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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

After my seventh semester, I had attended a lot of interviews. A frightened deer in front of some "polite" tigers. The tigers actually want know about the deer. But the deer was thinking that they are going to eat it. This kind of fear conquered me many times in interviews that affected my performance badly. If they were telling me to write a program, I can very well write the best implementation of MY LEVEL. But if they asked me to explain the program or asked why I selected this implementation while there is an another implementation, I failed to explain. May be lack of communication skills :-( . But now I can communicate, Because I have no fear, the clarity of thinking is well improved. Now I am in position to explain why I choose this and why I am not.

The life is going on. The role is changing from one to another. Yesterday I acted the role of POLITE tiger, As a part of our Division's recruitment drive. It seems that one deer trying to eat me. He may not know... what kind of wrong answer he is saying. He was unaware about the trouble questions ahead. Most of the time he forgot that the tiger can eat him as well. Is it a brave movement ? is it shows the confidence !!!!

One thing I clearly understood from these two roles. Don't try to irritate tigers. You may try to explain your arguments in a cool head. try to catch the hints given by the interviewer. Most of the interviewer will not loose their POLITE head, but that doesn't mean that he is still interested in you. So be clear with what you want from the new employer. prepare for it. and aaaask. Thats it.

July 15 Friday

I knew that Paul is coming to Chennai to go to US. His elder sister is living here around 12 KM away from where I am staying. So making use the benefit of flexi-timing, I went there to see off him.You might think that I missed his marriage.; that is why I went there !!!! Nope buddy.

July 9 Saturday

His marriage. This time Ranjit was there to run around and to arrange things. Yet another great function in Lourdes cathedral and a lunch there after in their Hall. I can easily claim that I am the only one attended this function in the category of his non-relative. Ok.. to be frank, i am one among the countable ones. So did I miss his betrothal ?

July 2 Saturday

His betrothal. Ranjt couldn't attend the function. But I was there. Actually My plan was to go to Munnar with Melvin and Bijoy. But cancelled due to heavy rain.added a lot of details in my earlier blog. So what else is missing in Paul's Marriage sequence ?

June 19 Sunday.

Fixing of his Marriage , date and all. That might be a lucky visit. My mother compelled me to meet my uncle; hence I was there in my home town. It seemed that My local network is still working. I got info that something is going on Ranjits home. First I thought that It was Ranjits marriage fixing or something. From another source I heard that Paul came to Ranjits House. So I guessed, it was his marriage fixing or related. that night we went to City Center and Jaya Palace for a grilled chicken.

Thats what I am saying. "With out me , What celebration !!!"

Started new blog for C Puzzles.

This is one of Paul's slang for "Simple Simple". There are many such kind from him. Still I don't know why he is calling his sister "Dance". If somebody ask him "why?", he will simply tell "Gimply".

Take care Paul, A hanging sword on your head. I'll elaborate one possible instant after your marriage. Suppose you want to go with you wife (emilda) to somewhere. She might ask you how you are going. by auto or by car. I bet your answer will be like following.
"Emilda.. namukku Gimple ayi nadannu pokam". she might confuse why you want Gimilda along with you.

Please do not hit me... this is your friends ( not only mine) wildest thoughts.

This is not an open mail to those who taught me in school/college days. I had written earlier in this blog that this is for boasting only me up, nothing more.

Yesterday ( July 2nd, Saturday), I went to attend the betrothal of Paul (and Emilda) . Ranjit as said earlier couldn't attend the function. I, irrespective of what I said earlier, able to attend. The cost is just a cancellation of Munnar trip with Melvin and Bijoy. Due to heavy rain we cancelled the Munnar trip, but in front of Paul I 'll say that I cancelled this trip just to attend his function. you may take it in any way.

With out Ranjit, I had expected that this function might have boring to me. Anyway Vineeth, Cousin of Ranjit and Paul, was there, that brought me some relief. He was in-charge of a car to drive. Since there in no vacancy in his car, I went in a van to the Church. The Van driver was very good in driving and seems that the route is pretty clear to him. So we reached there so early.

That church was new to me. Even though the church was small, the front view impressed me much. Many people were already reached in church from both the parties. So I started reaching for a familiar faces in that crowed. It seems that a girl's face resembled to somebody I know. But couldn't recollect who she is. and yaa ... another girl standing nearby her also trigger some flash in memory. Still I failed to remember who they are.

"where is this vineeth gone!!!", I turned my face and started searching for his car. No. it is not reached yet. Bash !!!! Suddenly I noticed that a group of youngsters were around me. 2 boys and 6 girls. Ohhh they were my students-cum-juniors in Thrissur Engineering college. I forgot everybody's name other than Rajeev. And surprising part is I even forgot the beautiful faces of my students with in a time span of 16 months !!! too bad :-(

They are the classmates of Emilda's Sister. Means Emilda is elder sister of my student Gimilda. From the talks with my students I came to know that Teaching is the best profession in the world I know. Still they are giving respect to me. May not be fake. I mean need not be fake, since they are not expecting anymore session marks from me

The function went well. had a good mallu lunch. cool...

foot note:
you may call it as warning ; I'll update the benefits of a teaching profession later in this blog.