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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Once I asked my mother "How could you stay with your mother-in-law for 19 long years!!!"

I continued "Did you effectively treated her as your mother?"

"NO Never...she is my mother-in- LAW only". Her answer suprised me.

"My mother might be ready to forgive me, if I did something wrong..she might be ready to forgive me ..if I ignore her..." She explained "..But this woman is my mother-in-law only... So I never want a mistake from my side... I cared her more than I did for my mother". She continued her theory. She was sure that her mother-in-law used to get hurt easily it seems.

It was not easy to live in a huge family. I had witnessed her struggles. She might got firing from my grandmother for not replacing something in place. The same thing might be in use with somebody. But in Grandma’s point of view she saw my mom taking it. Now, it is neither in my mom's hand nor in the place!!! or my mother don't know where it was either. Obviously she got mistaken. Also Grand Ma was very particular about using oil in kitchen. If she found slightly over use, who ever last used it got the punishment. Real root cause might be somebody else!!!

The reason for firing might vary for different issues from not ironing grandpa's shirt to giving extra something to the servants. It might be my mom's fault or somebody else’s fault. No matter... all daughter-in-laws has to share their part of punishment.

I even fed up with the ration system in the big family. x number of soaps, y number of bar-soaps, z number of ABC etc per family per month. I had waited till 9th to get a full egg !!! it is a kind of 'CMM level'... 9th std and above get full egg. 3rd and above get half egg others get 1/4th etc. this list may extend to a couple of pages.

All of these may happen round the clock everyday. Still nobody said a word against Grandma. She (mother-in-law) treated her daughter-in-laws equally. Otherwise with a thinner physique my grandmother can not control her seven daughter-in-laws in a raw. That too different types of women. She could be a great manager ;-)

Were my mother and aunts fools to obey a woman in 60s (even she couldn't walk fast)? Can't they ignore her? Can't they fight with her? Were they so dumb?

They (1) tolerated for the peace of their husbands. Their children. More over, they cared her age. They had a simple theory too... "Without two hands you can not clap.... to make a sound"

Can we give full mark to my mother or to aunts or to grandma for making peace in the family? (to be continued...)

(1) 'They' is a general term. There are a couple of exceptions.

Tail: Thought of my cousin motivated me to scribble down this.
She is living with her husband (who is a single-ton son of his parents) in a rented house. It didn't take even 7 months to separate her husband from his lovable parents. Pennerumbittal ennu kettetteyulloo (If woman decides!!!). Avalu aare kandu padichathanavao? (From where she learnt to do this?)

But frankly, I have no wonder !!!!
How can you expect a woman to obey/respect her mother-in-law if she is not even obeying/respecting her own mother?!!!!

(If you get time, try to watch a classic Malayalam movie 'Vidheyan'- A Mammootty film.

While I was watching Ind vs WI (DLF cup; tri-nation series; Ind-WI-Aus), an advt. popped up with a famous face. He claimed that there is no pesticide in his favourite-cola-brand. He verified all the work of their factory and seemed satisfied and he randomly choose a cola-bottle and he took a sip with his 'head up'. I expected this advt. much earlier :-) [and if they really interested, I have a better one]

Whom should I believe to?, the experts who tested the soft drink and shocked India 2 or 3 years back or this 'Vidheyan'?. After all, I hope that common man will distinguish this advt. from the declaration of their matinee idol.

I remember a Cricket series Ind Vs Eng, Year 2002 I guess. A couple of England players got sick during the match. And I don't know ...after that particular event all the England players started using the cola imported from Singapore (or Malaysia?).


If my memory is correct, A newspaper reported that the employees of American embassy are using non-Indian colas (I don’t know the authenticity of this news). If this is true....?!!

My question is…WHY?

When people will get to know that this Cola-company’s are just doing their ‘business’. I guess a single Hindi movie ‘Corporate’ is not enough to open the eyes of Indians. But they coolly described the dirty-business-tricks.

Now US government itself is forcing India to check on this cola-ban. They threatened Indian Govt. that they will not invest further in India, if we didn’t use their Cola products again. I have no surprise in this move.

But what surprised me is that another ‘Vidheyan’ even dare to say that
“Test the breast milk, you might see the pesticide!!!”

Enthoru Vidheyathwam (What a subservience)?!!!

One of the great movie of this 'Vidheyan' is still running in packed house in a Mumbai theater even after 500 weeks (10 years) !!! I wonder when these people will have a Vidheyathwam to their fans?

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At last my dad surrendered to my wish. Hence, completed the third one in the list.

Longest ever drive in my life. 847 KM (previous record reads 160KM).
Dad scanned all the gutters in the road but he missed the Mannuthi junction, from the turn which leads to my home… :-)

On the way we witnessed a dog attacking a bike rider (Pollachi-Vadakkumchery route) and saw a fox too in the same road ( rather I should have call it a forest).

I admire my mother and sister patiently spending all these days in the Car, just for my craze!!Or are they craze too?!!Hats-off to my brother for 503 KM drive and his previous record was just 40 KM !!!!

And Thank GOD for the safe return. (It is not my merit that no crazy truck drivers crash my car.)

Here goes my Bike ride. Chennai-Bangalore.

Wishing a Happy Teacher's Day to all my respected teachers, especially my class teachers from 1 to 10.

std 1 C Rosily teacher
std 2 B Annama teacher
std 3 A Kathrina teacher (amazing capability to teach)
std 4 A Kathrina teacher (my father influenced HM to move myself into her class)
std 5 D Davis mashu.
std 6 B Annie teacher (rarely she was known by that name)
std 7 C Limcy teacher (she was very pretty and very good/dedicated/young teacher; I guess, She was the only one without a nick name)
std 8 C Maggi teacher
std 9 C Chinnma teacher
std10 A Susaanth mashu (the person who forced his students to think)

but my all time favorite teacher is Malathi teacher. She taught us Malayalam in her fabulous way. Her story telling capabilities were highly impressive. Through her I knew Mahabharatha and Ramayana in its passion. She broke the ice of 'vrutham', 'alankaram' etc like tough things. Some teacher's presence motivated us to study their subject. No wonder why I hate Chemistry from 9th onwards. No wonder why it became one of my favorite subjects after Prof. K P Antony’s lecturers. No wonder why we ( classmates) love Prof. Radhakrishna and Vrinda Madam.

Surprisingly I was also a teacher. Couldn't I motivate my students? Couldn't I influence them to study programming? Apart from making my lectures interesting, my main focus was to create a Linux oriented culture through out the department. It was the-best-page in my life. A handful of good students!!! Amazing

I love all my teachers. I can not forget two teachers for their contribution to my programming skills. yup... our favorite pce and prof. Manoj Kumar.

Hello Teachers!!!

Teaching is the best profession in the world as far as I know. You are the best person to guide the youth of India. You are THE person to show the value of values to your children. Do not afraid to take responsibility to set a good culture. Your students will follow you. The future of India is in your hands.

All the Best.

"Hey good opportunity for u guys......hurry up... Ericsson is distributing cell phones for free over the internet to compete with Nokia .. blah… blah...please cc Smith to track your mails".

Frankly, I am fed up with this kind of messages. Those guys who forward these mails are working for good companies with very good salaries. Still they expect a free mobile :-( Once I replied back to my friend. "Let me know if you get a mobile in two weeks like they offer". He gave me an instant reply. "I know I will not get it. But… (kittiyalo?).No extra effort man... just forward it..thats all". He wants to try his luck.

Couldn't they find the marketing trick in this? Free Publicity. Smith@Ericsson dot com might be laughing at us :-( OC-yil kittiyaal Acid-umm kudikkaruthu. (Don't drink Acid, it being available free of cost).

I had forwarded this kind of mails a couple of time... but enikkoru pullum kittiyilla (I didn't get any). So I learnt from experience.

A funny SMS: (It is enjoyable Only if you know Malayalam)
"Do you want a Nokia7980 for Rs1500 with hutch sim card and life long free sms and free local call for 30 min? log on to this website ... www. nokki irunno ippo"

Apart from joke... Do you know why you are getting spam mails? This is how your mail ids are spreading across the globe without your knowledge. So folks, please stop this non-sense.

Final word: No Miracle is going to happen, if you just forward "send this to 10 people within the next 10 minutes".

Adding more:
...Bill Gates is sharing his fortune....When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will track it (if you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week time period.For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay you $245.00.....
Try your luck !!!