait for the kid to grow, they should pray for a adult kid!!

Ah god! please dont take away my intercourse pleasures... amen!

Thanks for your comments...

May be we are evolved from a single cell. but can anybody explain why the # Chromosomes changes?

any scientific links/proof?

>>explain why the # Chromosomes changes? any scientific links/proof?

It simply cannot be explained in a comment here.. Watch some informative TV channels inbetween, rather than watching some religious channels all the time!
You will see how organisms adapt to the environments they live in and make changes to their body / whatever over a course of time.. they pass these 'information' to their next generations via these chromosomes/genes.
Now dont tell they teach their kids - there are some organisms who doesnt even bother to nature their kids.. they just lay eggs and leaves (some sea tortoise, Salmon etc. refer Nat Geo or so). How are they learning to goto sea and come back to the same location every time when they are ready to lay eggs.

Search in Nat Geo about a half fish with legs.

search why most new elephants in Africa are not growing tusks (happening (evolving) now during your life time).

If you are looking for answers, reach upto some scientists.

>>religious channels all the time
Don't blindly assume something.

I agree that ancestors are encoding some information on chromosomes/genes/whatever. That is why they look similar at least. my questions is different. how the chromosomes are getting incremented/decremented . In a simple way ... my father has 46 chromosomes..I have 46 chromosomes and my daughter has 46 chromosomes. why it is not changing?!! do they ever change in a particular situation?

did any scientific website explain this thing in details? if yes, can you kindly provide the pointers.

probably I am not using the right keywords to google search. can somebody help me?

a doctor or a scientist will be able to answer your query on chromosome numbers and changes. Could you please explain why humans are not looking alike then?? Why are some fair, some dark, brown yelloish? Why is europeans buig built and chineese small?!?! Humans should have been just humans all looking same.

do you think that it is because of difference in the number of chromosome ?

(note the point that I am taking about the difference in the NUMBER OF chromosomes NOT the difference in the chromosomes)

Thanks for the link... This is the first time I am hearing about fusion in chromosomes.

Is there any link that explains why chromosome fusion happening; in what circumstances ?

Awesome! Now I totally understand why you useself call '..Junk |മറ്റൊരു പാഴ്‌ജന്മം'
If you are really interested, do a PhD in that as many did.

What are you trying to prove?
Are you also amoung them who say 'Thats God will and shouldnt be questioned' for all those which doesnt have an explanation in religious texts ??

I don't know why 'grown-up' people like you connect a discussion with somebodies personal things.

Since I am a christian, I believe Jesus is my GOD. he never said not to question him. Then why shouldn't I?

belief doesn't seek answers. but science do. that is why as a believer I am not questioning and as a (science ) student I am asking for clarity.

so it is the duty of scientist to give answers. if somebody do not have answers and they says that it is scientifically proved; they are fools.

You are the first person who gave me a pointer. Thank You.