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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Author believe that with out C programming language he can not live. Fact is that he didn't complete(even started) any great work in the same. hence he himself called YaSJ. Now his parents is in a search for a partner for him.

The problem is... how to kick start a talk with that girl.

After a round of discussion, 'budda dakkal' (TCR version for old people, means parents!!!), might ask 'YaSJ': "We guess you have something to ask/talk to the girl, havn't you?"

Reply:"Yes ofcourse" (a bit worried YaSJ)

What should I ask?

what about a 'viatnam colony' style "entha peru"(what is your name?).
or what about "Shobha, Shobhayude perenthaaa?!! (Shobha, what is your name?)
No no is all old fashion.

Anyway made sure in mind that I will never ask "evidaa veedu"(where is your home?) standing right inside her home.

So decided to chat with my cousin. Here it goes.

Cousin: "nee oru thamaasha paranju thudangu... "Hotel aanennu karuthi oru vridhan..." ormayille?
Reply: "Done"

Cousin: "college-il line undaayirunno ennu chodhikkedaa.."
Reply: "undayirunnu ennu paranju kettu enthinaa veruthe alle!!!"
Cousin: "Yaa yaa"

Reply: "entrayaa mark ennu enthayaalum chodikkilla"
Cousin: "ayyo thirichu chodicha nee kudungum"
Reply: "athaa... pinne serious ayyi enthenkilum chodikkano?
njan bhayankara serious aannennu chumma thonnikotte"

Cousin: "pinne randu C/C++ questions chodhikkeda... vivaram undo ennariyande?
Reply: "there you are...I have prepared one, very good question"

here it goes

"How to reverse a string in place?"

His long innings proves that He is the King.

A glance through his test cricket career...

Quadruple - 1 (400) to quash Matthew hayden's 380
Triple - 2
Double - 8
Century - Whenever team in need - 19

World Record for the most runs in an over 4,6,6,4,4,4 vs Robin Peterson of South Africa.

IMO he is technically perfect than Sachin (God of Indian Cricket!!!); since no one could get him in a similar ball.

Bangalore !!Famous for gorgeous girls. Nowadays I am not even bothering to visit MG Road or Brigade Road for “Chick hunting”.They are right in front of me, in flocks. In the company, near my apartment, they are everywhere :-)

I have noticed those 3 cute girls walking down the lane near to CV Raman Nagar; they talk like dolls. Do the dolls ever talk? I don't know.On the other day, I found them near BEML gate, carrying a bag on their shoulders…they looked like school girls. Is there any school near by?

The way they enjoy their walk reminded me of my “good old” school days. No tension about anything… Just take the school bag, ping my friends on the way to school, form a group, talk about whatever we like, pour comments on the girls walking to Infant Jesus Girls (only) High School. Those were “fun packed” life.

Does this girl belong to any college or something? Oh… who cares? Yesterday, I met one of them in my company itself. Wow... she is not a college girl. “Charmmam kandal praayam thonnilla. Santoor aaryirikkum upayogikkunnathu”.

Other thing I noticed about her is that the way she ogles at men. And she is a half-mallu too!!!. I appreciate her interest in morning walk to company...around 3KM ..may be more. Among those techies who are lazy to walk, she is an exception. Nice girl.

The story doesn’t end here. Mallu girls might be a centre of attraction everywhere! While sipping an orange juice on the terrace, we (a gang of mallu guys) saw her walking near to the Bagmane lake! Then one guy, he is a “Polymath” (Walking encyclopedia) described about her day-to-day schedule. Lunch at Punjabi dhabha or cafeteria, evening walks to the lake with some boys and chat-items on their money. So, I’ve added her "morning walk" to update his database.

The most surprising info about her (for me) was that she is an intern in our company. Just a final year UG student of some college. $H!T... I overestimated the magic of Santoor soap :-)

Minal Panchal' scrapbook.

30,000+ scraps says samething "God bless", and it is ticking on every millisecond !!

Got this link from Jo

An Indian student of the university who was caught in the shooting is missing, according to inputs from the student community in Virginia’s largest university... More>>

The best part I am enjoying in Bangalore is Football only. Once, I was a proud player of Red FC in Chennai. Here, only the name has changed…Jun FC. The passion, aggression and enthusiasm remain the same. We play twice a week on a semi grass ground.

Today, when we reached the ground we saw a bunch of teenagers occupied half of the ground. They impressed us quickly…hmm... they play pretty well. Since we didn’t have enough players to form two teams, we made a proposal for a match with those teenagers.

"Ok Uncles we are ready", they all were game for a match. Ha ha ha. they reminded us of the fact that we are getting old! They were right in one way. We are a bunch of 7 guys with an average age of 27. And, they all were around 15 years old.

Playing with a group of teenagers of same enthusiasm and unlimited energy was not so easy. They have proved it. After 15 minutes the ball possession was 15%- 85%. They rushed to our goal post regularly with their entire team (leaving the Goalkeeper) and in the same pace they returned to their posts as the ball moved.

They might have found it difficult with our heavy bodies so, they couldn’t charge us anyway. They were helpless with their 45Kg weight against our 80-100Kg and with considerably strong build. Yeah… We could control 6 of them but, other two were very fast. Moving like a rocket...running like a bull... changing the direction like a rabbit.

They really made us feel that we are getting old. Though we managed to tie the scoreboard with 3-3, their game was wonderful.

The next week, we faced them again. This time, we showed them what is the meaning of maturity and experience is. We were sure that we can not beat them in the speed. So we played with a good game plan. We wore the jersey of Argentina. Quick Short Passes!!! We frustrated them a lot with this trick. We raid their goal post through out the game. 12 shots to the target, Converted two of them. Again a tie with 2-2. but this time we stand with our head straight :)

This is about 3 kisses. While going through Jesus’ life we can see that he had accepted 3 types of kisses.

One was an obvious thing, kiss from his mother!
Second one from Judas Iscariot!
Third one from Mary Magdalene!

All these kisses are different from one another. You can not kiss Jesus like his mother did. Christians never dream to kiss Jesus’ like Judas. All that we can do is a kiss like Magdalane! To seek forgiveness! To say Sorry ! To get permission to follow Him!

This blog is not big enough to describe the real depth and breadth of biblical aspects.
Yet I am trying to say a few words about Judas!!

In my childhood, I had a doubt about Judas’ Kiss!!!

Why should Judas betray Jesus with a Kiss?

My father is a great teacher of mine. In his point of view…

“Jews [priests] afraid to catch Jesus on day time, while Jesus’ followers are with him.So they planned to catch him on night.”

“So why Judas? Why can’t Priests go ahead and catch him?”, Always I am an interrupter ! (thokkil keri vedi vekkuka ennu parayum !!)

“Jesus is a typical Jew…with mustache and beard... even he might looks like Peter or Andrew. Jews wears a scarf. So it is not so easy to identify Jesus among his disciples at night. So Priests want a man who knows Jesus well.”

“Why kiss then” – A genuine doubt right?

“Yeah… it is a very good code, isn’t it? If Judas points out Jesus with his finger, do you think that other disciples would leave him with out trouble. While kissing Jesus, other disciples never get a clue about a betrayal”

“He has many disciples…why Judas?”, I want to just confuse my father.

“yeah…he handles the money for poor and all. It is easy to corrupt a greedy man!! In Bible you can read about Judas quotes about money” [John 13:29]

Happy Good Friday !!!