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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

After the trip to kanjirapuzha Dam with Hiran, Ali, Shery, I felt too tiered. Had some kanji (rice soup) from Hiran's home and packed back to Chennai. Couldn't sleep well in the train. Morning I reached back home with a perished body.
"How was trip" - Bijoy along with opening the door.
"It was good" - a weak reply.
"What happened?... "
"... not feeling well ? why are you looking so dull ? " - Father
"Nothing" - A weak voice
"Do you have fever ?" He touched the neck and verified.
"I told you 1000 times not to bathe for long time."
"I did not"
"then how did you got this !!!"
"Ahh I don't know"
"Did you played football Y'day?...while raining"
"Yeah.. Thats only for a while".
"one hour is not a for a while. I told you 1000 times not to play football in rain".

Everything is 1000 times. All his counters are always shows same it a bug!!! appacha.. Increment this counter at least for the next time.
Doesn't he knows that I love to play football especially while raining !!!heard that he is also a good player. Still he don't know the joy of playing in rain !!!!

"Have a Crocin and stay clam."
That is ! athannu! one day leave. It brought some happiness. escaped from chemistry teacher today.
"Tell Anish ... I will be late to office today.."
This time I didn't feel much happy to think about a leave. Unsatisfied face of Client manager came into mind :-(

Slept for a while and decided to go office. was not feeling well to take a bath. but took a bath.By Newton's theory, every actions must have an equal reaction. yes, correct. simply vomitted.
"Wear that woolen sweater."- Mother
"ok will do".
"not will do. Do... it... now. A simple chilled breeze enough for you to vomit at the time of fever"
It is my luck to have a room near to office. Quite a lot junk mails as usual. only a few to me. replied to urgent things and started reading online docs for the new development project.
"I told you 1000 times not to watch TV while you are sick. your leave is not to enjoy the TV. It is more than enough to damage your eye.go to bed"
I switched off the monitor and informed Anish that I may not return to office today. and will apply for the leave next day.

[Mobile rings]
"Hello is Joju there ?"
"Yeah it is Joju."
"Could you please give phone to Joju"
"amma ...this ...Me ... J..O...J...U"
"What happened !!!! your voice changed ??? why didn't you call me after reached there !!!"
"amma I am not feeling well"
"What .. Do you have fever? Did you already had Crocin ?
Will your manager approve for the leave...." here goes 100 questions...

I felt a bit shivering. took Bijoy's woolen stuff, brought while he was in is a cool one.ohh is too hot inside ;-) and don't remember when I fell ino sleep.
"Wake up" -Mother.
"take this hot black coffee, and have this loaf"
Where I am !!! ohh S**t I am in room. feels hungry.
NO bread. ok at least will make a black coffee.
Ohh No where is coffee powder. searched here and there.nope.
finally made a 'black' tea.
"have this Crocin too."
"And sleep baby, I 'll call you for lunch"
Connected Vikas's Creative MP3 stick to PC speaker.
listened a good collection of Mallu songs. But most touched is this one at this state.
"Aayiram kannumayi kathirunnu ninne njan..."
"kanji ready. wake up son."
I went to kitchen, put some rice to water and boiled it- made some kanji.
"How is pulichamanthi"
Pulichamanthi is a special item for kanji. instantly made pickle. she makes this only while somebody is sick. otherwise if somebody wants, they have to make it. If we had a competition on making pulichamanthi, my brother will win.
took some pickle, felt missing of pulichamanthi, though I love pickles.
Anything else to eat ???
yeah here is some Chennai-best Curd.
"Don't take it. it is not easily digestible."
"No .. I like it."
"it is not a matter of your like or dislike. do you want recover fast?"
[Mobile rings]
"Do you have anything there to make Kanji ? ".
"yeah, I had a bit".
"Cool ... how is your fever now"
"Not much change".
She touched in the neck.and screamed.
"it is burning"
"It is better to take some anti-biotic".
"Which one"
"it seems MOX500 is most effective for you".
"yeah, I remember a yellow capsules, right"
"Is any medical shop near by ? Ask Bijoy to buy it"
"Yeah, Medical shop is nearby, But Bijoy is in the company."
"Buy 15, remember it is course for 5 days, 1-1-1 each day."
"Eda where are you going .."
"can't I go even to latrine, ahh"
"Ohh I thought you started walking around again"
"I think ..situation in Jail might be better than this."
"it is good for you ..only for you... if you stay clam in the room."
I went out and bought MOX and some more Crocin. Again depend on MP3 stick. then slowly into sleep.
"ke ke ke". ohh somebody's SMS !!!
"SA won the toss and elected to swim!!! " - Syam.
indirectly saying that todays South Africa Vs India match in chennai is cancelled due to rain :-)
"ke ke ke" ..Umm Again ?
"SA won the toss and elected to swim!!! " - Bijoy.
SMS is so cheap. people are just playing around.
Anyway they woke me up. then cook some kanji for dinner.

"ke ke ke ke ke ke ke", ohh reminder this time.
"MOX 500 : 9.00 PM".
This reminder section is very good mechanism for me.
"chilakathadai (don't make noice, buddy) ". pressed snooze.
"currently am cooking something only. Need to have mox only after dinner".
Reminders are not so intelligent ;-)
"Eda ..ezhunelkkan [wake up] ...what kind of sleep is this ?...Have some kanji "
"ke ke ke ke ke ke ke", ohh reminder again
"MOX 500 : 9.11 PM".
"Take one Mox too."
[Mobile rings]
"Did you had Mox ?"
"Yeah"- a happy winning sound.
"Don't forget to take one on tomorrow after break bast also"
"sure" ; set Reminder for 8.30 AM and smiles.
"Ok take care good night".
Somebody touched my neck.
"still it is hot, it seems that he need to take rest tomorrow also" - one
"See how cool he sleeps, felt envy to that. "-another one.
"Did he ate something."
"Can't you see. how can he able to sleep with empty stomach !!!".

;-) my roommates or whoelse !!!

It is a mallu phrase for revenge. "Make an equivalent damage to the enemy". A kind of "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot" ,Exd 21:24

Here one of my friend's usage in a different way.

"Yesterday I borrowed Rs 500 from Bijoy, today you have to give.", And he clarified the logic behind it - "Pakarathinu pakaram!!!".
"Ayyeda !!! what a logic !!!"
"you may take the logic in any way ...but I want money. thats all"

want more examples ?
"Last week he took ticket for me, today you may... Pakarathinu pakaram !!!"
"Last time I took Shaji's Shirt....this time yours ... Pakarathinu pakaram !!!"

A few times we thought to give a kick and say...
"Today my hand is free... tomorrow his might be ...Pakarathinu pakaram !!!"

Footnote: Who is this Friend ? Answer might be a surprise for my old B.Tech classmates !!! Manoj V ???

George is not a Sanjay Ramasami in Gajini or a Leonard in Memento !!!

But he is famous for his short term memory in his BIG family. He always forgets to buy a needle for his grand mother or vegetables for his aunt while returns from school. His mother is fed up with him. In her words, "whenever I asked him to buy three things, he might forget two things. while told him to do 4, he will do only 3."

She always has complaints that "Why can't you make notes not to forget things ???".For George, his father-who always make notes and regularly doing everything without fail- is the first "Leonard" in his life. Little George is also started making notes, But the result is different!!! because he always fail to check it before proceeding from/to somewhere :-(

Here is an Event tried to explain in Memento style.

Scene 9

“Where is my Lunch ?".
I am not sure whether George either dropped the receiver or fell down first, after hearing the complaint from his father. But I still remember he was laughing without stopping for the whole day.

Scene 8

“Ring Ring .. Ring Ring ..”
"ohh no... who is disturbing at this time. It is 1.30 now. can't he sleep in the noon !!!"
"Hello" - A familiar sound.
"Ohh Father", George recognized," Anything special ?".
"Nothing special Son... where is my Lunch ?".

Scene 7
He saw that everything was ready for a lunch.
“Ohh cutlet. great”. It is his mother’s expertise-item. thought of it itself turns his mouth watery...! (See my lips.)
he himself served with out disturbing his mother, who is doing something in her terrace-vegetable-garden . tick tick tick. finished his lunch. “why only work to mouth? “ he fired his belly. “Why can’t you share the load of mouth and teeth?”
He fell into bed for a short sleep.

Scene 6
He got up and collected the bill on the way to cash counter.
He paid the bill and was about to leave, supplier called him.
“Sir.. is this your umbrella... and key ?”
“Yeah …of course. Thanks”, you can see a relief in his face.
Or this might be a yet another umbrella he forgot and lost somewhere.
He purchased some more items and reached back home.

Scene 5
“Lime juice please”, He ordered to the supplier.
He just watched people who are busy with their work, “food-ing “. “Are everybody going to die after this”, he thought in mind.
He put down his umbrella and Key in a corner of the table.
“Sir here is the lime juice , anything else” .
“Yes sure, bill ;-)”.
George is a kind of person who hates to stay long in the dinning table. So he finished it quickly, as if it was his last thing to do in the life. And got up.

Scene 4
Sharp 12 noon. He took his favourite BSA SLR and started the 'journey'. He went to City Centre to buy just a refill for pen!!! then went to Elite Super Market to buy a note book ;-) and proceeds to Immatties book shop to buy 'best in the market' low quality rough papers , then to Radhakrishna hotel.

Scene 3

This is the time to do the memory test, He thought in mind.
He listed down the number of item to buy. Seven items; all were tiny needy things like refill for pen, note book, low quality rough paper like so and so. And made rule that not to buy more than one item from a shop. He made a map from items to buy to relevant shops around Thrissur Swaraj Round (it's diameter is around 1.5 KM) He kept the list in his table and wait for 12 O’clock.

Scene 2

“So You must have to go Shop today”. His Mother insisted him.
“Ohh Mom … you know right… I am a busy person. Just now only I came back from library. Need to meet couple of people for donation to buy some more books.” George continued, “Further more I have a lot to study”.
“Study? What to study ?”, this time his mom surprised , “Never see you in front of book after joined in Engg college. Don’t tell any more excuses”.
“Ok fine I will go then”.
This is the time to do the memory test, He thought in mind.

Scene 1

“Now it is your turn”, Mom said on the Saturday morning.
“Turn for what!!!”, Surprised George !!!
“Last Saturday Raju carried lunch for your father.” She explained.
“You are the one to do it today”. She insisted.

Saved the same story in the normal way as comment "Old blog Said...".

"What is the meaning of your name ?". Asked one interviewer.
"Joju doesn't mean anything. it is just a name". What a fool I am to reply like this.Doesn't that clearly mean that I am a meaningless guy!!! No wonder why I was not placed anywhere in early stages.

But after that interview, I had tried to find the meaning of name. Yeah, I was literally correct. Joju is a just name. I was very sad that my father gave me a name without any meaning :-( May be he has an expectation that I'll make a meaning to my name.that is a really good motivation, isn't it?

Anyway I continued the search for why my name is Joju? Joju is a short call for George, my baptism name; received from the name of my grandfather. if you just remove the sound 'r' from George, it is my name !!!George means "Geo worker", a farmer. must be a hardworker. Am I a George ?

Until unless I found something core, I'll not hardwork. May be farmers are also work for a 'core' , funda product, food!!! Whatever, "I" will appear as "George" in this blog hereafter.

Here is one heart shaking flash demo about My Frustrations.

If you want to enjoy some Indian movie...

1) No not expect anything. (Had studied the same thing in Pre-Degree in an English lesson)
2) Do not watch its base English Movie prior to the remake.

When talking about Gajini, I am desperate :-( It is no where near to its English original version, Memento. Imagine, A guy with a short term memory claims that he is clearly remembering the villain and is killing somebody else in the beginning !!! story says that he can remember all the people whoever met him before accident. but here his manager is showing his "photo signature" to make the hero understood their relation ??? why they are remaking movies like this :-(

Only relief is the scenes with Asin, heroine. She acted very well. It is her movie, not Surya's. she impressed us well. The first part of movie, where we can see less "remake section" and more their own make, is good. And a word about Nayanthara. She is not even good for "Number-Items".

S**t, I spend a quite few hours to see this movie first in Satyam, then in Besent nagar with Praseed and Thushara, then in my home town and finally in AVM. I *must* realise that this is not my movie after not getting ticket in first three attempts.

50 journal entries!!! I can't believe. this habit of blogging is started just to improve my language. yup. improved a bit. still struggling to narrate some situation.
Sad thing is that a good habit is diminishing, Mailing !!! blogging is self centered [until unless somebody comments]. It has no personal touch over [just] readers; mailing is good for that, in other hand. But journals definitely helps to log the personal events, as far as I am concerned.(may be different peoples are using it to convey/share thoughts, publish articles so and so). It is just acting as a open diary. somebody can easily track me.[ who cares about me !!!] I think somebody can even predict what I'll do in some particular time.

I am a kind of person with less complaint, more adaptable, I believe. but a few recent events made me unsatisfied. Surprisingly both events were related to marriage of my friends. I had attended one marriage starting from the previous day. a few classmates were also gathered at that time. so I naturally expected a "Old monk". but he didn't arranged it. Finally we bought it. If I had a sixth sense to know this before, frankly, I could have avoided that travel on the prev day. in fact I could spend more time with my sis.

Next one is about the transportation arranged to commute 150 KM, from Thrissur to Calicut. A three hour journey in an ordinary cab ??!!The traveling in that one was slightly uncomfortable. he could have arrange a video coach bus instead of two such junk cabs with a slightly more cost.

If these things happened 4 years before, probably I will not complain. So that means I am getting old :-( Or Should I Follow Buddha !!!!

The problems with those two events were simple. My expectations for some things/facilities. “Aagrahangalannu dhukhathinu kaaram” (expectation leads to worries)

Why people eat so much!!! I really don't care how much they are eating. But what frustrating me is Why they are wasting those much. it is very sad to see a lot of eatables are swiped away to waste basket. a lot of people are dying in hungry. Lot of people are begging for a meal everyday but people kept themselves busy not to mind them. me too, sadly. it is not their fault born in a poor family and it is not my credit born in a better one.

What I can do !!! to stop poverty !!! man .. a lot of people worked , still working for that. They couldn't !!! hopelessly nobody can :-(

Simple thing possibly I can do is eat less :-( waste none :-)