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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I am not getting any mood to write blogs. whenever I gets sometime, I spent it on this നിഘണ്ടു (Malayalam dictionary). I don't know much about HTML, Javascipt, PHP etc. But this dictionary is all about these languages. Need pretty a lot of efforts on searching Google 'God' and get the tutorial, Cut/Paste and Test. Besides that whenever my wife see me on laptop, she says... mar ja (hindi). she extends her angry against all computer engineers... "computer sicks"... they can live without food, water, and electricity(!!!). At the end she adds..."Do you want some coffee or tea my dear?" :-)

Another motivation is to spent time on this extra tedious works is the "counters". It shows 600+ users in less than one month, in search for 1240+ words. Among those 600, 70+ users found this online site using Google. They badly want the meaning of some Malayalam words.

Apart from this, this dictionary was my dream before 6 years itself. And I am very happy to see that it is reaching to its final format. And some people are keen to see its performance. Thanks to all who supported me through their helpful hand and motivated me though their kind words directly and indirectly.

I hope that I can release its completed version within two weeks.
Umm, I have to send my wife her home for two weeks. (എല്ലാ വിജയത്തിന്റെ പിന്നിലും ഒരു സ്ത്രീയുണ്ടാകും മോനേ ദിനേശാ...)

Let me begin with my trysts with the competitive exams: Kerala Engineering Entrance exam. It was outright rejection on the first attempt itself. (With the rank I managed to grab, I was only eligible for Production Engineering, that too somewhere in North India. The situations forced me to spend one year at my home town, Thrissur. Dedicated to studies, sports, movies and a few social activities (mainly renovation of our local library).

That was a wonderful year!

There was light at end of the tunnel. I successfully got through the exam and managed a CSE seat in our great GECT. When I turn back, the year 1996-97 was unforgettable.

As I’ve written many times before, I’ve struggled a lot to get a good job. I have been rejected by many interviewers. I lived with a broken heart through those times. Two years… jobless in Thrissur…But, I’ve enjoyed these years too, I would say :-) Finally I landed with a job in an Chennai MNC. Again, prior to my date of joining I was invited by two more companies, that too with better offers. Anyway, I didn’t bother much to reject their offers.

Where were they for those two struggling years?

I grew up! Destiny has chosen me to wear an interviewer’s hat too; Interviewed – 12; Selected - 2; Rejected - 10.

Further grew up. Started thinking about my marriage. To reduce my parent’s burden, I thought of helping them out. Ha… here is one... In my company itself. Looks pretty, with an innocent look. I wrote a letter to her. What about a chit-chat? She declined my offer politely… “Hmm... I’m not interested and do not misunderstand me”. Ok.

I had to seek my parents’ help. Tick tick tick… here comes one. A typical Thrissurian. + She looks very innocent and polite. She said… OK… lets go hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder. Wow… It took me more than 3 years to find a job. but in less than 3 months, I found my girl. Cool... isn't it?

Every thing is settled now. Here comes a letter from a girl: “May I occupy the vacancy of your better half, if available?” And she puts forward very simple, logical conditions to live with her. She also looks pretty, simple and straight forward.

Really… I was shocked. First time a lady took an initiative, and found that I am a good human being to live with :-)... But she was too late. Searched for the mail I have received from my old crush who rejected me, made some changes, added “where were you two months back?” and send it to this lady.

The End.(ശുഭം)

My life is always like th... whenever I search for something; it will go away from me. But will come to me some later time, may be with a lot better add-ons.

"Delayed Response is not Denied Response"