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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

System seemed to be alone. (Genesis 2:18)
System has got bored.
So System started a blog named YaSJ.

System has a few wishes...
System drove 640KM up-n-down.
System has a plan to trek Himalaya!

So System Developers (His parents) got worried.
They suspected that System had gone mad.
They decided to install an OS to control the system.

One fine day (June 10, 12:05 Noon) they installed a lovely OS to the system.

People say that the OS act as a utility program initially!
Later it upgrades itself as a powerful Operating System.

Anyway, the system wakes up with a bootstrap coffee (1) every morning :-)
This OS (at least for now) shows great patience to get along with this semi hot-tempered system.
OS puts a significant effort to make system's environment clean and tidy.
On the other hand, system tries in its best way to live in a kitten's basket!

This OS particularly dislikes Samson while growling at 50KMPH or more. System often gets a shoulder press to reduce the speed.

OS developers gifted a few gold collection at the time of installation; hence this OS showing no particular interest in Gold now!

System suspects that OS has got bored of System's PJs.

System developers are eagerly waiting for the System to make an [il] legal pointer access that brings up an OS seg-fault; Yeah System is ready to wait 9 months to get a core-dump ;-)

Dedicated to all dirty minds!


(1) Feel free to use Coffee and Kiss interchangeably.

What will a sixth std kid does, if he gets a 10Rs as pocket money? Many choices! Sometimes it might be buying a few ice-sticks;a grand treat to his friends. And enjoy walking down the street, near to paddy field, watching the kotti(heron) flying, crossing the railway track- lovely old days of no worries!

One particular fine evening of a summer vacation(summer of 89), this particular KID happened to cross the railway track nearby along with his friends. Suddenly a dirty idea came into his mind.

"Why can't we put a trap for the next train? and make it skid!!"-KID
"Are you mad... 100s of people might loose their life?"- one objected
"No man.. it will be nice to watch a train skid; it would be a lovely show in our entire life. Nobody is going die" - one supporter.
"Will it skid down on us"- an afraid voice.
"Are we fool to stay near the railway track to allow train fall on us?" - KID

"Ok... what kind of trap we are going to set?"- a thrilled voice.
"Did you see that banana peels?" - Kid
"Yes... are you going to put that one on the railway track?" - a surprised voice.
"it must be a sexy idea" - big applauds.

All kids agreed and thrilled to see a train fall.

Plan A:
- one kid should watch the surroundings, and signal if railway watch man or somebody appears in the scene.
- one should go near to railway track and set the 'trap'
- one must watch the arrival of train.

Plan B: if somebody comes, run through the small street after that signal post.

Plan C: if anybody get caught, don't reveal rest of the gang.

What a well planned mission. Kids themselves feel that they are James Bond!

KID set the trap and returned successfully.

Everybody was eagerly waiting for next train. after 15 minutes, everybody's patience lost and decided to return. Everybody were sure about next day news paper title: "Train skidded near Thrissur Railway station; found a banana peel in the track".

While returning back home, a black ambassador stop near kids.

It was the family of one kid in the gang. They are going to railway station to pick kid's uncle.

"Eda... My uncle... my uncle... he is coming... coming in the...", his voice broke. Tears broke into cheeks! His family has no idea about why he was crying. They thought it was the tears with joy and anxiety to see his uncle.

The moment the car left, KID and gang fly towards the railway track to remove the banana peels. Luckily no train came till then. Everybody was happy! they saved the life of their friend's uncle.

While returning with joy, one kid said: "We must try it on a Goods Train".