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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Is it because of death anniversary of Mahathma Ghadhi !!!! Don't think So.
Sadly I am not that much Patriotic :-(

Today After lunch in room and a catnap, I hang on the current bug, which deals with Memory fragments. Thought many solutions outof which 3 are reasonable, only two are under my control.(Confidential matters !!!) . Thought about fix and possible breakage, I walked out of the room and locked it with automated -7 levers-lock.

Only two steps... I had realised that I forgot Key inside, which is always kept in my wallet. yup I had forgot that too. ok why worry ??? just call Bijoy to bring key :-)

Where is mobile !!! I forgot that too :-(. never mind.Only a five minute walk... just goto company take the key from Bijoy, come back , take those two. Just two more steps !!!

where is My ID card !!!!
what to do now.

Why I need a ID card ? The gate security will issue a temporary card.
Who is going to call me at this time ??!! so why Mobile phone ;-)
If I don't want to take my mobile, why to collect key from Bijoy !!!
Ohh I forgot I have to take my wallet !!!
Why ?
I can approach a few in the company without any second thought.

So I am free !!! no need to carry anything. I really felt it.

This is how I made my second 'memorable day' by forgetting things [to do]

you *must* read it like the way Tom Hanks said in Cast Away while he made FIRE.

"look what I have created ....I ve made fire... I ...have ....made fire".

what is in driving our own car ourselves ..alone !!! may be nothing for you. But for me it is somewhat similar to above expression.

I had started driving while I was about to join Engg. college !!!! after 9 years I am driving alone !!!! "what happened ?" you might have asked !!!. My father had a car ; 'Ambassador Classic'; black in color. KLC 2479. if you are trying to learn shooting must start aiming at thookanan kuruvi (the Weaver Birds). start with the toughest one ;-) This big car is a bit heavy for a lean teenager, don't you think so. But I thought about my school-classmate, Arun, who drove a brand ambassador right from his 13.

"Father, Don't you think that I am enough old to learn driving ?"
"Is it, do you think so ?"
"yes I am. Look ..Arun is driving since we were in 8th. and I am 18 now".
"ok as you wish !!! "
I was so happy ..running back to room to take the Key.
"Did you see that bucket and the cloth ?"
"yes I do"
"Good !!! bring some water near to car"
"Is that water necessary to learn driving...oh I got ... I had seen that you are filling water after open the bonnet.. but why cloth"
"yeah you got it son. but we had enough water to cool down the engine."
"Then !!!" I exclaimed.
"Those people who want to learn driving must clean the car first !!!!", he made his stance clear
"What ????... if I didn't clean.. then... "
" will not touch this car in your life"
I ...just ...shocked. its a determined voice.
"I'll clean only top and side; never wheels "
"Fine. but next day wheels only "- He defined.
Finally he showed how that car is working and all(luckly he didn't went to polytechnic; Thalayina mantram). First day he didn't even allowed me to start the car. Just gear changing to all positions !!! A couple of time I forgot to apply clutch; and the punishment was on the fly.

Next day, I had started my Car !!! (of course only after cleaning the wheel :-) , changed the gear to first. slowly applied the accelerator. chuck...chuck...chuck !!! three jumps like a horse and engine off !!! :-))

First assignment was is just to go straight forward and reverse back. After he himself comfortable with my ability to go and forth, he picked me to a road near to pookunnam with fields in both sides.

And he set a few rules too
Rule one : if any child come across, take your leg off from the accelerator and make a slight horn. Either they will give you side or they stay where they are !!!

Rule two :if you see some ladies around the road, just stop the car and 'shutdown'; don't make any noices.

"why ?"

"otherwise either they jump right infornt of you, or jump into the field".Eventhough he exaggerated things, I have a few experiences that shows children are better than women in the road.

Training was progressed pretty comfortable for three month until I had an injury on the collar bone(its broken while playing cricket). Doctor prescribed one month bed rest and hence stopped the driving. anyway I came to know that there is a bone called 'collar bone' in the shoulder.
Then I joined the Engg. college and forgot about driving at all.

And once I thought about driving again, it was too late !!! Father already decided to give retirement to the our 30 years old 'dude'. "muppathu kollam njangale ulakam chutticha... oru dozen unclemareyenkilum driving padipicha ...."(read it like the way Jagathi said in mazha peyunnu madalam kottunnu)

After 5 years from the first attempt to drive, I had taken the driving license for the four wheeler (and the two wheeler as well). at the time we owned no car( no bike as well). even though I got driving license, my father didn't allowed me to drive a car(uncle's car), eventhough they are ok. In their words this is how somebody is learning to drive. but my father alone seems to unaware about it. He has his own principles and policies.

A month back, father had decided to purchase a car. I had suggest Hyundai Santro. IHMO it is very simple car and easy to drive too. If he buy a long car, I am sure he will not give it to me for a drive. I know I might need to fight. Finally the same thing happened. As per my Aliyan's (Husband of my cousin) , he is supposed to be good in Automobiles, My father went for a Ford Ikon.

As expected, he didn't allowed me to drive it alone. He doesn't want to see some scratches in a newly bought car. I too have some fear of scratches. (Appane paranjittu enthu karyam, Aadhyam njan nannavanam ;-) wherever I go he follows just like hutch network (More precisely Gaadha Jam in Vandanam:-)) He was ready to spent all of his time to ensure no scratches.

The most irritating to me was his running commentary to give horn, apply brake for each and evrey corner. most of the time I am going to do all these :-( I got a few days in Christmas holidays to prove my driving skils. he seemed not satisfied. Next weekend I again went to home for out great Aranattukara St.Thomas church palli perunnal(enna vyajena ) Thought to drive car alone this time. No way !!! he was still with me. Again I have to prove that I applying horn in all turning; breakes every 'necessary' movements. But time up; time to come back while I almost made an impression that I can handle situations. Next time went to home town for Ranjit's Marriage. Got a few time to drive !!! Still I have to start building his confidence from ONE.

This Sunday, I have driven my car. Alone... to my aunt's home. Just 2KM. a sample drive to prove myself. then gave a lift to Bijoy to his home . A 12 KM drive. Then went to a marriage function 36KM. Even though my father was there along with me on last occasion, he didn't said a word eventhough I made a few mistakes.

Do you think that he changed his mind on this Sunday ;-) I had told that if he didn't allow me to drive alone, I will not drive this dream machine anymore :-) Simple isn't it ?

Do you think that he was frightenend of my words. !!! Never.
it might be because he thought like "enthenkilum chaiyyu"
or even... might be... he had built confidence on me :-?

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Jaise khilta gulaab
Jaise shaayar ka khwaab
Jaise ujli kiran
Jaise van mein hiran
Jaise chaandni raat
Jaise naghme ki baat
Jaise mandir mein ho ek jalta diya
Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

It is nice to think, imagine, dream like this.

I saw her in canteen.
I saw her near to ATM machine.
I saw her near to auto stand.
Who she is !!!

her name resembles a word in this song.

Common George!!! wake up !!! are you still in the fancy world?
---edited this entry and removed the comments----
removed the clues about her for her sake and still keeping this entry to log my life :-)
--- and thanks for NOT commenting on this entry---
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For me, New Year starts with this day. in fact my_age++;

A few dreams are fulfilled in the last year,
A few are still pending.
A few will be fulfilled on the course of time.
A few others need my whole hearted hardwork.
A few might not be fulfilled in my life.
A few were fulfilled without my knowledge !!!
A few dreams are forgotten :-(

A few gives me happiness.
A few are a surprise.
A few dreams are gifted.
A few are on wrong time.

A few good sleep to see all these dreams ;-)
A few loneliness to enjoy these dreams.
A few long travel to plan the dream
A few self trust to make the dream no more.

A few dreams demand to do something
A few others not to do
A few dreams need your patience
A few others your sudden act.

A few dreams takes long time
A few others take short time
A few takes no time
A few dreams never happens.

Resmi's new year is also starting on the same day !

He is not... just one !!! he was there with me from my childhood though our friendship become stronger in 1996-97, while we were preparing for Kerala entrance. Almost everyday we meet either in my home or in his home. The known reason is combined study. that is true for most of the time. But we enjoyed a lot of movies (both in theater -best time for English Movies- and as Video cassette), chess, lot of fun. And when we came together for a cause, restructuring our CLC Parish Library, its a golden story of success.

We were there ,together, on same bunch in our sunday catechism, my name was followed by his name in th roll call (it is not maintained by alphabetical order but the joining date). we calls him 'White Devil', since he is so white compared to others, and of course his innocent 'devilish' thoughts.(sorry Ranjit, to remind your old nick name)

Finally, It was his marriage on last Sunday with Resmi from our college, (joined after we came out :-( working in same industry-civil/construction- and in same city-bangalore. that what he is looking for.

One Surprise happend on the wedding day. His chairman gifted him a red Maruti Alto !!!! Thats enough to prove that Ranjit value very much for his company. If somebody is gifting an Alto, it must be from his heart. someone must know the difference between gifting an Alto and expecting an Alto

It was YA marriage organizing experience for me. two more busy days in my life.