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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It started since 'I don't know'; but little George happily participated in Crib 'development' along with his father and cousins. Once George took ownership of this while he was in +2, and got no price, but learned important lession. "Do not wait for the last moment".

Just a 2 min power failure (short circuit) caused a disqualification. Next time he carefully finished all electric work much before and done a round of testing too. And won first price for the first time. Remaking of mini Roman city and a live volcano (thanks to his brother,Raju, for the stunning idea and implementation) attracted many in the parish.

From 1997 to till date he won 3 first, 4 second. there is no competition for last two years. Do you think George and his brother are the only people behind making of crib. A big NO. Father is the all time key player. A good support from Mother to make a hand-made paper-star and paddy fields. Sister is good in transporting tools and materials on demand and ofcourse good in cleaning ;-). Raju loves building palaces in cardboard, helps to make landscape. George, happily builds thermocol building, pulkoodu along with mother and once he built a ship that rows its oars by the help of a mini-motor( translation of rotating motion into linear motion ;-) . it took around one month for research until his mother impatiently asked, "ithu vallathum nadakkodai", Will it ever going to happen ?

I am getting bored of writing all this, don't you? So see our works (mostly re-works) here

First time we are participating in (they are conducting) a crib competition in CODC. Lookose, Anand, raveesh, Bijoy,Sujith, Paul, even Syam , an outsider, did a shoulder to shoulder work to get it done. The result was amazing. here is a view from a unique angle.

Click flickr to see our work.

This time it was a competition to wish her. I never thought that Raju migth have wish her @ mid-night. I was just 10 minutes late :-(

I don't know when we started wishing her (or father/raju/minu). but one thing is sure that the chapter in 7th standard influenced me much. there ( where ???... there :-))) .... there a little boy give a different gift to his father !!! I forgot the actual story though I am trying to continue. he rose up early in the morning around 4 am and he helped his father by milking the cows and cleaning the farm house so and so ... on the morning his father was amazed to see all these things . he wondered who did all these things and was so happy to see his son did it as a birthday gift for him :-) the catching photo in the chapter is the boy with a candle.

Similarly we woke up in the morning @ 5.30 and lighted a candle in the dinning table near to her birthday cake and kept a the greeting card too. and simply acted as sleeping. she usually gets up @5.45. She was surprised to see all these things and called father.he amazed and first suspected me !
"Is it Joju !!!"
"No no ..he is sleeping"
"yeah he only. ezhunelkkada "
---Start of Yet Another remarkable day !

I don't know why I am so excited this time. I am just counting down the days to go home. may be because of multiple reasons. My brother is coming from Bombay after 6 months and sister from cherthala after 3 months. And also planning to buy a new Ford Ikon Flair. totally excited !!!!

May be after long time. usually I count down the remaining hours as soon as Chemistry exam over. next day Maths I ,noon Maths II and go varantharapilli, mom's home, where I can play with my cousin, enjoy the beauty of a village, enjoy the fresh air,play in thodu (a small river) and.... the home made rice. you know... it was so pure that made us to say our grandfather that we will not go there if he stops harvesting. that much we, the city people, loved that soft/fresh meals :)

footnote: life stills goes on with out without ....
The village is now changed to a kind of town. fairly polluted. the surprising thing is that the road got tared !!! I ( my father as well) never thought about this thing in our wildest dreams :-)) . The sad thing is many people(including my grandfather) stopped harvesting in the field :-( we had lost an opportunity to play hide and seek in the ara (where the paddy stores) along with nice food.

It is amazing to see Taj Mahal, correct ?

But you can appreciate more if you knew that it built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz. More interested ? Taj Mahal was constructed over a period of 22 years, employing 20000 workers. It stands on a raised, square platform (186 x 186 feet) with its four corners truncated, forming an unequal octagon.

The more you knows about some thing you will get more interest. :-)

What prompt me to write this !!!
I had seen Achuvinte Amma . It is a Yet Another nice film in Malayalam.(Cast :Meera Jasmine, Urvashi and Sunil). Songs are also very good.But I got more interested on these songs after hearing these songs with an introduction by its Director(Satyan Anthikad).He simply narrated how the Music Director(Illayaraja ) created those songs. his efforts, his first melody with a trail lyrics. I am sure that you will be impressed more.
"Shwasathin Thaalam... Thennal Ariyumo... Poonthennal Ariyumo
Mounathin Nadham... Veena Ariyumo... Mani Veena Ariyumo"
listen it here

May be that is the reason why I liked Jackie chan's Movie. You may see the shooting of stunt scenes after the movie. Those impress many people.

Once Melvin had told me about the difference between calling something with and without name. Yeah It is a People management strategy. If you call a person by name, he will be more happy. But Mel was used a different example to prove it. In Discovery Channel, while they are giving running commentary, they just say one deer is running for its life from a tiger. cool .. we just enjoy the seen of tiger chasing that deer. at the end, tiger is catching the deer on its neck. wow what a move by that huge tiger. fantastic !!! Aren't we happy to see that? we can appreciate the photography and other things too.
But things are different in National Geographic Channel. They are giving name to that deer and tiger. and changing the commentary as "Sherkhan is chasing poor little Pintu ....". We are so sad to see that scene. at the end, poor Pintu is brutally killed by cruel Sherkhan. Aren't we so sad to see the broken neck of Pintu ??? There the different lies !!!

...I would like to say that it is a mere wastage of time, money and energy :-(

Watched Anandabhadram with Sandeep today. A Santhosh Sivan Movie(Director of Asoka) !!! As expected its photography is amazing. He did a superb work on Raja Ravi Verma's Paintings to make it visualize. If you take the movie as a series of 5-15 minutes clips, it is fantastic. It is good to see some good graphics work in Malayalam Movie.

But as a Director, he must know how to win the heart of audience. Otherwise, at the end of noon show some people like Sandeep might say, "We could have sleep in the room either !!!". Correct. I too felt the same thing.

I felt a bit desperate and decided to revisit, one of the Tom Hanks movie. 'You have got Mail'. I watched it at a stretch again, may be after 12th time !!! This is one of the movies that won my heart :-)

I need to think 2 times whether I should allow this guy to enter into my room.
Or even if he enters, I need to make sure that he is busy with something else.
Or I need to adjust with these kinds of activities from him

This is a Cartoon by Syam. weekend visitor to our room, old schoolmate of Bijoy and Shaji. Working as a Graphical Designer in Prasad Labs, One of the leading Movie Makers in Chennai. If you saw a stunt seen in 'Ayuda ezhuthu' (Tamil version of Yuva), the man behind the graphics is this guy. Also published some cartoons in Malayalam News Papers in his name.

footnote: He agreed with me that he will draw Shaji's cartoon in a Dinken Style.

After the trip to kanjirapuzha Dam with Hiran, Ali, Shery, I felt too tiered. Had some kanji (rice soup) from Hiran's home and packed back to Chennai. Couldn't sleep well in the train. Morning I reached back home with a perished body.
"How was trip" - Bijoy along with opening the door.
"It was good" - a weak reply.
"What happened?... "
"... not feeling well ? why are you looking so dull ? " - Father
"Nothing" - A weak voice
"Do you have fever ?" He touched the neck and verified.
"I told you 1000 times not to bathe for long time."
"I did not"
"then how did you got this !!!"
"Ahh I don't know"
"Did you played football Y'day?...while raining"
"Yeah.. Thats only for a while".
"one hour is not a for a while. I told you 1000 times not to play football in rain".

Everything is 1000 times. All his counters are always shows same it a bug!!! appacha.. Increment this counter at least for the next time.
Doesn't he knows that I love to play football especially while raining !!!heard that he is also a good player. Still he don't know the joy of playing in rain !!!!

"Have a Crocin and stay clam."
That is ! athannu! one day leave. It brought some happiness. escaped from chemistry teacher today.
"Tell Anish ... I will be late to office today.."
This time I didn't feel much happy to think about a leave. Unsatisfied face of Client manager came into mind :-(

Slept for a while and decided to go office. was not feeling well to take a bath. but took a bath.By Newton's theory, every actions must have an equal reaction. yes, correct. simply vomitted.
"Wear that woolen sweater."- Mother
"ok will do".
"not will do. Do... it... now. A simple chilled breeze enough for you to vomit at the time of fever"
It is my luck to have a room near to office. Quite a lot junk mails as usual. only a few to me. replied to urgent things and started reading online docs for the new development project.
"I told you 1000 times not to watch TV while you are sick. your leave is not to enjoy the TV. It is more than enough to damage your eye.go to bed"
I switched off the monitor and informed Anish that I may not return to office today. and will apply for the leave next day.

[Mobile rings]
"Hello is Joju there ?"
"Yeah it is Joju."
"Could you please give phone to Joju"
"amma ...this ...Me ... J..O...J...U"
"What happened !!!! your voice changed ??? why didn't you call me after reached there !!!"
"amma I am not feeling well"
"What .. Do you have fever? Did you already had Crocin ?
Will your manager approve for the leave...." here goes 100 questions...

I felt a bit shivering. took Bijoy's woolen stuff, brought while he was in is a cool one.ohh is too hot inside ;-) and don't remember when I fell ino sleep.
"Wake up" -Mother.
"take this hot black coffee, and have this loaf"
Where I am !!! ohh S**t I am in room. feels hungry.
NO bread. ok at least will make a black coffee.
Ohh No where is coffee powder. searched here and there.nope.
finally made a 'black' tea.
"have this Crocin too."
"And sleep baby, I 'll call you for lunch"
Connected Vikas's Creative MP3 stick to PC speaker.
listened a good collection of Mallu songs. But most touched is this one at this state.
"Aayiram kannumayi kathirunnu ninne njan..."
"kanji ready. wake up son."
I went to kitchen, put some rice to water and boiled it- made some kanji.
"How is pulichamanthi"
Pulichamanthi is a special item for kanji. instantly made pickle. she makes this only while somebody is sick. otherwise if somebody wants, they have to make it. If we had a competition on making pulichamanthi, my brother will win.
took some pickle, felt missing of pulichamanthi, though I love pickles.
Anything else to eat ???
yeah here is some Chennai-best Curd.
"Don't take it. it is not easily digestible."
"No .. I like it."
"it is not a matter of your like or dislike. do you want recover fast?"
[Mobile rings]
"Do you have anything there to make Kanji ? ".
"yeah, I had a bit".
"Cool ... how is your fever now"
"Not much change".
She touched in the neck.and screamed.
"it is burning"
"It is better to take some anti-biotic".
"Which one"
"it seems MOX500 is most effective for you".
"yeah, I remember a yellow capsules, right"
"Is any medical shop near by ? Ask Bijoy to buy it"
"Yeah, Medical shop is nearby, But Bijoy is in the company."
"Buy 15, remember it is course for 5 days, 1-1-1 each day."
"Eda where are you going .."
"can't I go even to latrine, ahh"
"Ohh I thought you started walking around again"
"I think ..situation in Jail might be better than this."
"it is good for you ..only for you... if you stay clam in the room."
I went out and bought MOX and some more Crocin. Again depend on MP3 stick. then slowly into sleep.
"ke ke ke". ohh somebody's SMS !!!
"SA won the toss and elected to swim!!! " - Syam.
indirectly saying that todays South Africa Vs India match in chennai is cancelled due to rain :-)
"ke ke ke" ..Umm Again ?
"SA won the toss and elected to swim!!! " - Bijoy.
SMS is so cheap. people are just playing around.
Anyway they woke me up. then cook some kanji for dinner.

"ke ke ke ke ke ke ke", ohh reminder this time.
"MOX 500 : 9.00 PM".
This reminder section is very good mechanism for me.
"chilakathadai (don't make noice, buddy) ". pressed snooze.
"currently am cooking something only. Need to have mox only after dinner".
Reminders are not so intelligent ;-)
"Eda ..ezhunelkkan [wake up] ...what kind of sleep is this ?...Have some kanji "
"ke ke ke ke ke ke ke", ohh reminder again
"MOX 500 : 9.11 PM".
"Take one Mox too."
[Mobile rings]
"Did you had Mox ?"
"Yeah"- a happy winning sound.
"Don't forget to take one on tomorrow after break bast also"
"sure" ; set Reminder for 8.30 AM and smiles.
"Ok take care good night".
Somebody touched my neck.
"still it is hot, it seems that he need to take rest tomorrow also" - one
"See how cool he sleeps, felt envy to that. "-another one.
"Did he ate something."
"Can't you see. how can he able to sleep with empty stomach !!!".

;-) my roommates or whoelse !!!

It is a mallu phrase for revenge. "Make an equivalent damage to the enemy". A kind of "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot" ,Exd 21:24

Here one of my friend's usage in a different way.

"Yesterday I borrowed Rs 500 from Bijoy, today you have to give.", And he clarified the logic behind it - "Pakarathinu pakaram!!!".
"Ayyeda !!! what a logic !!!"
"you may take the logic in any way ...but I want money. thats all"

want more examples ?
"Last week he took ticket for me, today you may... Pakarathinu pakaram !!!"
"Last time I took Shaji's Shirt....this time yours ... Pakarathinu pakaram !!!"

A few times we thought to give a kick and say...
"Today my hand is free... tomorrow his might be ...Pakarathinu pakaram !!!"

Footnote: Who is this Friend ? Answer might be a surprise for my old B.Tech classmates !!! Manoj V ???

George is not a Sanjay Ramasami in Gajini or a Leonard in Memento !!!

But he is famous for his short term memory in his BIG family. He always forgets to buy a needle for his grand mother or vegetables for his aunt while returns from school. His mother is fed up with him. In her words, "whenever I asked him to buy three things, he might forget two things. while told him to do 4, he will do only 3."

She always has complaints that "Why can't you make notes not to forget things ???".For George, his father-who always make notes and regularly doing everything without fail- is the first "Leonard" in his life. Little George is also started making notes, But the result is different!!! because he always fail to check it before proceeding from/to somewhere :-(

Here is an Event tried to explain in Memento style.

Scene 9

“Where is my Lunch ?".
I am not sure whether George either dropped the receiver or fell down first, after hearing the complaint from his father. But I still remember he was laughing without stopping for the whole day.

Scene 8

“Ring Ring .. Ring Ring ..”
"ohh no... who is disturbing at this time. It is 1.30 now. can't he sleep in the noon !!!"
"Hello" - A familiar sound.
"Ohh Father", George recognized," Anything special ?".
"Nothing special Son... where is my Lunch ?".

Scene 7
He saw that everything was ready for a lunch.
“Ohh cutlet. great”. It is his mother’s expertise-item. thought of it itself turns his mouth watery...! (See my lips.)
he himself served with out disturbing his mother, who is doing something in her terrace-vegetable-garden . tick tick tick. finished his lunch. “why only work to mouth? “ he fired his belly. “Why can’t you share the load of mouth and teeth?”
He fell into bed for a short sleep.

Scene 6
He got up and collected the bill on the way to cash counter.
He paid the bill and was about to leave, supplier called him.
“Sir.. is this your umbrella... and key ?”
“Yeah …of course. Thanks”, you can see a relief in his face.
Or this might be a yet another umbrella he forgot and lost somewhere.
He purchased some more items and reached back home.

Scene 5
“Lime juice please”, He ordered to the supplier.
He just watched people who are busy with their work, “food-ing “. “Are everybody going to die after this”, he thought in mind.
He put down his umbrella and Key in a corner of the table.
“Sir here is the lime juice , anything else” .
“Yes sure, bill ;-)”.
George is a kind of person who hates to stay long in the dinning table. So he finished it quickly, as if it was his last thing to do in the life. And got up.

Scene 4
Sharp 12 noon. He took his favourite BSA SLR and started the 'journey'. He went to City Centre to buy just a refill for pen!!! then went to Elite Super Market to buy a note book ;-) and proceeds to Immatties book shop to buy 'best in the market' low quality rough papers , then to Radhakrishna hotel.

Scene 3

This is the time to do the memory test, He thought in mind.
He listed down the number of item to buy. Seven items; all were tiny needy things like refill for pen, note book, low quality rough paper like so and so. And made rule that not to buy more than one item from a shop. He made a map from items to buy to relevant shops around Thrissur Swaraj Round (it's diameter is around 1.5 KM) He kept the list in his table and wait for 12 O’clock.

Scene 2

“So You must have to go Shop today”. His Mother insisted him.
“Ohh Mom … you know right… I am a busy person. Just now only I came back from library. Need to meet couple of people for donation to buy some more books.” George continued, “Further more I have a lot to study”.
“Study? What to study ?”, this time his mom surprised , “Never see you in front of book after joined in Engg college. Don’t tell any more excuses”.
“Ok fine I will go then”.
This is the time to do the memory test, He thought in mind.

Scene 1

“Now it is your turn”, Mom said on the Saturday morning.
“Turn for what!!!”, Surprised George !!!
“Last Saturday Raju carried lunch for your father.” She explained.
“You are the one to do it today”. She insisted.

Saved the same story in the normal way as comment "Old blog Said...".

"What is the meaning of your name ?". Asked one interviewer.
"Joju doesn't mean anything. it is just a name". What a fool I am to reply like this.Doesn't that clearly mean that I am a meaningless guy!!! No wonder why I was not placed anywhere in early stages.

But after that interview, I had tried to find the meaning of name. Yeah, I was literally correct. Joju is a just name. I was very sad that my father gave me a name without any meaning :-( May be he has an expectation that I'll make a meaning to my name.that is a really good motivation, isn't it?

Anyway I continued the search for why my name is Joju? Joju is a short call for George, my baptism name; received from the name of my grandfather. if you just remove the sound 'r' from George, it is my name !!!George means "Geo worker", a farmer. must be a hardworker. Am I a George ?

Until unless I found something core, I'll not hardwork. May be farmers are also work for a 'core' , funda product, food!!! Whatever, "I" will appear as "George" in this blog hereafter.

Here is one heart shaking flash demo about My Frustrations.

If you want to enjoy some Indian movie...

1) No not expect anything. (Had studied the same thing in Pre-Degree in an English lesson)
2) Do not watch its base English Movie prior to the remake.

When talking about Gajini, I am desperate :-( It is no where near to its English original version, Memento. Imagine, A guy with a short term memory claims that he is clearly remembering the villain and is killing somebody else in the beginning !!! story says that he can remember all the people whoever met him before accident. but here his manager is showing his "photo signature" to make the hero understood their relation ??? why they are remaking movies like this :-(

Only relief is the scenes with Asin, heroine. She acted very well. It is her movie, not Surya's. she impressed us well. The first part of movie, where we can see less "remake section" and more their own make, is good. And a word about Nayanthara. She is not even good for "Number-Items".

S**t, I spend a quite few hours to see this movie first in Satyam, then in Besent nagar with Praseed and Thushara, then in my home town and finally in AVM. I *must* realise that this is not my movie after not getting ticket in first three attempts.

50 journal entries!!! I can't believe. this habit of blogging is started just to improve my language. yup. improved a bit. still struggling to narrate some situation.
Sad thing is that a good habit is diminishing, Mailing !!! blogging is self centered [until unless somebody comments]. It has no personal touch over [just] readers; mailing is good for that, in other hand. But journals definitely helps to log the personal events, as far as I am concerned.(may be different peoples are using it to convey/share thoughts, publish articles so and so). It is just acting as a open diary. somebody can easily track me.[ who cares about me !!!] I think somebody can even predict what I'll do in some particular time.

I am a kind of person with less complaint, more adaptable, I believe. but a few recent events made me unsatisfied. Surprisingly both events were related to marriage of my friends. I had attended one marriage starting from the previous day. a few classmates were also gathered at that time. so I naturally expected a "Old monk". but he didn't arranged it. Finally we bought it. If I had a sixth sense to know this before, frankly, I could have avoided that travel on the prev day. in fact I could spend more time with my sis.

Next one is about the transportation arranged to commute 150 KM, from Thrissur to Calicut. A three hour journey in an ordinary cab ??!!The traveling in that one was slightly uncomfortable. he could have arrange a video coach bus instead of two such junk cabs with a slightly more cost.

If these things happened 4 years before, probably I will not complain. So that means I am getting old :-( Or Should I Follow Buddha !!!!

The problems with those two events were simple. My expectations for some things/facilities. “Aagrahangalannu dhukhathinu kaaram” (expectation leads to worries)

Why people eat so much!!! I really don't care how much they are eating. But what frustrating me is Why they are wasting those much. it is very sad to see a lot of eatables are swiped away to waste basket. a lot of people are dying in hungry. Lot of people are begging for a meal everyday but people kept themselves busy not to mind them. me too, sadly. it is not their fault born in a poor family and it is not my credit born in a better one.

What I can do !!! to stop poverty !!! man .. a lot of people worked , still working for that. They couldn't !!! hopelessly nobody can :-(

Simple thing possibly I can do is eat less :-( waste none :-)

Imagine a 4 year old boy saying this comment while traveling in a car. "Son of bitch ... not allowing us to go". His dad actually shocked. this was the same comment he used to say while driving. his son is repeated the same thing.. in the same situation.

So take care Fathers... you are the person to show good things to your child. They are innocent enough to think that his dad is correct in all cases. They will just copy whatever you do.

... for The girl in church choir.

Today she got "yet" another recognition for her talent. This time it is for composing music and preparing lyrics for a song along with others. but we just missed her song. it was in the very beginning.

Just a talk happened in my family.

"if you are not started searching a girl for me, I'll find one. But don't blame me if she is a Tam.", once I gave warning to my Mom.
"Marriage !!! Not at all. if you can, find one. I don't mind even if she is Tamil girl", she challenged me. I know what is in her mind. it can be read like this. "Wasted 4 year in Engineering college. taught in colleges, still didn't get anyone. Son... you are only good for playing with children". let me explain in her language. " naalu kollam engg college il padichittu.. verum kaiyode vannirikkunnu. padippikan poyi... ennittu entha karyam. onnineyum kittiyilledai. pinne enne pedipikkan vannirikkunnu. poyi valla pillerayum kalippichirikkadai."

It seems that she don't want to be a grandmother now. What to do!!!

foreground: many relatives gathered this time.
somebody put forwarded my case. and they started taking it seriously. Then I told them. "Don't worry about me. I had already found one in choir. looks ok to me. (our usual comment in code reviews). Only problem is that she is too young. may be around 18. I'll do one thing.ll wait for two years until she become 20".

Suddenly my cousin (12 years old) replied. "you will also get old by two years.. right. then ?". today's children are wiser. They will not allow you to comment something and escape from the situation. write a blog on night 2am.
might be !!!. I am trapped here in the company. it is raining outside. No way to go to room. it is nice feelings. Got a time to enjoy rain. Suddenly thought of study some thing. so I am back to seat. Now mood changed.

Work place is not a good place to study, is it?

I don't what happened last ten days that made me not to write in this blog. It might be because .... nothing happened interestingly those days. I was running behind a bug ... which is new to me-PHS -HA. it is a corner case. i don't know to debug this scenario. so I was just trying all methods I know. still failed :-(
let us see what I can do on this.

Last Thursday, Raveesh came to my seat and asked whether I am interested in Kung Fu or not !!! I was surprised "Where man where !!!".
"in CODC2 - Cafeteria.. Sujith, Arun , binny everybody is going...coming ???", he again asked.
"When", I was excited.
"Now .. at 4.30", he hurried up.
"Great... lets go then".
We already missed one class. The master started the class with stretching exercise. almost all muscles got some work. from toe to head. Also taught some basic kicks. All those things went well until he asked to do some push ups. I am really afraid... I know I can't go more than 10 push ups. I had thought that he might ask for 25 push ups. but he didn't. He started with some basics of push up only. He made us to stand in hand(Push-up mode) around 10 minutes with different styles. that will make our hands stronger. It was good experience. At least got a good warm up to the whole body.More over Master is a Mallu !!! He asked us why we were not tried to learn Kalari ?!!!

We had nothing to say !!!

And now I have nothing MORE to say !!!

He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by His wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53, 700BC

What will be easy to do ?
To Say
You have heard it said ...You shall love neighbors and hate enemy.But I say to you ... love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...For if you love only those who love you ... what reward is there in that?

Or To Pray

Father, forgive them ...they know not what they do.

The message of his life was very simple

Love one another. As I have loved you, so love one another.

He knew the things that are going to happen with him next day and also faced temptation not to do all these to save the men. still he is searching for his father's wish.
"Father, you can do all things. if it is possible,let this chalice pass from me... But let your will be done, not mine."

He clearly speaks with Pontius Pilate.
"My kingdom is not in this world. If it were, do you think my followers would have let them hand me over ? ... that is why I was born. To give testimony to the truth. All men hear the truth hear my voice."
but not a single word to Herod !!!

If the world hates you... remember that it has hated me first.Remmeber also that no servent is greater than his master.if they persecuted me, they will persecute you.

Click the title to see the trailer.

Onam movie, watched last week along with my mother. I had heard mixed reaction from different people. But I felt that this is a [Yet another] good movie from Dileep. Story is also comparatively good. Many people might dislike the character - or pretended to be so. But Director did a good job to characterize "Radha" well.

From an actor point of view, this is not an easy task to behave like a woman. I felt that he is not acting... he was living so !!!! Other difficultly is that there no reference book to refer this character. He has to watch/think the situation like this.

"manga pari cheli kutthu"
"Aaradi ithra valiya 'hoye' vittathu"
"Vaadi serial kanan povam. oru ara manikoor karanjittu varam"
"edi ninakentha oru meen vasana. nee oru kalakariyalle... kalakarikku vendathu kalavasana ya!!!"
"ohh njanum randu jeevikale thattiyitta ponnathu... oru onthum oru perichazhiyum ... enthaa !!! avarum jeevikalalle?? "
"ethraye olloo ...oru load viraku koodi aavayirunnu"
"enikku kannu kanam ..pakshe virakinu kannillallo"
"e chemeen-nil ellavarum aanungalaa ... kandille ??? ellavarkkum meesa yundu!!!"
still a lot more.

Listen carefully and laugh more.
Heard that they are going to remake this movie in Tamil. And Vikram is going act as "Radha". I think Surya will be a better option than Vikram. wait and see for his performance.

Got up very early in the morning!!! And went to a training session in office. It started at 7am and lasted for 3 hours. I came out of the room with a pain in my left foot :-( I tried with a gel 4 times. Still it pains. Couldn’t walk properly. I had already some pain in my right knee - result of a cricket match early this month; slipped down while chasing the ball. So I decided to consult a Doctor.

He found that there in no problem in my right knee; no fracture; no swelling!!! But still pains??? He scribbled down one ointment and two tablets. And told me to follow the prescription for 10 days. Cost is

Registration fee- 30
Consultation fee -150
3 X-rays - 360
Medicine - 160
Total - 700

Also he found that my foot is flat. And gave me a free advice.

Use MCR chappals ... Walk easy

It will take a long time to build an image and load it into router. So thought to upload these images to blog.

We play 3 times in a week. that too in morning 6.45 to 7.30. Everybody in this photo are regular players. missed out 3 more people.

standing-from- left:
Shiyas, Suresh, Shaji (my roommate), Manoj, Sarath
myself, Binny , Raveesh

Most interesting part of the game is the freshness of the morning !!!
most of us are lazy to wake up. but after a warm up all are ready to fight.Everybody is aware that we need to work after this game. So nobody dare to play foul game or deadly fast game.

After the game we march to juice shop near to Binny's room for a lime, and it is just not a lime juice, but a heaven !!!!

Foot-note: Even if we fail to play on a day, we never forget to have a lime juice

It is not just another Onam. Every onam is different. we had celebrated onam Yesterday. conducted "pookalam" competition between 3 buildings. We (CODC3) choose the theme from our 10th year logo. merged with onam themes. The original idea was derived from Lookose. most of the CODC3 mallus contributed towards the final design. Bijoy, the known painter in Mallu@CODC - yes it our Bijoymon only, done the final touching in the design and he drew/decorated the centre of pookalam. and of course we WON!!!!!

The-people-behind-(Not everybody)


Also we conducted tug-of-war, KBB (Kaun Banega Bananapati ;-) ... arranged orchestra, delicious mallu snacks; may not delicious for northies :-(

The interesting thing is... top-level management formed a team for tug-of-war and they won the first round too. Uday, Prabhu, gram all are in the front!!!

It was a good show .

It is a company with "Freedom based on trust". Absolute freedom to net, chatting, mailing, blogging, Movies, games anything. Nobody is watching you from behind. We are keeping an unwritten rule not to do all these things in Business hours. Thats all. We needn't go anywhere else for computer related thing.

Everybody is very friendly. Will help you on everything (not only on request, but also in need basis). No work pressure most of the time. Hike is around 15% to 35 % depends on your experience and performance. gets a lot of time to do self study , if you want !!! Activities like Onam celebration, mime, Quiz, discussion aliases.

Personally, I am staying near to office; 5 minutes walk to room. May sleep after lunch. Flexi-timings. Good water, good food, good roommates. Playing football on morning in weekdays. Going for film on weekends. daily old movies under review in room on my PC. Jokes, hot discussions on hot subjects like politics, religion etc. May be this is the reason behind I put 20 Kg.; slightly overweight now.

Currently extra responsibility in interviewing people; more over they promoted me as Lead Engineer with a 30 % hike. Tell me ... How can I change the company?

It is already late to update this here. I got two consolation prizes for Azealots programming competition. It was a 10 weeks long competition, one question per week, separate prizes in each week and a final grand prize. I stood 8th in week-10 competition and 20th in week-4. Got a T-shirt and Cap respectively. See old blog here.

More over the prize, it was interesting and good pass time. It was a good way to avoid the boredom of bug fixing.

Also registered in Google code jam. It is a tough one. Only one day competition. Didn’t get much time on that day. Was busy with project priority :-( It is a rare thing in this company. Still it happened on that day. So I was not in a mood to try it out.

Not really mine. His Alto !!!

Briefing the story...
Today I happened to see Mr X's mobile in silent mode. (not revealing X's name on his request). Its new kind of Nokia Mobile; I don't know how to make it normal mode. So I tried my level best to change the mode to normal. while experimenting, I saw the previous call history and found that he dialed to "My Alto" most recently. I wonder who is Alto. He has no car, no dealing with car, no friends in Alto car company as far as I know.

I asked him about this. "Ohh its my Would be", he said. Why he put her name like this ? "Why can't you put it like My Ford or My Hyundai", I was curious.

He calmly said,"I am expecting only an Alto from her father."

Nice Logic, isn't it?


... to My Dream

"Many of life's failure are people
who did not realize how close
they were to success when they
gave up" - Thomas Edison

Chicken !!!!!!!!!!! My favourite dish through out my life. Beef has only second preference. If you "grep" my orders in a hotel, you will see Chicken in all lines. Chicken Tikka for starter, Hot and sour Chicken Soup, Chicken Fried Rice, with Ginger Chicken. I am really sad for not getting any Chicken Fruit Salad with Ice cream anywhere.

From my School days itself, (it is related to Kerala Christian culture), I restrained from eating meat items on Friday. So, obviously Chicken was included in that list. But nothing can stop me from eating Fish and Egg all days including Friday. Most of the people in my team, know my menu by heart. While my team plans a Dinner or Lunch on Friday, I used to just ask. "Guys, is it really on Friday. Confirmed ?!!! ". they know what I exactly meant. So, they will prepone the party to Thursday !!!!!! with a comment "Let Live Chicken on Friday"

Needn't tell much about the growing tennis star Sania Mirza. I agree that she is hot. Really HOT.Popular tennis player after Maria Sharapova. Everywhere here you may see her photos as wall paper, screen savers etc. But what motivating me to put her photo in MY blog is her attitude; attitude towards game, career and her ambition !!!!

One day I happened to see her match. 4 -5 months back. I liked the way she was played. her returns, placing were really nice. But her serves are not so good.Even though she lost the match, I was really happy to see an Indian girl on a good fight. 2days back I read about her, her target setting. She set a target of 100 while she was at 467th rank. Reached 167 very soon, Still no body thought that she could reach her target. Then while she was in 132nd Rank, she just raised the target bar to 50. Now she is expecting to reach in 47 in next rank list !!!! What will be her next target ?????

I went to Anish home on this weekend, main purpose was to see his son Aaron, a three and half year old boy. Heard a lot about that kid from Anish and Ramesh. BTB I am reporting to Anish in my organization, a Mallu guy, He is very jolly and technically an expert in the team. If he left the team, 25 % gone. Ramesh is my PL. yet another 25 %.

Ok Back to Aaron. When I saw him, I just said "Hi Aaron". He was so happy to see that I know him. Immediately he become my friend and started playing too. He is like that; open to anyone. He did the same thing when Raveesh joined us.After a round of play, Raveesh offered him a bike ride. Aaron was so interested to experience it. But Anish was not permitting him. Then the kid gave an offer to his father.

"Please pappa, I'll bring you an Ice-Cream while I return"
What an offer.

The story is basically life_of_a_college_student ; Wakes up lately , mother compelling to do some work; going college; late in the class room; making problems to teacher; meeting the lover; offering love; second hero came in between love; hero in sad; they sees heroine is going with third hero; both are sad; finally they find another girl ; running behind her ; END

Here Binny was the first Hero ; He was in stage 95% of the time. Done Extremely well
Meena - heroine . she needn't act. well experienced in the real life.
Me - Second Hero, friend of hero.
Dhanalaksmi - Teacher ; only 5 % in stage ; but got it was very catching performance.
Pavithra - Mother, another couple in the park, student
Sujith - Another couple in the park, Bath room door, tree
Arun - Mirror part, Third Hero
Raveesh - Shower(he named after this role) , Tree.
Ramkrishnan , Shiva -- bunch, tree, door.

Binny is requesting to sleep again to his mother (Pavitra).
Others are idle.

Take a Bath before going to college; Raveesh is the one with one hand up(shower), binny in front of him; two doors ; rest are resting

after a bath ; Make up; Only two are in the virtual stage; Binny and Arun; Arun imitating Binny in a mirror style.

Class room Seen; Binny is now standing idle; yet to join the class.
Teacher Dhanalakshmi is reading the notes; others writing.

This is a park seen.
Binny is requesting to forgive him for being late;

Dhana, Pavitra; idle
Raveesh , sujith; tree
Ramki and Siva; bunches.
Me ; idle

I am offering rose to Meena; She asked my heart back as she already asked to binny.
He is watching this scene behind the trees; Meena threw away Binny's heart and keeps mine.

Again trouble; Third Hero (Arun) offering his life ; Binny showing the scene to me. He is happy now ; am sad and frightened. she thorws my heart and keeps Arun's. and went with him.

After that we are so sad; and console each other; saw other girl; run behind her;
Then a final salute;

Thats it. Uday and Prabhu were laughing like anything.
"it is just like a professional performance" Their appreciation.
Yes ; we were; Done a good amount of practice for this.

See My interests in My Profile. You may see "Acting ; not in movies"

My friend had doubt that what does it means !!!! let me explain

It is fun to perform something in the stage. Acted in Drama while I was in 6th standard.
Performed many skits in College Class.Fun Kind; most of the time.

But I enjoyed Drama in real life. But it will take a lot of time to narrate. let be brief. One of my friend(Ali Akbar) threatened me and Nishad for some reason. After a minute of talk/analysis with Nishad , we understood that he is trying to fool us. But we are NOT sure.He might be correct, we were confused. From that point we started acting to know the truth and fool him on the same coin. It was a 36hour long drama. At the Climax, he just stared at us.Not even said a word. This is the biggest drama I ever played.

Ok Leave the past. Here in HCL, I had played a role of second hero in a mine; in front of Associate Vice President ( Uday) and DGM (Prabhu) of the company.

See the next Post

After my seventh semester, I had attended a lot of interviews. A frightened deer in front of some "polite" tigers. The tigers actually want know about the deer. But the deer was thinking that they are going to eat it. This kind of fear conquered me many times in interviews that affected my performance badly. If they were telling me to write a program, I can very well write the best implementation of MY LEVEL. But if they asked me to explain the program or asked why I selected this implementation while there is an another implementation, I failed to explain. May be lack of communication skills :-( . But now I can communicate, Because I have no fear, the clarity of thinking is well improved. Now I am in position to explain why I choose this and why I am not.

The life is going on. The role is changing from one to another. Yesterday I acted the role of POLITE tiger, As a part of our Division's recruitment drive. It seems that one deer trying to eat me. He may not know... what kind of wrong answer he is saying. He was unaware about the trouble questions ahead. Most of the time he forgot that the tiger can eat him as well. Is it a brave movement ? is it shows the confidence !!!!

One thing I clearly understood from these two roles. Don't try to irritate tigers. You may try to explain your arguments in a cool head. try to catch the hints given by the interviewer. Most of the interviewer will not loose their POLITE head, but that doesn't mean that he is still interested in you. So be clear with what you want from the new employer. prepare for it. and aaaask. Thats it.

July 15 Friday

I knew that Paul is coming to Chennai to go to US. His elder sister is living here around 12 KM away from where I am staying. So making use the benefit of flexi-timing, I went there to see off him.You might think that I missed his marriage.; that is why I went there !!!! Nope buddy.

July 9 Saturday

His marriage. This time Ranjit was there to run around and to arrange things. Yet another great function in Lourdes cathedral and a lunch there after in their Hall. I can easily claim that I am the only one attended this function in the category of his non-relative. Ok.. to be frank, i am one among the countable ones. So did I miss his betrothal ?

July 2 Saturday

His betrothal. Ranjt couldn't attend the function. But I was there. Actually My plan was to go to Munnar with Melvin and Bijoy. But cancelled due to heavy rain.added a lot of details in my earlier blog. So what else is missing in Paul's Marriage sequence ?

June 19 Sunday.

Fixing of his Marriage , date and all. That might be a lucky visit. My mother compelled me to meet my uncle; hence I was there in my home town. It seemed that My local network is still working. I got info that something is going on Ranjits home. First I thought that It was Ranjits marriage fixing or something. From another source I heard that Paul came to Ranjits House. So I guessed, it was his marriage fixing or related. that night we went to City Center and Jaya Palace for a grilled chicken.

Thats what I am saying. "With out me , What celebration !!!"

Started new blog for C Puzzles.

This is one of Paul's slang for "Simple Simple". There are many such kind from him. Still I don't know why he is calling his sister "Dance". If somebody ask him "why?", he will simply tell "Gimply".

Take care Paul, A hanging sword on your head. I'll elaborate one possible instant after your marriage. Suppose you want to go with you wife (emilda) to somewhere. She might ask you how you are going. by auto or by car. I bet your answer will be like following.
"Emilda.. namukku Gimple ayi nadannu pokam". she might confuse why you want Gimilda along with you.

Please do not hit me... this is your friends ( not only mine) wildest thoughts.

This is not an open mail to those who taught me in school/college days. I had written earlier in this blog that this is for boasting only me up, nothing more.

Yesterday ( July 2nd, Saturday), I went to attend the betrothal of Paul (and Emilda) . Ranjit as said earlier couldn't attend the function. I, irrespective of what I said earlier, able to attend. The cost is just a cancellation of Munnar trip with Melvin and Bijoy. Due to heavy rain we cancelled the Munnar trip, but in front of Paul I 'll say that I cancelled this trip just to attend his function. you may take it in any way.

With out Ranjit, I had expected that this function might have boring to me. Anyway Vineeth, Cousin of Ranjit and Paul, was there, that brought me some relief. He was in-charge of a car to drive. Since there in no vacancy in his car, I went in a van to the Church. The Van driver was very good in driving and seems that the route is pretty clear to him. So we reached there so early.

That church was new to me. Even though the church was small, the front view impressed me much. Many people were already reached in church from both the parties. So I started reaching for a familiar faces in that crowed. It seems that a girl's face resembled to somebody I know. But couldn't recollect who she is. and yaa ... another girl standing nearby her also trigger some flash in memory. Still I failed to remember who they are.

"where is this vineeth gone!!!", I turned my face and started searching for his car. No. it is not reached yet. Bash !!!! Suddenly I noticed that a group of youngsters were around me. 2 boys and 6 girls. Ohhh they were my students-cum-juniors in Thrissur Engineering college. I forgot everybody's name other than Rajeev. And surprising part is I even forgot the beautiful faces of my students with in a time span of 16 months !!! too bad :-(

They are the classmates of Emilda's Sister. Means Emilda is elder sister of my student Gimilda. From the talks with my students I came to know that Teaching is the best profession in the world I know. Still they are giving respect to me. May not be fake. I mean need not be fake, since they are not expecting anymore session marks from me

The function went well. had a good mallu lunch. cool...

foot note:
you may call it as warning ; I'll update the benefits of a teaching profession later in this blog.

You may see the difference. I saw my green/rainy land after a long time. When the bus is stopped at Mannuthy by pass, I just walked down slowly (moving slowly is not in my dictionary). After that I took a deep breath. "mera mitti mera desh" - a Anupam Kher's dialog in DDLJ came in my mind.

Many reasons for people to get closer. or United. Here is a reason.

Monday morning I had got a call from my mom saying I must go to home that weekend. Reason- My Uncle was coming. yup. "machan" was coming from Dubai. He might have brought something for me. I thought. No train ticket in this last moment. I had thought about general compartment. NOPE. Last time itself it is more than enough. So I decided to travel either in volvo or cancel the journey.
Any how managed to get a Volvo ticket, costs Rs600 and a traveling time 13hour as per schedule. It started at 7.25pm and stopped at 10.00 for dinner. After the dinner I just circled around the bus. and noticed that 6 flags were painted on its body. Canada, US,UK, Australia, India and Pakistan with caption "Unity in Integrity" !!! I don't understand what unity is existing between these nations.

We continued traveling. This is my third time in Volvo. I had felt that this one was better than former two. They put some movie-Rush Hour 2- already seen twice. this time also I had completed the movie with a semi sleep. No Movie-No missing. That's my policy. Close to 1pm , I felt that AC is too much. still I didn't complaint. Like everybody I also thought that why should I ask them to reduce it. paid 600 mann. Let me utilize it ;-)

6 O'clock in morning, the bus was just jerked and driver stopped the vehicle. I thought that bus was collieded with something. No . It just breaks down. -somewhere in Coimbatore -in between some unknown villages. ... I checked my Mobile ...ohh its Gandhipuram. I had called my father and told this breakdown story and nobody else was around. Also added that I am in Gandhipuram. He might had wonder that How I knows about these places. ( my score in geography was very less !!!!).

after waiting a 1.30 hours people started arguing with authorities. it was a well show of "unity"!!!! Anyway reached Thrissur at 1.30. late by 4 hours :-(

Am I preparing for Networking Certificates???
Or else for Microsoft or for Java certificates!!!!

Currently I am a Kalyanaraman Certified Engineer. Now trying for Manichitrathazhu certificate. In a mock certificate interview, Even though I made all conversions meaningfully correct, I couldn't make it "dialog-ly" correct. Need to improve a lot. I think I need more revisions on this movie. Already revised it 12 times. But I am not good in memory :-(

Ethu kazhinjittu vennam Viatnam Colony kku padikkan. Hamme …

You might wonder who the authority of these certificates is. It is nothing but “Kairaly”. Sorry .. it is not kairaly TV, but Kairaly room. Guys.. It’s our own room.

Everybody in our room is Kalyanaraman certified. We can make all the situation/conversation correctly. More over, we are practicing the ways to implement its dialogs in real life. Athu koodi kazhinjal njagalkku “sarttettu” kittum. Kalayanaraman

This is our room. Don’t wonder how we learned this movie perfectly. The first day we rented this movie CD, We watched this movie twice. After onwards, every day in that week, a second show. Every day while cooking, while walking, while we are in company even while in dreams … we are rehearsing the dialogs. Now you say.. can anybody do it !!!!

It was a Sunday morning… I woke up early morning around 8 am, and saw Bijoy was sleeping calmly. Lucky guy - I thought in my mind. He needn’t go to church on the morning. Quickly completed morning routines and went to bus stop and started waiting for Binny to come. It was amazingly cool morning. The previous night Chennai was blessed with rain. As usual Binny came in his bullet just before 5 minutes to 9AM.

While we were approaching the church, we had noticed that the Tamil mass was just over. And people were leaving the place by making comfortable noises. We entered in to the church and got a place to sit around fourth last row. The church bell was ringing and the church was filled with “Sunday visitors”. The Mass was begun with a beautiful song.

At that time, in between the crowed and mist, I saw her. A girl in the choir.

Who is she? Is she a best singer in the choir? I don't know whether she is? Or even I couldn't distinguish her voice from the group of sweet voices. So I agree, it must be a sweet voice. Did I a GREAT admirer of great/sweet voices. I don't think so.

Still I had noticed this girl in that choir. And of course you may find 4 other beautiful girls, in fact better than "THE" girl I am talking about. I said to Binny;standing besides me, that one girl in the choir is looking pretty. Then immediately he told "Is it that girl with a spec and a green shirt ?". I just amazed he was also noticed the same girl ? And he told almost the same reasoning what is in my mind.

What is in her ?Is she looks brilliant ? or is she charming?

She has an innocent face. enough smart to coordinate a choir. confident. Neatly dressed; most of the time Shirt and Jeans. It is very rare nowadays, especially in chennai, to see such a girl. Thats all.

It was happened in almost one year back. She is the key to wake Lazy Binny up. Some Sundays, when he was about to quit Mass, What will I do to get the Bike and a free ride to church? Simply tell him “Ok Binny I am going in auto to see HER”. Enough…. he will get up quickly.

One more event regarding this girl. After hearing a lot about her, Raveesh (Binny’s room mate) decided to come with us to see her. That day he dressed up with his new shirts.. done a heavy make-up. “avante” pennu kananalle ponne. At that time it self I remind him. He will get a chance only after all Christians die. Poor guy. At that day she didn’t came. What did you think ? even if she was there, are we fools to show case her to him !!!

I know...Bangalorians are spending pretty much money in Geysers. I don't think that I can take a bath without hot water in bangalore. But here, in Chennai, You needn't any such instrument to live. In fact, you need some reverse mechanism to a take a bath.

One day , in early May this year, I felt that somebody connected Geyser to our flat.( some kind of centralized Geyser system !!!!). The reason behind is that I got hot water on 8.30 AM while I opened the tape for a might think that I am trying to prove that I usualy wakes up atleast before 8.30. Or Are you thinking something else ???? Am I trying to prove that I am talking BATH !!!!.
No need of proof. What-e-ver-you-thi-nk-is-no-t-my-busin-ess. Ohh I am drifting away from the topic.

If water is so much hot at 8.30, when the sun is raising here? It is around 4.30AM. Only my guess. I never saw dawn in chennai. (please don't ask did I ever saw dawn in Thrissur ;-). But I can very well say that 6.00 AM in chennai is just equivalent to 8AM in Thrissur.

Many time, temperature here touched 42 degree at noon. Sure, you will sweat like a pig. definitely you need a one more round of bathing. After coming back from office ,say 8PM, give a try to bath. You might feel that you are in a hell. Hot Water shower again :-(

So... you have two choices. preserve one bucket full of water for the next bath. or if you are lazy to do that (or even forgot to follow this rule) , choose second. It is nothing but to agree with a mallu proverb "ushnam ushnene shanthi-krishna". (kadapadu -kalyanaraman).

A suicide!!! I don't know what you will do. But We committed suicide. We already heard review comments about "Thaskara veeran" from friends. Still we went to that movie. "Athmahathya paramaya theerumanam". Nothing more I can say. But if you are a "mammookkaa" fan and if you are interested to watch his glamour , ok, go and watch.
You might wonder what this "BRENCH" means? it is nothing but BREak fast + luNCH together.

Yup.. You can add one more to tamil movie fan's count. Yesterday I saw "kana kanden" . A Srikanth , Gopika, PrithviRaj movie. It is OK for a one time watch. PrithviRaj is handling the villain and he done it well. A decent “in-decent” role.
The movie as a whole is far better than compare to new movies in Malayalam. Also it is a motivating kind of thing for tamilians.

May 18th Wednesday
had planned to attend Tanuja's Marriage.( I don't want to miss my friend's/classmate's celebrations.). Got two days leave,But forgot to book ticket earlier. So a journey in local compartment, after almost an year. met a family to Alapuzha with 6year old kid. He might be a good example for proving that TV will make kids more smart as well as naughty. he should be a fan of Rajanikanth, since he made lengthier Rajani style tamil sentences. unfortunately I didn't understand most of them.or otherwise we can make fun on him. Shaji, my roommate was also with me. he slept very early in order to avoid this kid !!!.

May 19th
Reached TDM hall, Kochi at 11am for her marriage. as usual it is the time for "sadya". Marriage fuctions are already over. Dhanush and Raghu did came much before and give much propaganda about my style of attending functions. Usally I reaches the function location at the time of lunch !!! Is it my fault ?? NO ;-) Olny God knows the difficulty to reach the place at least for lunch :-) . for example she had 50 classmate and only 3 could attend the function. And I came from chennai only for this thing!!!! So they must appreciate me , right ?

Returned home with Dhanush, recollected our old days in collage. While in collage at least 4 times I did promised him that I will visit his home soon. still I couldn't make it. But I didn't forget to give him promise that I will visit his home soon :-)))

May 20th.
Played Shuttle after around 2 years with local mates. Even though it was tough for my overweighted body to move around the court, I won 3 games out of 6. Proved still I am fit for fire.
Ohh I nearly forgot to say a word about my brother. that day was his birthday. A "bakery-made" Cake and a "mother-made" biriyani. simple right !!!

May 21st, 22nd sat/sunday
home .. sweet home...
just spend time in home ...TV , movie , pure mallu food and sleeeeeep.

I know...I needn't tell any word about this movie.It is still a evergreen movie!!!! It was released on 1996 if I am not wrong. It ran over more than 150 days in Ragam. But I failed to watch that movie in theater.

Now I Am paying it back. Today I just finished watching the movie for the 25th time!!!!
It may not be a wonder for you since you might have been watched this movie more than what I did.A month before I had read about DDLJ.It says that this movie is still running in some theater in Mumbai. Continuous 500 weeks. and Already beaten the record of "Sholey".

whenever I am watching this movie, I don't want to miss the songs as whole evenafter 25 times.(FYI: Usually I skips the songs whenever I am repeating the same movie). I believe the songs of this movie made it more successful. And of course SRK and Kajol did extremely well.

"bade bade deswam mai asi chotti chotti batti hote rehte hai"

"Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon mein
Undekha anjaana koyi, aane laga khayalon mein
Aankhon ki khidki par ek sayaa sa lehrata hai
Dil ke darwaze par koyi dastak de ke jaata hai
Gehri, gehri kaali aankhen, mujhse mujhko puchhti hain
Haathon ki rekhaaon mein ek chehra sa ban jaata hai
Uski saansen resham jaisi gaalon ko chhu jaati hain
Uske haathon ki khushboo hai ab tak mere baalon mein
Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon mein
Undekha anjaana koyi aane laga khayalon mein."

When I got placed in HCLtech, Chennai last year , I had expected this ... But last march was pretty cool... got rain in regular intervals ... I misunderstood the chennai whether. rather I may say 'underestimated the power of hot chennai sun'.

This May is really hot. not even dare to go out of canteen after lunch for a sleep in my room(FYI: it is too near- just 3 minute walk). I am very much fearing that I might turn out to ashes. with comparatively high humidity, the sun makes life more miserable here.

If you were here, You might feel that you are inside a burner !!!!!!

you might think about some nasty thing. but I am going to tallk about something else...About my nose !!!! Big NO .Nothing special I could find in my nose.

about my belly... ???? YUP. what is in my belly ? it is just like everybody's belly. But it was a special one almost 15 moths back. You might feel that it was touching my back bone !!!At that time, even after a heavy meal, my belly did not reflect the matter. My mother always says it was just like an "aalila". May be I got this kind of belly through an inheritance... from my father. Even in his 40s, his belly was like an "aalila". I was proud on my nice behaving stomach.

ahankaram ennallathe enthu parayan !!!!
"Paarambharyamayi kittiyathinne dhaanamayi kandu ahankarichu" ;-) [ contesy to Devasuram]

There is only one thing to blame. I and my profession !!! always sitting, eating, sleeping job. Not even to use head most of the time. being an "oottal" [ service sector] company, I didn't face much tension. No exercise , No physical games !!!
It took only 3 moths for me to get software professional's belly. I must proud of it, right !!!!

Now my belly is touching the wall before my nose touches.

Next Blog : UPS down

it happpened on two days back... I was in a meeting room for a technical training.when meeting was almost over, the light suddenly turned off. So the trainer concluded the session quickly and we came out the room.
We saw an amazing scene.. every body in that floor are standing and talking to the person standing in next cube. At first we couldn't understood, what happened!!!. Then soon we came to know that everybody machine went off. UPS down for a milli second !!!!!

Even we couldn't open the door to go out. Finally we 'escaped' through the emergency door. Next question is where to escape ???/ my machine was also down :-( So everybody came out from their cube and instantaneously we formed a big Q in front of our 'Butterfly' Tea Machine.

It happened on CODC 1 too in the morning. Same thing happened on evening here in CODC 3. The UPS is from the same vendor. Went wrong on almost same time. Is it a co-incident ???

Its a joke cracked today.

After Lunch we some mallu's happened met in my cube. Alex,Binni, Raveesh, Sujith.
Read the talk happed between us.

A:- Manju innu 'B'ye kure kaliyakki. Queen ennu sarikku parayan pattathathinnu.
C:- Avan sramikkanjittalla... parayan pattanjittalle !!!!!
D:- Enthokkeyayirunnu.. Qyuin, qeen, Kueen... Pavam 'B' kure bhudhimutti.
B:- (trying to escape by a usual mallu statement)
Ohh njagal pavangalanne .. enganeyenkillum jeevichu pokkotte.
E:- See.... athannu "poor" English.

Of course .. 'B' is neither I nor Binni.

Y'day Anilkumar- friend of shaji- came to Chennai, for Visteon interview. He came, got-selected, gave party, gone !!! He is a man of good personality, driven by emotions. When I came to know about his past history .I just amazed. "Was" a drug addict !!! married while he had a salary of Rs5000 ONLY in Bangalore. Expert in Hardware. Now he is a father of Amrutha, Going to an employee of Visteon with CTC 5 lakhs.

Today I went to Kumarakam - A mallu restaurant- with Syam. We had called Shaji too. "chidayan" he didn't came. Had a nice meal. Slept around 4 hours. I hate sleeping like this in noon. But I was too tierd after a heavy work with delicious meal and travel under hot sun.

Past Two weeks I was busy with Azealots Programming competition. The questions were Text book oriented, well known Algorithms. But it is interesting to solve/code the problems.
First week question was based on Shortest path problem.
This week question is based on a Max-flow-graph. First time I am reading through this kind of algorithm. But managed to implement a recursive version of my own. Not sure that it is same as any other well know implementation. But I designed this thing my self. The first implementation went into a "finite-infinite" loop. That time I experienced the power of discussion again. The problem was solved after discussing with Bijoy :-)
Now waiting for third week question.

Here is the link for competition.

Its 1.15 am sunday. Came after a mallu movie "Chandrothsavam". A Mohanlal movie. Other than Heroine Meena, and 3 seen from Mohanlal, we can call this movie by a hindi word.

Meena is particularly good in Yellow and Blue Saaries. Its nice to watch her. Thats all in this movie.

I must kill Raveesh. He called me to watch this one. He told it is just like "Devasuram" ( an old Mohanlal hit movie ) , with a musical flavor .!@#$#@. I felt desperate. Nothing more to say.

I saw Kaadal and Mayaavi in last couple of days. I felt very happy that Tamil movies are really improving. Compared to Malayalam movies , Tamil movies were nothing specially in story , direction and reality. But they are much advanced in graphics, I agree.

Come on Malayalam...its time to improve ... or otherswise she will take your place.

When talking about Kaadal I liked the direction and characterisation very well. Everybody acted well too. Director captured all minor things to get attention. especailly party seens , boys-mansion and off course love in progress with flashbacks. Around 30 minutes in second half seems to dragging to me. ..but OK.. I agreed that it is a part of that story and I am not patient enough. give a rate 8 out of 10 for this movie.

In Mayaavi I noticed that the audience was ready to accept the finishing of the movie. Surya and Jyothika is not getting married eventhough we expected it. They simply gave a shakehand and walked to different direction. cooool .. did you expect such an end in Tamil movies.

Another thing I liked is a joke. remember... the Tamilians are famous for throwing knife to the screen for helping the hero in the screen. Here is a joke that made everybody smile. In this movie, Jyothika is acting as the actress Jyothika. somebody kidnapped her. Police announces some price money to whoever giving the info about her. next day Police got a call "Sir , I saw... Simbu took Jyothika away... in "Manmadan". FYI: Manmadan is a movie were in which Jyothika and Simbu acted in main roles. things are changing !!!!!

Off course the main attraction is Surya only. He acted suberubbly.... It is his second movie I liked his acting. The first one is "Khakka Khakka"

Go On Tamilians ..we .. some mallus are here to support you....Cheers !!!!!!!

Today is a vishu day. Tamil new year too. So one more holiday. just spend time on my web pages, mailing, movie. Revised Gladiator and paycheck. both are motivating for me. Whenever I watch paycheck I'll think about my dream seriously. I have a dream to build a Malayalam Spell checker. And I had completed its grammar part much earlier, specifically 14 months before. Need to complete its GUI part. and I am looking for a VC++ expert to do that.

Back to Vishu day. Went to a mallu restaurant "kayal" with my colleagues Raveesh, Binni and Arun soman. Ordered a fully Vegetarian meals. They are pretty slow to serve the food. Need to ask for side dishes again and again. The waste part is they didn't served "payasam" after the meals. After that We had planned to see a "vishu movie". Went to 'Anand' to watch "Thommanum Makkalum" - a Mammootty film. But luckly or unluckly that movie changed from that theater. So we went to 'Sangam' to get the ticket for "chandrodhayam" - A mohanlal movie. Didn't get any ticket , since it is a releasing day. So the "movie in theater" idea flopped. Finally we went to Binni's room and watched Gladiator in his home theater :)

Today's best part is I sent a lot of mails to friends and to the group too. Started "fighting" on the group with Raghu and Tanuja. we sent around 12 mails to the group with in an hour. most of them are regarding vishu payasam and Marriage.

Updated this weblogs name and description. uploaded info about my new C-Hack to my "Under construction" webpage. So one more cool and relaxed day passed by.

Some People are crazy about this girl. I heard a bit about her before I actully met her. I had met her on Kochi with her friends. My friends introduced me to her. She is very nice to talk, well behavior, seems much matured.

Eventhough I saw her just three times face to face, she helped a lot for job hunting. Even more than what my classmates had done for me. She was my major source for the job openings. Currently she is in IIMK after working two year ( I guess.. ) in Wipro.

Today Melvin gave me her weblog. It is really nice to read her thoughts , narrations.
That made me to write again.

Enjoyed Easter in Home again. Played Cards with Uncle/Cousins , Fought with Sister. These are the main items I am missing while in Chennai. Thrissur is also getting hot just like Chennai. My
skin colour is turning to black from brown :-(

Back to room.
Roommates are just waiting to see what I brought from home. we finished off Meat-Cutlet as soon as I reached the room. Wine -- we postponed to have after dinner. This time I fought a lot to get Pickles from "ammachi" , a different one from my mother - meat pickles!!! . She told earlier that until unless I brought the bottles back to home, she will not give pickles again. As usual I forgot ;-)

I couldn't see my PC in room. It had a problem with its RAM. So my beloved "sahamuriyanmar" (roommates) sent it to repair.

Then might wonder who my room mates are!!!
Bijoy MC , my old B.Tech Classmate... working in same company.
Shaji VS , Bijoy's Old schoolmate ..working in Visteon.
Pankaj, Working in my team.

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If I was Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness. Because I am busy with fixing bugs !!!
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If I was Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Faisal was a senior in GEC , Thrissur. 98 passout-Mech . It is nice to see seniors around the same comapny. Had a chat with him for a while. He has been working here for 5 years!!!!

He also worked with Tony Davis ; my cousin; ( he was also my senior in GECT, 96 passout , EEE). FYI: I am a GECT passout , 1997 - 2001 , CSE. Currently working in HCL Technologies, Chennai.

Just created a blog now. Today my work was a bit boring.

am going to home today after a long 2 months :-). usually I visits home once in a three week. Planning to roam around with Ali akbar in Thrissur-my home town.

just stopping now.



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