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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Publishing new Beta version for Mashithantu Nighantu... with double click feature.

Hope you will enjoy!!

Happy Republic Day !!!

...In this late twenties ...

I am experiencing the meaning of a word for the first time in my life... perseverance !!

And the result is ... a Malayalam Nighantu. For the last one year, myself and my crew were involved in this mammoth effort and still need to travel a lot before we sleep.

Thanks to all who supported us through their time, efforts, suggestions, editing etc!

Have a Nice day!

New year... New look... New blog... and New Server !!

Yup, Mashithantu Nighantu server is upgraded with 40% faster loading mechanism and added a new blog. Also optimized its interface to load faster with a cool new look.

Check its new blog here and new look here.