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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

...are lazy to wake up before sunrise. we are no exception. So we targeted to watch sun rise.

If you have room mate like 'aith' aka rbk, you need to just wish. he will plan/execute it on the very next possible time.

This might be my 5th or 6th earliest wake up. First one was before 20 years !!!!
I woke up on 4AM to see Pope John Paul II. On February 07,1986 Thrissur was blessed to host the Pope.

This is not a 'yet another' entry for the girl in the church choir. but for the lovely choir itself. When I came to vadapalani I started search for a church and got a list of three churches. I felt that the church in kodambakkam is easily findable. went there and saw a beautiful church surrounded with trees and aquarium near by. (Also they built a beautiful grotto recently.)

That might be my forth Holy Mass in my whole life ! yet impressed by the atomosphere and the style of speech and of course the choir. they sang beautifully and though I couldn't follow the lyrics, the theme of the songs were easily stuck in my heart. The synchronization and the usage of words are perfectly matching not to lose the theme. most of them are teenagers and only a few boys.

They have a third generation choir too ! Kids ! less than 10 years old. ohh boy ! you *must* listen them. They are singing right from their heart with full voice they could. And by the advantage of innocence in their heart the theme is crystal clear.

That is the Rejoice !

I had thought that every English Holy Mass is like the same. Once I had enquired to Binny about the Church he goes regularly. It was very near to his flat and he had invited me to that church and I went there next sunday. From then only I had realised that there is something in my previous church and I gave a reverse invitation to Binny(2 KM from his flat). The result is... as far as I know he didn't go to the church near to his flat again (though it is in a walk able range!!!)

If you failed to visit Fathima Church @ Kodambakkam on 9AM, please do watch the English movie 'Sister Act' to know the power of Choir. I did watch this movie Y'day hence motivated to write down this post. Yet another Good movie by Whoopi Goldberg aka Sister Mary Clarence.

what do you think? I've a few close friends, pretty good friends-circle and a very few of them are females. Then if you specifically ask about a 'girl friend' ;the girl who is thinking about me more often and the girl who want to be with me all the time; answer is NOT yet :-(

The girl in the church choir is not at all my girl friend as many people suspect or even she is not a crush to me. that is a mind wakening trick to get up in the morning and goto church. But it is nice to hear that "George, how is your girl in the church choir". A few of them are interested to take responsibility to talk to her about future ;-) and also in a few occasions I just threatened my mother using her name.

To get a girl friend, I need to talk her atleast once. Don't you think so ?

Am I too shy to talk to girls ?
not completely I would say. I think I am a reverse communalist. I don’t mind talking to a Hindu or Muslim girl if I intended to. Then what is the problem with Christian Girls. That to specially Mallu Christian girls. I don’t have any problem with taller or fatter girls too.

So where is the problem of my shyness?

Reason might be...


I suspect that she is made from my own missing rib ;-)

Exactly 75 year by now. Three youngsters sacrificed their life for our nation. They have a vision ... they have an expectation... Do you value it?

Yesterday Morning I saw their faces on news paper and decided (with in no time) to watch Rang de basanti. Bhagat Singh was my childhood hero (still not much change) . I still remember the scene I was listening my father with wide open eyes while he was narrating his brave stories. I don' think that my eyes were wet while hearing that Bhagat faced his death with a smile. It was further open with pride.

Bhagat... We Salute your courageousness !

The first scene of the movie itself was impressive. Smiling face of Bhagat just before death with a special AR Rahman's music!. Though last scenes are unrealistic, the movie as total with its great theme is marvelous. Aamir Khan as DJ and Atul Kulkarni as Laxman Pandey were excellent though I like the Siddharth’s Bhagath Singh. Because that character is my all time hero :-)

I do remember the day I first sipped Coke. It was on 1996-world-cup; Ind-SL semi-final. Paid around 60 Rs for 2 bottles and planned to drink after India won. My brother had told me not to wait till end :-( . But I resisted with a comment "Coke will taste more ;-) while India win". unfortunately India lost the match :-(

After a few months I changed my mind to Pepsi and finally stuck in sprite since it is colurless and felt more taste. And I was happy to see that Sprite contains less harmful ingredients (still more enough to trouble humans). Anyway thanks to Plachimada strike against Coke which atleast brought out some naked truths.

On ‘my’ latest new year I had thought about a new resolution and decided to quit Cola.

it is tough to ignore Sprite on each train journey.
I can not add Pepsi to Rum to deduce its intense smell and taste.
What I will drink after a trip or a ‘cricket’ match ;-)

A lot of hurdles!!!

Now I started carrying water along with me in train journeys. (I am used to it nowadays)

Only Soda (or chilled water) to Rum. (it is horrible; so eventually reduced to 1 peg and now not much interested ;-) . But sure I will go back to fulfill my fifth wish

Drinking Soda or tea or even lime juice after a trip. And quit playing Cricket ;-) “eliye pedichu illam chuduka” –its a mallu proverb to narrate the foolishness of burning your house in the fear of rats inside it. People have feeling that they must drink Coke after a cricket match. Or Ad guys think that people must do it. “Piyo siar udakke” ;F*** .

Now I would like to follow Mahatma Gandhi's path of 'The non-cooperation movement'.

"Quit-Cola save water"

Happy world water day!!!

"Lunch ?"
waiting for the response from Gopi.
"yeah... sure but from where"
"ohh akka on leave :-)"
"so let us try in Kerala mess", he selected the place soon.
"But it is 1.5 KM from here"
"pullu...So what...we've your Bike !!!"- he reminded.

ohh man ...I nearly forgot about it. as usual I am thinking how to get Bike from Rave!!! NOW why worry ..needn't wait for somebody's permission :-)

Also the cruiser changed our weekend style from-top-to-bottom.
No need of any plan in advance. just decide and cruise.

Instead of renting CD we went to satyam for Movie Taxi No 9211 (ultimate Nana Patekar movie, worth watching again) and Narnia ( IMO it didn't touched me anywhere :-( might be interesting for children; a few bit and piece of nice work though)

Even I forgot to check mails and got to know Ind-Eng cricket update.

Now I needn't wait for Binny's Bike to go to Church. or to football ground either.

After lunch on Sunday somebody suggested to cruise the beach shores. didn't took a second to decide what to do. I was pretty sure that Rave will also join for long drives. we six went to a local beach, 25KM away from room, with football.
Boy is nice to play football in shore tooo... though not much easy to move on sand, it is fun to slide down for the ball. and bathe in sea. then stand in the cool breeze.

Ultimate trip.

In case if you want to know your colour, here it is

Yellow: "You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong leadership towards relationships. You make good decision and make the right choice at the right time. And always dreaming of Romantic Relationship."

Agree with the first statement. Don't you think that George is sweeeeet and innocent ;-)

Second statement seems to be motivating. Do he has leadership qualities???
He would always like to support the leader, do not wanna be a leader. In many occasion he was successful in assisting the leader. Agree that most of the people I know is ready to trust him. though I don't know the depth of their trust-ness'.

I am not sure about the third sentence. Is he a good decision maker !!!?
Confused :-?
Might be good in selecting his dresses. it is a very fast process. get into the show room, select the 5 to 8 th Shirt. It will not take more than 15min.
In life !!! I don't believe in his ability to make a fast decision.

And of-course he is always dreaming about a romantic relationship.
wanna carry her in both hands through out (until she weigh more than 65Kg ;-)
his chest will be her pillow !!!
she will wake up on his kisses. or otherwise :-)

mone dinesh!!!. stop this. reality might be very far away than your dream ;-)

Yellow is not at all my colour. I like Green the Most. Next option is Blue;navy blue in specific.

Striking out the first target.

Guys, Are you ready ????

First... a few pending movies;
Rang de basanti, Narnia, Taxi No 9211.

Now I got why SMT was waking up atleast by 8 O'clock and why MOON is throwing light at the night. How 9 year old child can understand that Moon just reflects Sun light. If it is so, where is the Sun !!! okkie if your child is facing this problem, rent SMT's room and sleep with balcony door kept open. Kid will learn this theory as the first thing in the next morning. The huge 'Acrot Terrace', near to our flat, shines like a sun. You can not escape from it anywhere in the room.

Last Friday night, I slept in SMTs room with balcony door kept open and SMT was in a bangalore tour, pretended as if he is going for an interview. (his fiancée is in BPL, blr ;-)

Started the day with "Schindler's List". Needn't explain about Steven Spielberg's award-winning masterpiece. Heart touching movie; you can not take your eye from the screen. Even I continue to read the ending titles and all. And a call from 'Jamesbond' number "hutchxx007" brought me into present.
"Gopi !!!! Are you not in the room...I thought you are sleeping somewhere" , I surprise.
"No... I am in the company..what is the plan for lunch today?"
"shall we go Kumarakam then !!!"
"No ... I am thinking in another way ... why can't we cook ?"
"Chicken !!!!"
"No ..I dont like chicken flu worms ;-) what about cooking Fish"- Gopi was so interested to experiment with Fish.
"Fish for the first time ..that too without SMT..I dont think that it is a nice idea", a try to make him think in reverse way.
"Don't worry ...we will cook... with my sister's recipe". he was confident.

We went to Fish market. And felt that 'Ayila' displayed there was looking good. she asked Rs40 for 4 medium sized fish. But we were ready to pay Rs 60 ;-) We were tried to convince her that it looks so fresh to deserve a 60. but she was not ready to agree with that.It seems that she is not interested to waste time by arguing with us. She packed the fish and asked for 45.But we were not ok with that deal. Finally Gopi interfered us; 50 with cutting charge !!! At last she agree with Gopi's suggestion ;-)
Bought some more items in the list and returned back room.

took some turmeric+ chili + pepper + ginger + garlic + salt and put it into mixie.
"George... where are you !!! ..Are you a submarine to vanish as soon as I took my eyes from you.???"
"No da... I am cutting Onion as you said. and my eyes are free to see 'Coming to America'(;an Eddie Murphy movie). Gopye... nowadays you have no faith on me. You see how obedient I am".
"Then who will grind the coconut ?"
"You may do it or use the readymade powder. Don't expect me to remind you all things in your life"
kee kee... kee kee
Ohh reminder to return back the rented CDs ;-)

why long to write!!! (enthinathikam 'parayan')
At last Fish Curry ready ;-)
"Gopye ...Let me taste. "
"Don't taste the fish... check only curry ;-)"
"Dai ..something is missing"
"May not..we followed the list very properly, right".
"Did you switched on the gas stove ;-) ..kidding".
"I think ..we have missed tamarind. "
"Call your Mom and ask what to do"
Finally everything is ready.
On the right time... here comes our kalakaran. :-) this company!!! Joined the company on this date with Pankaj, my X-roommate, X-colleague.

A company in networking field; I have no idea about networking before.
A company with freedom based on trust.
A company on flexi-timing ; I love this. and hate this on other hand.

This company provides me a platform to work on a OS which I never dreamt about.
Unlike my brilliant classmates, I got a chance to use the 'Tool' C.

Though I am in 3rd year, frankly I say I am in 3rd month. Only last couple of month, I started a feeling that I am working for something. Rests of the days are a normal yasj. just fixing bugs !!! Now I have a bit dreams to do something. Let us see.

Ok leave the junk part of it. translating it to a Tamil Way.
Ennada ezhuve.... matterukku Vaada...

Common roomies.... where to go tonight !!!

Off topic:
Happy woman's day to all women readers of this blog.

Company celebrated 10year long engineering partnership with our great client. I *must* agree the event organization power of employees here. a week back, the sportday we had celebrated clearly shown the power Scrudees + Admin guys. you know... the best event without the support of higher management is our Onam only. a 40K bash. A good show by mallus with Karala style competitions. This time it is Aparna and KP; mallus again.

All the cultural programs were really good. started with lamp dance... + A fantastic dance by Mina and malar for taal se tal mila. It was a feast for eyes. then a few talks. And here comes the dancer 'Neelu'. It was worth watching once again. A suprub show by Ezhil, he was also there in folk dance with Yassar. then Binny's all time hit, MIME. The stage program was end with a chained Tamil chitramala from 1930s to 2006.

After delicious dinner, one Danppan koothu on the dance floor. "we will...we will rock you" again. Felt like a college day. just forgot myself. I don't know from where the energy came into my vein !!! blasted again with Hindi, tamil fast/slow songs.

Footnote by SMT(a Visteon employee):
If a company provides so much freedom, whatelse you can not do?

...I need to plan what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Here is my plan in draft !!
1) Buy a new bike, most likely cruiser type; and majority vote for Bajaj Avenger ( sooner) (Done)
2) A trip to Pondy in the Bike, likely in End of March 06 (Done)
3) Drive my Car from Thrissur to Chennai.(End of June 06) (Done)
4) A fly to Goa with Melvin and all (3rd week of Oct 06)(Done)
5) Drunk until vomit. (Any time ;-)

6) talk to my crush ( Never ; I Afraid )
7) Himalayan Treck (December 06)

8) My primary wish : (I want to get married next year.) (Done)
9) plough a field with a tractor !!! ( if wishes die dead)

it started again after 5 months. wake up in the morning is the nicest thing to do in a Day. you will get a lot of time to spare. to read news paper. to do some kind of exercise. want to study something(who will do !!!!).

Most important is we can see our roommates !!!! :-) start chit-chat on the morning itself. Plans for the weekends ! Movie reviews ! what so ever coming into your mind. My roommate, SMT, is a communist. So topic might be related to that ... it will travel across the world... religion ... and what not !!!!

Back to football, As Usual we gathered near our tea shop and a plain 'T' to start with and marched towards the ground. Everybody was tired in just 10 min and continued for 35Min. This time pretty a few new joinees in the group. I don't know how long they will play. Anyway it is good to see around 12 guys to play around.

And of course, lime juice at the end; without it, it will not be an end !!



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