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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Surpassing my expectations, Samson did it again, that too for a second time. He tasted the mud; in fact the taste of road tar. Oh… I forgot to tell you Samson is my bike, Bajaj - Avenger !!!

First time it was on the the way to Bangalore; he might not be interested to carry a CruxR obsessed owner :-( He was at laughing at George, "Don't you know how to use a Disc Brake!! Too bad". Anyway, he did a great support by his crash guard to prevent any bone injury to his master, err… owner. George was very sad to see his Samson's crash guard bent and was happy to realize that no other parts were got hurt for both of them.

This time, it happened to George's friend (The friend is not interested to reveal his name as he doesn't want his parents to know about the accident ;-) One junk guy riding a goods-auto-carrier hit on Samson's left wing, that too twice!!! Was that intentional ? It seems. Samson screamed down; his left Crash guard smashed on the Koyambedu signal junction. The rider managed with minor injuries. Only a few scratches on his left side and It was difficult for him to walk for a couple of days. But the the case was a bit serious for the person sitting behind him and had a sprain on his back, was hospitalized immediately and x-ray showed no bone injury; By luck.

Samson; My Friend

I am trying to discover his likes and dislikes. Samson hates ‘thumbies’, the two-wheeler which almost ruled the Chennai roads. Thumbies are nothing but TVS Super; Mopeds. He growls while these little creatures fly around, He is silent while driving through a clean road, he always wants to enjoy the speed of 50, on the traffic signal, he likes to growl most likely if he is in the front row. 3 seconds are enough for him to reach a speed of 60KMPH. He likes to chase its counterpart, Pulsar 180/150, he likes to ride along with the same species, especially the company of Red one.

On touching the water he will start shivering. So George had never allowed him much to shiver ;-) While surfing on his petrol tank he nodes his head gently. He is George's companion to the football ground, he stands calmly watching the game. Sometimes he blocks a few powerful shots with his firm backside.

Like the petrol pump employee, Samson hates to fill his belly with petrol for a meager 30 Rs. He always wants to fill his tank full. But George doesn't like it and so he keeps the tank always on 'reserve'. Recently Samson complained about the naughty kids who play,around and even stand on his seat cover. So George wants to keep him at the Company parking slot.

Naughty Samson now waiting for a dusky damsel to roam round ;-)

I wished several times that I could have written at least 5 sentences about MY COW during my school days.

Sometimes I think...women deserve more respect. Why people ogle at them? Even I am not an exception :-(

She takes pain to give birth for a new life, she adjusts a lot to build a home, she absorbs everything especially others pain, She has that magic touch which heals all your pains.

I remember one Bob Marley's song, "No women No cry". Was he very sad to see a woman crying or did he mean that if there were no women in this world, we needn't cry? Just kidding…his lyrics is striking out the later. Yeah, no one wants to see a tear is running down her cheeks. Why is she crying?

Mahatma Gandhi once said that he would call India an independent country only when a woman can walk on the roads at midnight without fear. At that time he could only dream about it. Why not today ?

Frankly, I won’t blame men in all cases.

Respect should come from our inner self. I won’t respect a womon who clearly shows her anatomy. Why do they wear such revealing clothes?
Don't they have any value for what they have?
Or Do they think it as freedom? Luckily Gandhiji is no more;

I would like to share my new hobby. Whenever I see such a woman (Girls are much better I would say), I will start watching the surrounding people. Last weekend I went to Landmark and I saw a slut. I couldn’t get a better word to describe that junk woman. She wore her pants in such a way that, if she lower it an inch down, the purpose of dress will be meaningless !!! So I thought that this is the best time for my hobby. I saw a few boys around her. they were looking at her like"evidunnu varunnadai ee charakku" ( from where she is imported?)
Not at all a surprise for me. I kept on scanning more people and my eyes stuck with a lady, I guess she was a Mallu and her expression was so strange.
"savam" (dead body). I can see her anger at the corner of her eyes.

So my point to make for ladies is ....
If you are not in the flesh trade, I mean ..if you are not a pro, wear decent clothes
It attracts respect!!

Penmakkale sleevelessum microminiyum dharikkan padippikkunna ammamare mukkaliyil kettiyittu adikkanam.
(Those mothers who train their daughters to wear sleeveless dresses and micro minis should be punished in the public.)

Shall I change the title to "Allow me to respect women"?

When I got a fairly good rank in Kerala Entrance, my Father was sure about getting an admission in GEC, Thrissur. He was not at all bothered about the stream . But only thing he insisted was about the College ie., GEC, Thrissur. I was sure about getting a seat in Electrical branch. All my cousins were in that stream in same College( 'admitted' to CSE a couple of days before the first class). He didn't allow me to opt any other College and hence I missed a Hostel life.

You could see a Businessman's eye to cut down the hostel expenses and a usual parent's mind to get a full control over a teenager, his Kadinjool (first born) and a loving father's heart to spend more time with his son.

So I became a day-scholar. Did I Miss anything?
Yes, I lost
A wide opportunity to see the outer world.
A chance to live with a crowd to know the meaning of Adjustment and sharing.
A good chance to know others feelings and pulse.
A fair chance to know the self-money-management.

I lost a chance to run a BIG Mess, the pleasure of bargaining for the massive amount of groceries for the mess and save money (pacha malayalathil moshanam) to face the discrepancies in the final account settling.

I lost a chance to fully involved in drama rehearsals, dance practices etc. I am still sad about not being able to act in Dhanush' Skit in 6th semester on the theme of Malayalam Movie- Niram. All characters in this skit were my old classmates with minor changes in their names to make it funny, vangana rames aka Anjana, pikkas (Mallu tone for pickaxe) aka Vikas , vaneesh aka Suneesh are just a few example . He was succeeded in stitching most of the events happened very often in the college. I strongly suspected that the hostellers purposefully avoided us (day-scholars).

But I was happy to say that they were kind enough to make me main dancer in the cultural program. Couldn't they find a shorter guy than me?

I lost a chance to go out in the middle of the night and eat Mutta-Porotta, Dosa or whatever available that time from a thattukada

I lost a chance to lay down on the College Cricket Ground in night and watch the stars.
I lost a chance to visit tharavaadu at least once. (my father has 36 eyes in the town)
I lost a chance to become a Raja Ravi Varma by putting my hands in drawing on the walls.
I lost a chance to be nostalgic by visiting my hostel room after 5 or 10 or 20 years.

Anyhow we decided to live in the College Hostel for a week. Mel, Vikas, Bijoy- do you remember?

"Father, I want to complete my final year project."
" least you started thinking about the project in the last month"
"That is the Engg. College Style, you may not know"
"eda I also passed through your age..."
"...Ok what do you want from me to complete your project"
"I just want your permission to stay in the hostel for a week; so that we can work together to finish the project..."
"...Mel, vikas and Bijoy .. all are staying with me"
" Is Bijoy also coming..."
"...then you may go"

Bijoy was a star in my home. What an innocent fellow!!!
"you must watch and follow Bijoy...", Mom reminds me once in a month.
"...I afraid that he might ruin himselfif you walk along with him" she added.
"Of course, I'll try to", I promissed. (happy to announce that I kept my words ;-)

May be April 21st is one of the unforgettable day in the hostel, Chit-chat till mid-night !!!
We shared our old crushes, just crushes !! Hours flew like a second.
It was 4AM when we decided to stop and sleep. We were supposed to touch our final yearproject at least on the last day :-(

Other highlighted thing was eating Mutta-kolli from thattukada at Mid-night.

But I am so glad to realize that
I still keep a good relationship wuth my local friends; Still, whenever I go home, I meet a couple of friends every time; they are still keeping the local Thrissur accent and I am loosing my trademark tone :-( even it become tougher for me to understand the current Thrissur slangs !!!
"ippo evide kidanna thiriyanne ?" my local football team-player asked once.
I took a few seconds to realize that he is asking where I am working now !!!

I am blessed to enjoy ammachi's exotic dishes for all of my life except these 2 years. Sometimes it is horrible even to hear about the junk hostel food.

Needn't worry about food; everything is ready on time; I can show my anger for a minor mistake in meals or curries;"enthoram uppa ithu!!! oru kottakkundalo"( a lot of salt !!!)
Mom always complains to father "athai ee chekkane kondu hostelil nirthu ; ennale ivan padikku". (send him to Hostel to teach a lesson)

Needn't wash my clothes !!! what a Lucky I was !!!

Needn't worry about Money, "appacha oru 20 roopa"; ha ha.
"appacha oru 250 roopa; oru textbook vangikkana"; that was my main resource to eat out ;-)
Occasionally he is ready to give money for that; but no thrill in it ;-)

Day-scholar-ship allowed me to work in CLC and was a librarian for 5 years. Could see a lot of people throughout. Activities like arranging tournaments, book fairs, competitions, fights duing meetings ..I will never get such things in a Hostel.

"might" be continued...

Part I :Touching 5 years after we split
Part II : Once WE lived there
Part III : Changes

Some factors motivate your Life. Maradona might be one of them. Watch his talent

The face snap itself shows his gigantic talent. Maradona remains cool penetrating 6 defenders. The last goal in this clip was scored in 1986 World cup Quarter Final (second goal Vs Eng) still considered as the best ever goal in the Century!!!
First Goal in that Quarter Final was also notorious as ‘Hand of God’.

Somebody had sent this link to Football alias and the results were awe-inspiring.
This clip attracts new players too. I don't know how long it will continue.
Hopefully it will continue at least for the next two months (World cup effect).
The guys started scoring a tones of goal; previously it was like 0-1; 2-1; maximum 3-3
nowadays it is 5-3; 6-6 and even the scoreboard goes up to 5-8!!! that itself just in the first 30 minutes of the match.

I think we should watch the defenders techniques to cut this down :-)
Want to watch other players in the world? They are also not bad. Click

I have a question in my mind. Who will win this time?

I vote for Argentina, this name stuck in my heart after Maradona.
And I hate Brazil and their yellow dress :-(

"Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends"

Now people are trying to crucify him again in the name of "Da Vinci Code".The people who are reluctant to believe in Bible has no doubt about this 'code'. The people who deny to have faith in Virgin Mary, has no worry to believe that Mary Megdelena was the wife of Jesus.

Which is the best to follow ; the book written by the people who lived in the time of Jesus or by the people who were born after 2000years. Neither I read the 'decoded' book nor I saw the movie, hence no further idea about it.

"Father, did Mother of Jesus attended Last supper with Jesus ?"
"Didn't you completed The Bible yet ?" he surprised
"Yes I did", Little George nodded.
"Then why this doubt at a!!"
"no nothing ..the one who lay down on the shoulder of Jesus looks like a Girl", George pointed out the lady in the picture.

"he has long hairs, no mustache of the body is not clear", George explained
Luckily his father didn't ask what he was looking at rest of the body ;-)
Father said, "See Jesus Had long hairs, Peter had , and everybody at that time had long hairs."
"But all others have mustache, this one doesn't have", George argued.
"he should be John, he is the only unmarried disciple of Jesus and so he must be too young..."
"... look your cousin Binesh... on a clean shave, even at 22, he has a pennish face(looks like a girl)"
he explained with an example.

"How dare he to lay down on Jesus' shoulder !!!", George surprised.
"Jesus loved him so much". Father seems so happy to explain that John (his name) is the most recognized by Jesus.
"that is partiality ..why Jesus loved him so much more than others", confused George.
"hey... Jesus said to love one another; doesn't meant that not no love more this one or that one.."
"... He loved John, Peter, ... you and all ..."
"He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by His wounds we are healed."
"He faced all these sufferings to pay back our sins". His father explained the core of Bible to George.


He must be kidding. My father is planning to search a girl for me.

If it was last year, I would have been happiest. At that time I had no mind storming work. Nothing to worry about. just go to work, come back, sleep, movies, get together, football... just cool life. I was bored. no challenging thing in life. So I "begged" to the same person to arrange a marriage for me. I was interested to take some responsibility in my life. but he just neglected without a word as if I am a kid.

Now I have some penultimate year planning. More interested in long drives. Want to concentrate more on work. Want to restore my flat tummy back. want to roam around some places with friends.

Wife; meaning of wife is responsibility ( Mohanlal in Dasaradham)
Marriage means a total surrender, Am I right?

"I am going to a party"
"with out me ?!!!"
"ponne it is a drinks party"
"ohho vellamadiyanalle..."
"...must return before 8.30. Am alone here"
"it is 8 now, I will not get time even to sip a peg".
"thats more than enough; Look..What I have told I have told"
...Is she a daughter of Pilate to say like "What I have written I have written" ?

This is why I am telling..Marriage is a complete surrender.
I didn't own any bike in Chennai one year back, Now I have. I want to roam around more.

So I said to Mother
"Look Mom, I don't want to get surrender this year."
"So what will you do to get a movie ticket ?"
"I have a sister for it"
"Ok, you were complaining that you are not getting good food there, don't you want a wife?"
"Mom, nowadays I don't have any expectation on these girls; probably I can cook better than them...".
"...Also last year you were told that you are coming to stay with me... the doors are still open".
"Son...then who will look after your father!!!"
"enthenkilum chaiyyu... Am going back"
"wait one more question..."
"...What should I to do with your the half-folded mat?"


Part I :Touching 5 year after we split
Part II : Once WE lived there

Part III : Changes

After Ranjit and Apupama joined we decided to move to Wimbis as we are not expecting anybody more.
ohh a new (motor)cycle-stand built nearby hockey ground. changes !!!
The Hockey ground is still clean. Usually they don't allow people to play cricket on this ground. it is tough to play hockey in a ground with even a small pit. My memories about hockey ground are always bound to the way we were running to catch the local bus. while we were in the pavilion side, A bus to town appears on other side. then ? we have to run to catch it. but we are in confusion whether to run in front of people in the ground (usually it was occupied by students from other college too; oh ok especially girls from Vimala college ;-), if we missed, it is shameful, isn't it. while we are in confusion to take a decision somebody (most likely Melvin) says "Run". within no time we start running.and never missed bus in such occasions.

Jeesna mol was still refused to come with me. So I gave an offer; ice-cream from Wimbis. It seems working. she is in confusion. she gave a glance to me and to her Umma. then walked besides me :-) she started talking to me. (in a second her mind changed)
"who are these people, uncle?"
"looks like beggars" she added.
She saw one kid was swinging( in an Oonjal made by those gypsies) . she wanted to swing in the same one. Kids have no problem with beggares, cast, religion, white, black.
No wonder that Jesus told "unless you become like children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven". They are the heaven; they are the key to make this world a heaven.
I was in dilemma; what to do not to put her in cry? tried the same old trick. "if we spend much time here, we will not get ice-cream".she agreed with that and marched towards Wimbis. Unfortunately it was closed :-( we had 7 teas in a particular day from that shop !!! it was a good spot to see Vimala Girls ;-) what to do ; boys-inte ororo prasnagal

"Uncle, where is the ice-cream?"
"yeah, we are going to get it from Varsha. see this shop is closed"
Varsha; the place were we ordered only cool milk; just 4 Rs at that time and it is a heaven.

On the way I saw pallimoola Church. it has renewed. it is very big now. Changes everywhere.
Reached Varsha and Jubin or somebody picked Jeesamol with them. and she got ice-cream from them. As usual I ordered a coool milk. I am not sure how many cool milk we -I,Mel, Bijoy - had from there.

Then moved back to college. time for lunch. planning, choices for hotels, likes/dislikes. Anyway decided to choose a new hotel, Mothimahal. Just for a change. Again confusion; what to order; north indian, chineese .blah blah.

Jiju added "while we are in Italy, we are in search for meals; here we are searching for Pizzas"

Then a quick visit to City-Centre and to Alukas hotel for a beer. Ohh its name is also changed to somethingelse.

Anyway I found something unchanged; A bat in the electric lines near to New computer science block. Anil swears that it was there while we studied there. Anyway I am sure that it was there two years before while I was a guest lecturer there.

I forgot to Add that before we had lunch Dhanush went to C-49 to see his old hostel room.

to be continued...

Whole world was watching Thrissur Pooram at Swaraj Round and I was watching it on TV !!!
Whole stream was flowing to Thrissur and I was flying away from it.

My favorite item is the Pooram firework and it was cancelled/blocked by the authorities due to a fire explosion accident- result in death of 7 ( some people says that the firework was cancelled not to show the condolence to the people who died for it but it was to show the angry towards the arrest warrant to the high officials) Anyway I missed it. So went to see Ali aka akku at CUSAT.

While return back I had experienced a heavy block at Sakthan Thamburan Market. Road was still in fact dead. I waited around 15min in bus. Bus has moved only a meter or less.

I wish if I were a Spiderman !!!

but how can I use the spidernet? Market is a vast open place without a single tall building. :-( So I decided to walk. Believe me; even after 1KM walk no vehicle was moved more than 3 meters. Reached at the railway station junction and saw a complete deadlock; the police man was helpless. he was walking between and giving instructions ; and things were out of his control ; he can not give instruction to the driver who was trying to penetrate half a KM away :-)

I continued to walk to home around 1 and half KM away. And saw a friend of mine and he was 'biking' towards the town. I gave a warning to him not to choose those roads; he was astonished that I was walking all the way from there.

"Are you a Phantom?"

Yes he is also working in a software company where the people are getting called by the name of this superhero, if they happened to use staircase instead of lift ;-)

My Mom was very happy to see that I was sweating all over;
"enthenkilum aavette kurachu nadanna lakshanam undu"

The Pooram firework was cancelled on 1948 to give respect to Mahatma Gandhi and 1962,63 (unknown reasons). and on 2006 it was postponed to next day without much notice and I was @ cochin; A big loss for me :-(

Though my wish was to go to Pondy, I have exceeded my expectation . ente oru karyam.
Hence striking off the second wish.

I came to know the meaning of Avenger Advt. after a 764KM long ride on it from Chennai to Bangalore and back.

I forgive Raveesh for the delayed start.
4.45PM -- 4KM -- Guindy
(later I understood that that was the right time to start the trip)

I forgive Jai-motor-service for not screwing the silencer guard properly
6.10PM -- 79KM -- Repair

I forgive the zipper-marker of Anoop's bag; Bijoy's NOKIA Mobile charger was lost through it.
7.00PM -- 131KM -- Vellore (Tea break-hotel Aarya- 20 min)

I forgive the persons who are responsible for NOT providing a ROAD-CLOSED signal and for NOT removing the sand near to the diversion that made me skid down result in a very minor injury on my right knee.
7.45PM -- 147 KM -- minor accident
(anyway I have learned the proper usage of power break.)

I forgive the people who have crossed the road randomly so that I missed a chance to chase the train on the parallel track like in Dil Chahtha Hain; I guess the train was @120KMPH and I couldn't accelarate more than 105 due to those people.
8.15PM -- 184 KM --Ambur (Tea Break)

I forgive the party workers who was almost blocked the road for a politician with the flag of rising sun.
9.30PM -- 251KM -- Krishnagiri

I forgive the state govt. for poor condition of their state. Failed to find a hotel near-by though high-way is great.
10.25PM -- 302KM -- hotel Shah inter (near Hosur)
(I felt that Kerala is great and it is a big single city)

I forgive Dhanush for keep me waiting at Silk board Junction.
11.30PM -- 333KM -- silk board junction
he is so caring; he was afraid that we might miss the road to his flat.

I forgive Ranjit for his miscommunication; I missed a chance to see him in blr

I forgive Melvin for not making himself available in the city at least by Sunday evening as he promised before.

I forgive Kairali restaurant at Madivala main road for not giving a meals on my expectation.
3.10PM -- 430KM -- Kairali Mess ; Start of our return Journey

I forgive the truck drivers who was moving very slowly at fast track.
4.20PM -- 475KM -- photo

I forgive Raveesh for confusing the turn at Krishnagiri. 2KM unnecessary ride to take a U-turn
5.10PM -- 517KM -- Krishnagiri
(without him I may not complete the whole trip ;-) and would have gone directly to AP ;-)

I forgive the shop-lady for not keeping the cold-water at her fridge.
5.40PM -- 544KM -- Tea( vellakkalnatham)

I forgive the service station who was done the service for Raveesh's Bike for not checking the odometer cable
6.30PM -- 591KM -- Pulsar Repair

I forgive John, my teammate, for sending an work related SMS with a warning that a hrash mail is waiting for me.
7.30PM -- 637KM -- Vellore (20 min tea break)

I forgive Raveesh for dragging a 15KM more after declaring a break; My buttocks were burning ; imagine a 95KM single stretch for a beginner
9.20 -- 732KM -- irigattukottai( near Sriperumbathur)

I forgive my father for NOT letting me for a Bike ride even to my Mom's house; just 22 KM away
10.20PM -- 764KM -- (D-16 KP towers)
All good fathers are so much concerned about their children.

Ride summary:

Chennai to Bangalore:
Route : Chennai , Vellore, Krishnagiri, Bangalore.

Top speed registered : 120 KMPH
Start time : 4.45 PM Friday
Stop Time : 11.30PM Friday

Speed composition
80 KMPH : 40%
100 KMPH : 25%
120 KMPH : 5%
Struggles :
Skid down on 147KM from the start (after Vellore)
Wrong side trucks/bikes
People on the road on a few places

Felt thrilling.

Bangalore to Chennai:
Route : Bangalore, Krishnagiri, Vellore, Chennai.

Top speed registered : 105 KMPH
Start time : 3.10 PM Monday
Stop Time : 10.20PM Monday

Speed composition
80 KMPH : 60%
60 KMPH : 20%
100 KMPH : 5%

Struggles :
3 sudden brakes
Wrong sided trucks/bikes
People on the road on a few places

Felt boring towards end;better choose an alternate route if any.
we had a alternative route through Chittor (AP).

I thank to God to give me a chance to forgive my father by a safe return
also I would like to extend my thanks
to Dhanush for his hospitality
to Bijoy for controlling my speed while I was going wild
Last but not the least
to Raveesh for inspiring me for a bike ride and guiding (covering) me on the road.