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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

You may see the difference. I saw my green/rainy land after a long time. When the bus is stopped at Mannuthy by pass, I just walked down slowly (moving slowly is not in my dictionary). After that I took a deep breath. "mera mitti mera desh" - a Anupam Kher's dialog in DDLJ came in my mind.

Many reasons for people to get closer. or United. Here is a reason.

Monday morning I had got a call from my mom saying I must go to home that weekend. Reason- My Uncle was coming. yup. "machan" was coming from Dubai. He might have brought something for me. I thought. No train ticket in this last moment. I had thought about general compartment. NOPE. Last time itself it is more than enough. So I decided to travel either in volvo or cancel the journey.
Any how managed to get a Volvo ticket, costs Rs600 and a traveling time 13hour as per schedule. It started at 7.25pm and stopped at 10.00 for dinner. After the dinner I just circled around the bus. and noticed that 6 flags were painted on its body. Canada, US,UK, Australia, India and Pakistan with caption "Unity in Integrity" !!! I don't understand what unity is existing between these nations.

We continued traveling. This is my third time in Volvo. I had felt that this one was better than former two. They put some movie-Rush Hour 2- already seen twice. this time also I had completed the movie with a semi sleep. No Movie-No missing. That's my policy. Close to 1pm , I felt that AC is too much. still I didn't complaint. Like everybody I also thought that why should I ask them to reduce it. paid 600 mann. Let me utilize it ;-)

6 O'clock in morning, the bus was just jerked and driver stopped the vehicle. I thought that bus was collieded with something. No . It just breaks down. -somewhere in Coimbatore -in between some unknown villages. ... I checked my Mobile ...ohh its Gandhipuram. I had called my father and told this breakdown story and nobody else was around. Also added that I am in Gandhipuram. He might had wonder that How I knows about these places. ( my score in geography was very less !!!!).

after waiting a 1.30 hours people started arguing with authorities. it was a well show of "unity"!!!! Anyway reached Thrissur at 1.30. late by 4 hours :-(

Am I preparing for Networking Certificates???
Or else for Microsoft or for Java certificates!!!!

Currently I am a Kalyanaraman Certified Engineer. Now trying for Manichitrathazhu certificate. In a mock certificate interview, Even though I made all conversions meaningfully correct, I couldn't make it "dialog-ly" correct. Need to improve a lot. I think I need more revisions on this movie. Already revised it 12 times. But I am not good in memory :-(

Ethu kazhinjittu vennam Viatnam Colony kku padikkan. Hamme …

You might wonder who the authority of these certificates is. It is nothing but “Kairaly”. Sorry .. it is not kairaly TV, but Kairaly room. Guys.. It’s our own room.

Everybody in our room is Kalyanaraman certified. We can make all the situation/conversation correctly. More over, we are practicing the ways to implement its dialogs in real life. Athu koodi kazhinjal njagalkku “sarttettu” kittum. Kalayanaraman

This is our room. Don’t wonder how we learned this movie perfectly. The first day we rented this movie CD, We watched this movie twice. After onwards, every day in that week, a second show. Every day while cooking, while walking, while we are in company even while in dreams … we are rehearsing the dialogs. Now you say.. can anybody do it !!!!

It was a Sunday morning… I woke up early morning around 8 am, and saw Bijoy was sleeping calmly. Lucky guy - I thought in my mind. He needn’t go to church on the morning. Quickly completed morning routines and went to bus stop and started waiting for Binny to come. It was amazingly cool morning. The previous night Chennai was blessed with rain. As usual Binny came in his bullet just before 5 minutes to 9AM.

While we were approaching the church, we had noticed that the Tamil mass was just over. And people were leaving the place by making comfortable noises. We entered in to the church and got a place to sit around fourth last row. The church bell was ringing and the church was filled with “Sunday visitors”. The Mass was begun with a beautiful song.

At that time, in between the crowed and mist, I saw her. A girl in the choir.

Who is she? Is she a best singer in the choir? I don't know whether she is? Or even I couldn't distinguish her voice from the group of sweet voices. So I agree, it must be a sweet voice. Did I a GREAT admirer of great/sweet voices. I don't think so.

Still I had noticed this girl in that choir. And of course you may find 4 other beautiful girls, in fact better than "THE" girl I am talking about. I said to Binny;standing besides me, that one girl in the choir is looking pretty. Then immediately he told "Is it that girl with a spec and a green shirt ?". I just amazed he was also noticed the same girl ? And he told almost the same reasoning what is in my mind.

What is in her ?Is she looks brilliant ? or is she charming?

She has an innocent face. enough smart to coordinate a choir. confident. Neatly dressed; most of the time Shirt and Jeans. It is very rare nowadays, especially in chennai, to see such a girl. Thats all.

It was happened in almost one year back. She is the key to wake Lazy Binny up. Some Sundays, when he was about to quit Mass, What will I do to get the Bike and a free ride to church? Simply tell him “Ok Binny I am going in auto to see HER”. Enough…. he will get up quickly.

One more event regarding this girl. After hearing a lot about her, Raveesh (Binny’s room mate) decided to come with us to see her. That day he dressed up with his new shirts.. done a heavy make-up. “avante” pennu kananalle ponne. At that time it self I remind him. He will get a chance only after all Christians die. Poor guy. At that day she didn’t came. What did you think ? even if she was there, are we fools to show case her to him !!!

I know...Bangalorians are spending pretty much money in Geysers. I don't think that I can take a bath without hot water in bangalore. But here, in Chennai, You needn't any such instrument to live. In fact, you need some reverse mechanism to a take a bath.

One day , in early May this year, I felt that somebody connected Geyser to our flat.( some kind of centralized Geyser system !!!!). The reason behind is that I got hot water on 8.30 AM while I opened the tape for a might think that I am trying to prove that I usualy wakes up atleast before 8.30. Or Are you thinking something else ???? Am I trying to prove that I am talking BATH !!!!.
No need of proof. What-e-ver-you-thi-nk-is-no-t-my-busin-ess. Ohh I am drifting away from the topic.

If water is so much hot at 8.30, when the sun is raising here? It is around 4.30AM. Only my guess. I never saw dawn in chennai. (please don't ask did I ever saw dawn in Thrissur ;-). But I can very well say that 6.00 AM in chennai is just equivalent to 8AM in Thrissur.

Many time, temperature here touched 42 degree at noon. Sure, you will sweat like a pig. definitely you need a one more round of bathing. After coming back from office ,say 8PM, give a try to bath. You might feel that you are in a hell. Hot Water shower again :-(

So... you have two choices. preserve one bucket full of water for the next bath. or if you are lazy to do that (or even forgot to follow this rule) , choose second. It is nothing but to agree with a mallu proverb "ushnam ushnene shanthi-krishna". (kadapadu -kalyanaraman).

A suicide!!! I don't know what you will do. But We committed suicide. We already heard review comments about "Thaskara veeran" from friends. Still we went to that movie. "Athmahathya paramaya theerumanam". Nothing more I can say. But if you are a "mammookkaa" fan and if you are interested to watch his glamour , ok, go and watch.
You might wonder what this "BRENCH" means? it is nothing but BREak fast + luNCH together.