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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Targeting 334KM on Bike from Chennai to Bangalore under hot sun (36 degree min)

I am not sure how long I can go. (My longest achievement on Bike as of now is just 65KM only (TCR to SKP)

Alternative options

1) Return after 150 KM if the ride is not on my way.
2) If I reach Bangalore, take two day long sleep and return
(then why I am going there; can't I sleep here ?? ;-)

Anyway my eyes are always ON for Volvo services at any time :-)

Can I meet a stretch goal of my 2nd wish today?

Part 1

Part II : Once WE lived there

While walking through the corridor near to chemistry lab, ...oh in fact nothing to remember, we don't have any lab exam for chemistry. Went directly to first floor where once CSEain ruled. we got a nice view to college ground from first floor. The steps(to 2nd floor) near to that remind me the busy final(some times first) preparation for the University exams.

After we moved to new block, it converted to Architecture Block :-( hence we lost a chance to reach the classroom where we studied for 2 years ( or 2 ½ ?) . (adding a file photo on the left side that carries the memories Formals Day ; just for a jada)

then moved to second floor and stuck in front of room number 300. It was locked;hence lost a sure picture;The classroom room with a view to the hills near by AIR; The classroom right above the head of Principal ; We spend our 3rd year almost completely there. had quite a few good photos there. adding one here

The first thing that might come to my college days might be some special 'device' we had. this can not be seen anywhere in the world( not even in museums). Yes it is our and our only college bus... A BENZ before our Independence Day
Once the school kids called it as "kaala vandi" (Bullock cart !!!) while we were travelling through Thrissur round. No wonder; kids have a capability of naming this correctly. Sainabi's Kid ,Jeesnamol, named it as a train after seeing the top view of the bus from 2nd floor, later she expressed her doubts "Umma is this a bus? " !!!
We used to travel in this bus even though there was a new bus in the same route.Yeah We knew its value ;-)

we walked out of the main building and reached near to the tree near to the hockey ground which is better known as Mech Tree. Soon Ranjith PB (the only CEO in the class) and Anupama joined us.

to be continued...

Apart from my first five wishes, I 've one more wish.

Talk to my crush. She looks like an angel in her blue churidar. Girls can quite impress me with their neat dress. She has a big eye. Usually I don't like big eyes.( believe me, George don't like Parvathi, A mallu actress with BIG eyes, on her advantage-able big eyes which is attracted by many people.) yet I could see a beauty on her simple face. felt a crushing feeling. What to do !!!

How to talk. if she was in my 'floor' !!!(George wish). I was thought about going right into her chair and talk something. but couldn't .

Am I too shy to talk to girls ?
or lack in Guts !!!
really don't know how to make a situation with a natural occurrence :-( Most sad thing is... whenever she came right infront of me, I just avoid her !!!! I don't know how to start with. Is she avoiding me too?!! May be she is also shy to talk to Christian boys or she might be lack in guts ;-)

Am I loving her? huh!!
Not sure about that. How can I love her with just face and name!!?
But there is something which I can not express.

Should I talk !!!
whenever I see her I feel pain somewhere inside? Is it on my heart or in mind?
If it is in my mind, I needn't bother about her. let her live on her way.
if it is in... my heart?!!! ... Am in a big trouble :-(

So in summary I need to monitor my heart better :-)

Adding my 6th wish to others.

---- edited----
drafted this entry a couple of months ago and done minor modifications though content remains same.

There is a difference while riding a Yamaha CruxR and Bajaj Avenger.

Yeah technically one is 109 cc while later is 179cc. one is with 4 gears others is with 5.

Still my mind is with the first one. I felt that it is more powerful than later; sorry it is my own opinion. I like the growling of CxR than the rumbling of Avenger. I feel the power even in its 4th gear. Many occasions I try to change the gear suspecting that I was in 3rd gear.( 3 more people I know have the same opinion; My Brother, My Cousin and My friend ;-) On other hand I felt that Avenger can't pull the slants in its 2nd gear where CruxR could do the same in 3rd.I am very aggressive while riding CxR; always make sure than I am riding more than 50kmhr.

Ok I am stop praising a foreign company. let us adore our bikes.

I like to ride Avenger comparatively slowly to enjoy the style maximum. Sorry I never felt like a God but a king of roads (Of course if no bullet types are around); I can see it in the eyes of people; a kind of admiration to the man who is riding a cruiser type. and some time people give way too; and at time some fellows try for a race.

Money wise I felt more value while bought a CruxR though it is 30k lesser; was a guest lecturer at that time and there is no money just to play with.

One of the reason why I picked out Avenger is the gear shifting method; same for both

5 years after my I drove in to the campus for the first time with Ikon. cool isn't it. the picture with BSA SLR came to my mind with which some time I went to the collage. Marked first entry for the get-together with Bijoy. smelled and took a deep breath of fresh mud after prev night's rain.

A few minutes later Manoj came and as usual started firing; why didn't us called him?!!! Soon Anil and Jiju joined. I never expected these much from Anil. Anil with long hair (tightened by a rubber band). Can you imagine?!! Jiju became a bit fat. still crazy about Cricket ! Playing for his company and it is his only exercise. Sooner vikas joined with his military type trousers.(did he was on Jail there; he got some number on that trouser ;-) within no time Manoj and he clashed on their 'philosophism'. No change even after 5 years. to whom should I blame !!

As expected Jubin joined us with wide open smile. "ellavarum ethiyo". shared Singapore experience very fast as possible as she could and hurried to know about what others were doing. it was disturbed with Sanavas' entry. in fact everybody was afraid of his heavy punches. While we surprised 'why he is still carrying bag?' Jiju had an immediate answer. 'it is his life kit yaar...contains one laptop, one banana, one pair of cloths, one magazine'.

Anitha came with Sainabi and her daughter Jeseenamol. she is smart little kid though she was resist to mingle with us. but we were glad to see that she was not crying. she was ready to go with other 'Girls' in the gang and with Shanavas. religion effect ? Sainabi seems a little bit frustrated about that communalist joke and begged not to repeat.

"Joj anybody else to come?"
"yeah of course..Dhanush might be a bit late. PB and Abhi will surely join."
"Jimson and Anupama are on the way" -Bijoy Added.

As soon as he finished Abhilash appeared near to Milma booth.
"No 1", everybody screamed; he was the roll number 1 in the class. a bit fatter , working with/under/for PB, still resists to smile. we promised him that we will talk to PB to revise his perks. still he is not smiling; what to do ?!

"what is the plans guys?"
"wait for Dango, Jim and Anu. I don't think that somebody else will come"
"we just roam around the campus and take some snaps, tea from wimbis, lunch from Lucia most likely"
"why can't we try somewhere else for lunch ?"

the talk is disturbed with the watchmen(he seems to be)
"Are you old students of this collage"
"Did you saw that new board?"
He was pointed to a new sign board saying not to use the ground without permission. Did he expected some bribe? Anyway he dared not to disturb us further !!

Dhanush joined the party a little bit late with his Nikon D50 (with -24-80mm and 70-300mm Nikkor Lenses and Minolta X-300 with 50mm Minolta Lens) and we decided to move to our new computer science block where we attended the class/seminar nearly for a month. For me, my teaching days were greener than the student life there. taught there around 5 months and the final year students were my juniors. really nice experience to tame the people who think they are the best in the college and they have gave no value to the teachers.

After taking some snaps we went back through our favourite Cricket ground; one of the best in Thrissur. I am not sure which all are the pictures flashed through my mind. But definitely it includes the first ball I had bowled with stitch ball to our seniors in the association match, trying to keep the wicket for Jiju's First over (he was a tremendous blower and it is tough to collect his fast balls with half tampered keeping gloves), Played against st.Thomas' college (my pre-degree college; best team in TCR) and st Aloysius college , a few class matches. and for sure the memories of Super Six match and the claps was the brightest among them.


"As you would like people to do to you, do exactly so to them" - Luke 6:31

Simple words....still tough to implement in real life.

similar topic

Do you really think that your beloved one is getting good treatment at ICU [at night]?

Take care... my Uncle passed away the day before Y'day. We suspect that he was dead at 4AM and the ICU nurses didn't know it even after 5.30. and they played a cool drama to hide the fact. they asked his wife to buy some tea for him at 5.45 (why?) and called his daughter to ICU at 6 to show that he is head. His legs were ice-cold at 6. It will take at least one hour to become a dead body ice-cold!!!

The same unlucky Uncle has an experience in ICUs a month before. He has been said to my father that even after calling the sleeping nurse a couple of times, she didn't woke up and he made a loud noise to wake her up. Similar things happened to one of other relative too. They are telling that it is hell.

Why can't they allow at least one in the ICU?

Nobody in the world can take care of your parents better than you.

----------edit on May14, 2008 ----
Read another event from a Malayalam Blog here .

First time in my life I completed a English novel(was it a novel?) with more than 250 pages.

one night @ call centre by Chetan Bhagat.

only a few character set. otherwise I won't complete. of course other reason is that it is not in a very small font.

Happy to see that a big writter is also hating Cola. and he made me to think against pizza's too. And for sure not only call centre folks are wasting their talents !!! but lot more !!

Why do they require a genuine graphics designer/programmer to maintain their Java code base?
Why do they require a person who is capable of solving rhombic cube (also completed a Lisp program to solve the same) to maintain their mainframe?
why do they require a person who is very good at Theory Computers and Mathematical models to develop/maintain their network products?
All above said were my old b-tech classmates; now working at different MNCs.

And what @#$%^ thing I am doing here?
And why I sacrified all joyful moments of teaching ?

Just for money ?!!! (kassu enthayalum pulikkunnilla !!!)
might be two reasons:
I love programming too ; with out programming I can't live
Students are thinking that All teachers are worthless to get a software job, though they didn't ask me.
Even the drivers are wasting their time sleeping idle for the whole day in the parking lot ; of course in AC on their boss' account.

The only word I can say about Madhuchandralekha. A Rajasenan-Jayaram-Urvasi movie. naturally expected a show but felt desperate. total waste.

Poor Rave called us on next day and enquired about the movie. The sadists in our mind arose. we said that its a good movie; fun ; good story etc. So he went for the movie along with our unlucky neelu. We couldn't stop there. We suspected that he might run away after first half. So we called him after one hour the movie started. he was cursing us ;' yaar what a junk movie ; how could you say good about this movie and all' . But we confirmed 'Don't worry yaar ..the climax is wonderful, second half is ultimate'

"oraale vattakkubol enthu sukham"; its our pleasure to put somebody in a terrific situation.

Seems contradicting ?

On April first I had proved that we can save at least two screws from the gas stove; I mean one screw from each burner.

We ( I and aith) had planned to cook beef ourselves on that day; ourselves means without SMT. So I had called mom to know the 'algorithm' and 'code-flow'. She stunned me with her answer.

"Aavasyathinnu uppu, mulaku, malli, inji, manjal, masala podi , pacha mulaku, vellulli chertharachu ara manikkor beef-il kootti illakki vevikkan vachathinu sesham Aavasyathinnu kachiya meat- masalayum sabolayum athil cherkkuka !!!"

Here is a tough English translation.
"Take necessary salt, chili, coriander, ginger, turmeric, masala powder, green chilies, garlic and mix it with beef then keep it for 1/2 hour, put it on cooker for around another half an hour;then mix necessary roasted masala/onion to it"

"Mom... all I want to know is what necessary means?".
"Son... do you know the size of spoon I am using here?"
"I don't know the size of spoon you are using..then how can I say the amount !!"

Did she called me "fool" too ?
May be my wild thoughts.

Anyway I decided to add 'necessary' amount of all those things. After half-an-hour we put it in the burner and turned the burner ON. though it turned ON, it's knob came out from it. Quality product!!!

So our attention turned into it. we successfuly found that one small screw (with max 7mm length and 1 mm width) was unscrewed down. how to screw it back ? it is very small and we don't have any screw driver even.

On further 'analysis' we found that it will be easy if we could unscrew a bigger one. we done it with a knife. and continue to screw 'the small' one. but still it was very difficult. On experimenting or say, reverse engineering with other burner, we found that we get wider area if we turned the knob a bit up. and successfully screwed 'the small' screw hence restored the knob to its original position.

While putting back the cooker to burner, we noticed that one bigger screw was simply laying near to the stove. !!! still the stove is working fine ;-)

As a member of 'Fools Garden' I am glad to do these kind of activities to keep my membership.
that too on our own day.

----- footnote----
My sister was 6 days late to born :-)

Ultimate Meera Jasmin Movie. Want to see her tricks !!! go watch it. you might feel that it is only 10min for the first half. And may see some director's trick too. two cool twists ...very smoothly... without your expectation... then second half. That time you will reach on a high expectation; sorry it may not reach upto that.

Just saw Meera Jasmin's face in the poster pasted on AVM, decided to watch it even without knowing it is Sanda Kozhi ;don't know to read Tamil :-( quickly finished the dinner at Campus (in front of AVM) and penetrate into our 'Tharavaadu' theater.(Watched many movies in the same one)

One twist was resembles to that of Madavan's move in the movie Run; Simply showed that he was frightened and acted as running away fearfully, finally trapped the street fighters into closed shutter. You may see a similar one in a different way. sorry for spoiling these much. still I bet you will not remember what I said now at that time. of course second twist is still waiting for you. Other than these three, I mean two twists + Meera Jasmin, do not expect further.

Cast : Meera Jasmine, Vishal, Raj Kiran and Lal
Director: N. Lingusami.
Accompanied to the show: Bijoy And Anoop
Post : Right after the movie (1.00 AM)

might be in my childhood :-? Not with my real sense.

Since I am interested in mangos a lot my father influenced me to plant some buds. Also he forced me to plant some coconut tree since it 'was' integral part of Kerala ( also it was a money earning tree). A Mallu proverb is strengthening the concept. "sambathu kalathu thai pathu nattal , Aapathu kalathu Ka pathu thinnam" ; If you plant a tree while you are rich, you may eat its fruit while you bankrupt/

May be one of the thought keep wandering on in my mind these days is "What I have done for my society ?"

I am not sure whether planting a tree is something worth for our Nation or not. Still I am going to do that.but where ? In Chennai ? Can I plant a tree inside my rented flat ?!!!! I didn't own any single inch in Chennai . neither in Thrissur.

But my father owns a land(may be around 1/4th of an acre) and belongs to a middle class family. He married a village girl before 30 years and has 3 descendants by now. Still She is a typical village woman with a great generosity towards nature and plants.No doubt that she inherited those qualities from her father who was a Head Master of a High School by profession and a farmer by birth.

Whenever she found a space in her small 'estate' she plants something. it was a kind of mini-forest. Believe me, the sun rays couldn't even touch a lion part of her territory. And was very cool to walk in between tree and most of the time with a bent head (not to hit the lower part of trees) .But later that forest was cropped down to build a home. You may guess her sorrow. Was grown up in Acres of land;then replanted to the heart of 'business' centre of Kerala; yet happily designed and maintained her own small land in the City. Now she is struggling to get a significant land to plant a big tree. :-(

What do you think ? How long she sits idle ? now she found that our terrace is enough strong to carry at least 1 banana tree + 10 Kolli kada + 5 'instance of' chembu etc. Also she planted green chili in between. Now she extended her territory to the roof too !!!

If I ask her "Mother, I wish to plant something, Advice me what to plant and where to?".She might faint down !!!or at least she will look at me with open eyes for long time. Whatever, at the end of it, she might Roll on floor laughing :-) and Say with a laugh "You my son...". she has no expectation that I will follow her legacy on these matter compare to my bro or sis (they clearly shown their interest to help her before I though about it)

Or there is a chance for a serious comment too
"What happened my child, are you OK?".



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