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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

If I were there, I could be part of the winning combination again. Congrats to Bijoy, Raveesh, Bibin, Greeshma, Lookose and Team! Theme... 60 years of Independence, HCL's Transformer initiative. The team was successful to merge both theme to a kathakali face.

Link to my last Onam @ CODC3.

A thought by Ashwin :The 50th Pillion

In short: Share your vehicle space to others. Or do not use 4 seater car for singleton use.If possible, use company transportation.

A Chennai solution

Divider all over the road+ Traffic police + Good automated signal system.

A Singapore Style solution:

Private Car tax : 250%.
And they provide luxury buses(plenty of them).

Tail: If Tata's 1 lakh car hit on road...?!!!

Just a few words about this മലയാളം നിഘണ്ടു.

You may type Manglish patterns to search for the meaning. Please make use of Manglish Keyboard provided in the site.

"Find meaning" to get the meaning of Malalayam words you typed.
"Count" button is for counting the number of letters starting by what you typed.

Offnote: it was my dream 6 years back to build a dictionary.

...a Malayalam Malayalam English Dictionary on Thiruvonam.

Kid is famous for his policies/arguments in his big family.

It was a summer vacation. Kid and his cousin was playing പാമ്പും കോണിയും (Snake and ladder game) in the hall. As usual Kid's Grandfather took his umbrella and was ready to leave home for opening his shop. He asked Kid's cousin to close/lock the front door after he leave. So obedient cousin stood up and started walking to door behind Grandfather.

Kid was disturbed between the game and shouted towards the cousin: "നില്‍ക്കടാ അവിടെ (Stop)", he continued, "Why should you obey your grandfather".

All aunts, uncles, cousins present in the hall were stunned ! How dare the Kid to shout these nonsense.

Kid made his stand clear, "Did our grandfather ever obeyed our words?!!"

A smile appeared in his grandfather's face. and also awarded a "coffee-byte" while he returned from his shop.

Quarter finalist on "The Cup" KingFisher 5-a-side corporate football

Beat CGI, Herman Miller, PMC Sierra ; lost against HP in the quarter final.

One year back I had a decent fight with an atheist. She is doctor and a Christian too. She don't believe in Virgin Mary. Whether she believe it or not, it is none of my business. But I failed to understand her reasonings.

Her reasoning : "A woman can't deliver a baby without intercourse". (Yeah even cloning require a male's interference)

My doubt : "Then how was the first human born?" (കോഴിയണോ കോഴിമുട്ടയാണോ ആദ്യം ഉണ്ടായതു?)

All atheist "believes" in evolution. It says that intercourse by two monkeys resulted in the begining of human being era. That too millions of years back. Even they don't know 'how many million years?'. They are just guessing. they are just believing so. no proof.

They says that their great grandfather is a monkey.We 'like' to believe that our great grandfathers are Adam and Eve.

The most funny thing is that Human being have 46 Chromosomes, and the apes have 48 !!!? One can't be a descendant of another!

"sansar main bahuth kuch cheesam hain jo insane ke samaj ke bahar!!"(Dil chahta hai).

Even a doctor don't know how a human life starts. If they knew, no couple would be without children.

Happy Independence Day!