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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Its 1.15 am sunday. Came after a mallu movie "Chandrothsavam". A Mohanlal movie. Other than Heroine Meena, and 3 seen from Mohanlal, we can call this movie by a hindi word.

Meena is particularly good in Yellow and Blue Saaries. Its nice to watch her. Thats all in this movie.

I must kill Raveesh. He called me to watch this one. He told it is just like "Devasuram" ( an old Mohanlal hit movie ) , with a musical flavor .!@#$#@. I felt desperate. Nothing more to say.

I saw Kaadal and Mayaavi in last couple of days. I felt very happy that Tamil movies are really improving. Compared to Malayalam movies , Tamil movies were nothing specially in story , direction and reality. But they are much advanced in graphics, I agree.

Come on Malayalam...its time to improve ... or otherswise she will take your place.

When talking about Kaadal I liked the direction and characterisation very well. Everybody acted well too. Director captured all minor things to get attention. especailly party seens , boys-mansion and off course love in progress with flashbacks. Around 30 minutes in second half seems to dragging to me. ..but OK.. I agreed that it is a part of that story and I am not patient enough. give a rate 8 out of 10 for this movie.

In Mayaavi I noticed that the audience was ready to accept the finishing of the movie. Surya and Jyothika is not getting married eventhough we expected it. They simply gave a shakehand and walked to different direction. cooool .. did you expect such an end in Tamil movies.

Another thing I liked is a joke. remember... the Tamilians are famous for throwing knife to the screen for helping the hero in the screen. Here is a joke that made everybody smile. In this movie, Jyothika is acting as the actress Jyothika. somebody kidnapped her. Police announces some price money to whoever giving the info about her. next day Police got a call "Sir , I saw... Simbu took Jyothika away... in "Manmadan". FYI: Manmadan is a movie were in which Jyothika and Simbu acted in main roles. things are changing !!!!!

Off course the main attraction is Surya only. He acted suberubbly.... It is his second movie I liked his acting. The first one is "Khakka Khakka"

Go On Tamilians ..we .. some mallus are here to support you....Cheers !!!!!!!

Today is a vishu day. Tamil new year too. So one more holiday. just spend time on my web pages, mailing, movie. Revised Gladiator and paycheck. both are motivating for me. Whenever I watch paycheck I'll think about my dream seriously. I have a dream to build a Malayalam Spell checker. And I had completed its grammar part much earlier, specifically 14 months before. Need to complete its GUI part. and I am looking for a VC++ expert to do that.

Back to Vishu day. Went to a mallu restaurant "kayal" with my colleagues Raveesh, Binni and Arun soman. Ordered a fully Vegetarian meals. They are pretty slow to serve the food. Need to ask for side dishes again and again. The waste part is they didn't served "payasam" after the meals. After that We had planned to see a "vishu movie". Went to 'Anand' to watch "Thommanum Makkalum" - a Mammootty film. But luckly or unluckly that movie changed from that theater. So we went to 'Sangam' to get the ticket for "chandrodhayam" - A mohanlal movie. Didn't get any ticket , since it is a releasing day. So the "movie in theater" idea flopped. Finally we went to Binni's room and watched Gladiator in his home theater :)

Today's best part is I sent a lot of mails to friends and to the group too. Started "fighting" on the group with Raghu and Tanuja. we sent around 12 mails to the group with in an hour. most of them are regarding vishu payasam and Marriage.

Updated this weblogs name and description. uploaded info about my new C-Hack to my "Under construction" webpage. So one more cool and relaxed day passed by.

Some People are crazy about this girl. I heard a bit about her before I actully met her. I had met her on Kochi with her friends. My friends introduced me to her. She is very nice to talk, well behavior, seems much matured.

Eventhough I saw her just three times face to face, she helped a lot for job hunting. Even more than what my classmates had done for me. She was my major source for the job openings. Currently she is in IIMK after working two year ( I guess.. ) in Wipro.

Today Melvin gave me her weblog. It is really nice to read her thoughts , narrations.
That made me to write again.