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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by His wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53, 700BC

What will be easy to do ?
To Say
You have heard it said ...You shall love neighbors and hate enemy.But I say to you ... love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...For if you love only those who love you ... what reward is there in that?

Or To Pray

Father, forgive them ...they know not what they do.

The message of his life was very simple

Love one another. As I have loved you, so love one another.

He knew the things that are going to happen with him next day and also faced temptation not to do all these to save the men. still he is searching for his father's wish.
"Father, you can do all things. if it is possible,let this chalice pass from me... But let your will be done, not mine."

He clearly speaks with Pontius Pilate.
"My kingdom is not in this world. If it were, do you think my followers would have let them hand me over ? ... that is why I was born. To give testimony to the truth. All men hear the truth hear my voice."
but not a single word to Herod !!!

If the world hates you... remember that it has hated me first.Remmeber also that no servent is greater than his master.if they persecuted me, they will persecute you.

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Onam movie, watched last week along with my mother. I had heard mixed reaction from different people. But I felt that this is a [Yet another] good movie from Dileep. Story is also comparatively good. Many people might dislike the character - or pretended to be so. But Director did a good job to characterize "Radha" well.

From an actor point of view, this is not an easy task to behave like a woman. I felt that he is not acting... he was living so !!!! Other difficultly is that there no reference book to refer this character. He has to watch/think the situation like this.

"manga pari cheli kutthu"
"Aaradi ithra valiya 'hoye' vittathu"
"Vaadi serial kanan povam. oru ara manikoor karanjittu varam"
"edi ninakentha oru meen vasana. nee oru kalakariyalle... kalakarikku vendathu kalavasana ya!!!"
"ohh njanum randu jeevikale thattiyitta ponnathu... oru onthum oru perichazhiyum ... enthaa !!! avarum jeevikalalle?? "
"ethraye olloo ...oru load viraku koodi aavayirunnu"
"enikku kannu kanam ..pakshe virakinu kannillallo"
"e chemeen-nil ellavarum aanungalaa ... kandille ??? ellavarkkum meesa yundu!!!"
still a lot more.

Listen carefully and laugh more.
Heard that they are going to remake this movie in Tamil. And Vikram is going act as "Radha". I think Surya will be a better option than Vikram. wait and see for his performance.

Got up very early in the morning!!! And went to a training session in office. It started at 7am and lasted for 3 hours. I came out of the room with a pain in my left foot :-( I tried with a gel 4 times. Still it pains. Couldn’t walk properly. I had already some pain in my right knee - result of a cricket match early this month; slipped down while chasing the ball. So I decided to consult a Doctor.

He found that there in no problem in my right knee; no fracture; no swelling!!! But still pains??? He scribbled down one ointment and two tablets. And told me to follow the prescription for 10 days. Cost is

Registration fee- 30
Consultation fee -150
3 X-rays - 360
Medicine - 160
Total - 700

Also he found that my foot is flat. And gave me a free advice.

Use MCR chappals ... Walk easy

It will take a long time to build an image and load it into router. So thought to upload these images to blog.

We play 3 times in a week. that too in morning 6.45 to 7.30. Everybody in this photo are regular players. missed out 3 more people.

standing-from- left:
Shiyas, Suresh, Shaji (my roommate), Manoj, Sarath
myself, Binny , Raveesh

Most interesting part of the game is the freshness of the morning !!!
most of us are lazy to wake up. but after a warm up all are ready to fight.Everybody is aware that we need to work after this game. So nobody dare to play foul game or deadly fast game.

After the game we march to juice shop near to Binny's room for a lime, and it is just not a lime juice, but a heaven !!!!

Foot-note: Even if we fail to play on a day, we never forget to have a lime juice

It is not just another Onam. Every onam is different. we had celebrated onam Yesterday. conducted "pookalam" competition between 3 buildings. We (CODC3) choose the theme from our 10th year logo. merged with onam themes. The original idea was derived from Lookose. most of the CODC3 mallus contributed towards the final design. Bijoy, the known painter in Mallu@CODC - yes it our Bijoymon only, done the final touching in the design and he drew/decorated the centre of pookalam. and of course we WON!!!!!

The-people-behind-(Not everybody)


Also we conducted tug-of-war, KBB (Kaun Banega Bananapati ;-) ... arranged orchestra, delicious mallu snacks; may not delicious for northies :-(

The interesting thing is... top-level management formed a team for tug-of-war and they won the first round too. Uday, Prabhu, gram all are in the front!!!

It was a good show .