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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Argentina lost against Germany :-(

End of my World Cup 06.

Read what Jesus says:

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."
John 13:34-35

And his definition for Love might be difficult to follow :-(

43:"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.'
But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?
And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."
Matthew 5:43-48

But he was not just blabbering. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!!!

34:Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
Luke 23:34

what I meant to say is that Baptism is not the first or final word to become a Christian.
kurachu bhuthimuttannu. It is a bit tough to be a True Christian:-(

In my college (Pre-degree) days, I astonished when I got a Christmas greetings from my first crush (DD). It was like a cool breeze. I felt like… Ok njan chalamakkunilla… let expert do their work yaar. Hence, I am copying a beautiful song from John Denver.

You fill up me senses like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses come fill me again.

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you, let me always be with you
Come let me love you, come love me again.
-From Annie’s Song ; John Denver.

In short I felt it like I got a letter from Heaven. I had not even talked to her before. But I suspected that she had also a crush towards me. So, naturally I was happy to receive a letter from her. Ambdi kalleee. I rushed to share this experience with my friends. They were also very excited and forced me to write back. They suggested sending New Year greetings to her.

I was much exited. I thought about getting money to buy. If it were for Christmas, it would be easy since I only need to do some minor adjustments while buying the cards in bulk. So, I was so sad. At that time my friend told me that he had a spare New Year greetings card. And he had given it to me. While I was writing the message in that card, suddenly a smiling face of my friend came to my mind. It was unusual.

I rewound all events back. He suspected that I have some feelings towards her much early stage though he is not sure. He was not my close friend. Yet, he knew some bits and pieces. Was this his play? I wound back his smile again and again... yes. There was some crookedness. He was a miser in first place. Still he gave a New Year card. Ok, he may share things with me, I agree. But how come he got a 'spare new year card'? We usually don't send New Year greetings alone!!!

I didn't take much strain to find the similarity of his smile with that of Siddique/Jagadish in "Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran". An old Malayalam movie; Srinivasan was the victim there.

If he didn’t force me to send a card…
If he allowed me to buy the card somehow…

...This blog might be something else.
...There is a minor possibility that she would be mine like in that movie!!!

Yeah I know I was a bit late ;-) here goes Dhanush's Tag.

5 people who top your shit list….. and why:
No one in this hour or day; hence nobody.
But in General,
1) People who waste so much food in hotels.
2) US for trying to intrude into other nations
3) My uncle who treated his children separately ; resulted in ...
One of his son still holding just a pre-degree though he was the highest mark holder in my BIG family both in SSLC and Pre-degree.
4) Girls/Women wearing sexy dresses(I like to see them, but hate the person ;-)

5 Close brushes with death/danger:

1) During my Pre-degree days, nearly escaped from bus tyres
2) Once from a new dividers set in the middle of Thrissur round; Thanks David, Your breaks were powerful than Samson's Disk Break at least for that micro second, I felt.

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

Not interested to suicide, may be afraid of or I can manage sad situations in a couple of seconds.

5 Guilty pleasures:

1) Sleeping after lunch; SMT simply says "Remember, GOD is watching all these"

2) Calling my friends at mid-night; hey 11.30 is not a mid-night.

3) Smell my hand after meals with fish curry.

4) Switch on my 'Bose' whenever I get time; most likely early morning to disturb SMT ;-)
Do you know, I was very happy when downstairs neighbours were complained about its bass. paisa mothalaayi ;-)

5) Just watching movies; see the real picture here.

5 things you never want to forget:

1) Promod sir and his family for their complete support.
2) Year 1996. Most remarkable year in my life.
My potentials were used a lot in this year, I believe.
3) My job hunts.
4) SKP and my students.
Last but not least:
5) My friends from childhood to till date for their unconditional support.

5 things you wish to forget:

enthoram mistakes aa ee jeevithathil chaithu koottiyittullathu...
(Done a lot of mistakes) but minor things... I forgot almost all.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried

1) Fish cutlet cooked by Ammachi (my mom)
2) Beef curry by her sister
3) Puli chamanthi by my brother
4) Meen chuttathu by Ammachi. see my lips.
5) Chicken Tikka anywhere

5 crushes/loves in your life…

JJ (JJ crush on another JJ; cool isn't it)
AS (this might be... not a truly crush; just a illusion.)
DD (First Crush: Actually I targeted CSE, B.Tech bcoz of her ;
thoughts of her motivated me to become something)

All above are just funny crushes; I havn’t even talked to the first and last ones.
still it is in my wish list.

Adding some serious crushes ;-)

Kajol and Bipasha Basu ;my favourite "Dusky"ies.
Hope that Ajay Devgan and John Abraham are not aware about this blog :-)

5 Strangest dream you ever had:
1. To earn 28 cores;
Still it is a dream only and sorry I am not doing anything for that.
I don't know how I got a figure 28!!!
But I would like to get married at 28.
I would like to score 28 run in an over.
only 26 and 24 are the top two scores in an over.

2. To became a civil engineer. Now there is no way.
But I did an Architect's job by designing the front door of my house.
Most likely I would like to draw the plan for my own house sometime.

3. To build a Malayalam spell checker;
half way through even 4 year before; Now I am idle.

5 most valued personal possessions:

1. BSA SLR; sold it out without my knowledge.
Yamaha Crux R (David) / Bajaj Avenger (Samson) .

2. This blog; I love this blog too much, so I might be shutting it down soon. (Snehichu kolluka ennu parayum)

3. My mobile; Nokia 1100. - It is my reminder system+ Alarm system + SMS system to schedule or cancel morning football game and occasionally I use this device to call my Mom.
This device has a good fault recovery mechanism too. I have tested that product by dropping it at least a dozen times from my pockets.

4. My PC, Intel Pentium I, 100MHz; it is still up and running even after 8 years.
I would like to call her Neucy. She nearly executed 20000 lines of Code for me and have crashed (seg fault) at least 10000 times by running my programs alone; faults of Windows excluded here.

5. My Watch, which was gifted by my uncle after 10th and for the last 2 years I am not using it. But still it is running. Oru amaantham pidicho ennu samsayam undu. ( I doubt it is running slow now)

5 favorite superheroes….. and why:

Phantom: The concept; Hide and Act. and keeping the legacy.
Spiderman: only after recent movies. many times if wished , if I were a Spiderman(especially @ traffic jam ;-)
Terminator: Again that movie impressed me a lot.
Kapeesh : A Poombatta fame monkey.
Luttappi and Puttalu from Mayaavi Stories. (Feel sad to see Luttappi in trouble)

To the person who usually sat next to me on Sunday classes for 12 years, from the first standard onwards.

To the person whom we usually call white-devil. He was unusually fair in our childhood and his thoughts were extremely violent (both positive and negative side)

To the person with whom I’ve started combined-study for the first time.

To the person with whom I’ve started Library Administration and its renewal.

To the person with whom I have watched around 20 movies in theater.(counting only in the academic year 1996-97). We don't have any count for rented CDs on the same year, say nearly 50.

To the person to whom I wish to meet at least once every day. 6*340*2 is our count from 1996 to 2001.

To the person whose reply was always "nokkam"(let me try) means 'done'; after that you may forget what you have asked him to do.

To the person to whom I was forced to teach “Rajavinekkalum Raja bhakthi venda” ( Do not be more patriotic than a king). His over commitment made me to say so… several times.

To the person who always discuss about his one and only crush with a single person in the world.

To the person who is always happier than me on my achievements.

To the person who always advised me "wait for your time, relax!!" after each interview.

To the person with whom I can tell… whatever !

To the person who is ready to listen for whatever I tell. May be he might have heard the same thing at least 5 times already.

To the person with whom I’ve eaten Bajji and Milkshake the many times.

To the person with whom I’ve watched Thrissur Pooram at night for the first time.

To the person whom I usually call at 12.30 AM for the last two years to just enquire in pure Thrissur accent “Enthekindra ghedy” ( Dude, how do you do !)

One day he got married. Two busy days before his marriage; handling the crowd and say hi, ‘F5’-ing the friendship with the relatives, friends, colleagues and boarded the train back to Chennai on the same night. Suddenly, it seemed everything got blurred. From the people I know in the house to the strangers in the train. From the busy schedule to the killing silence of traveling alone.

For a second I felt…
I’ve missed him a lot. He’s become an integral part of someone. I can not call him at mid-night. Now, it is someone else’ right to get his time.

For a second I felt…
envy, a bit anger, a bit sadness and a feeling of being complete lost :-( …all in a second!!

What a devil am I? And deserve a name ‘Brown-devil’ like my childhood buddy ‘White-devil’.And one and only one who deserved to call me so.

He is Ranjit John, better known as ‘Johnettan’ by his B.Tech classmates.

a.k.a Birth of an Argentinean Fan

20 years back. I was a 2nd(or 3rd?) standard kid.

"Common wake up", my 'father khan'(*) screamed at around 2AM (or 3AM?).
"Hey, what are you doing in this night?"
"I told you yesterday that today you will have to wake up early"
"Really I don't remember. what’s so special ?"
"Today Argentina is playing against England"
"Let them play… what is to me?"
"You forgot! Need I rewind everything? I told you about Maradona right? If you are going to miss this match, it would be a great loss. Maradona is a great footballer like Pele. And he is in great form…"
"…Common… Gincettan, Joemonchettan everybody is there… Wake up"

I was not interested to disturb my cool slumber with sweet dreams of playing with Boris Becker and Stephi Graph. We were playing against Becker and almost on the verge of victory. Graph is a good supporting player …you know ;-) Dad disturbed that dream. Umm… However, I accompanied my father to Valiya-thalam, biggest room in the home where we kept our TV.

My uncles, cousins… everybody was already there. But a few were near to TV doing something there. A few were sitting in the sofa and giving ‘instructions’. One guy was standing outside; visible from the room. He was screaming something looking upward. I wondered what my cousin was doing out there. Everybody was making comfortable noise.

"John ...",A weak but clear voice from the corner.
Pin drop silence...
"...why are you late. I was waiting for you. This TV is not working", ohh my Grand father was also there in his easy chair.
"Appa(in uttermost respect), I did a round of check yesterday. it was working fine. May be wind is making problem...I'll check it.", my father (*)
He went outside and screamed "Who is there!! ohh pauly !!.. eda... do not put that antenna straight to that mango tree .. a bit up and move left of that tree. it should point to between that mango tree and coconut tree.. did you put ?... nge?(what?)...nga(ok)... Gince (my cousin sitting near the TV) that working...better ??? ..ok..Pauly ... move that a bit up... that Ok now?". Though the picture and sound is not so clear we were ok with that.

The game had already started. A few of us were Argentina fans, a few were Brazil fans (my father belongs to this league), a few were Germany fans and a few were on Spain’s side too. But I couldn't see any England fans. So, all eyes were set on Maradona. For the argument sake one of my Spain fan uncle turned to English side. I was surprised that … was this shortest guy Maradona (the great)!! But I astonished by watching his thighs. hammo!! it was as big as little 'george'. His speed has impressed me a lot.

A few minutes later I saw side-referee was waving a plate with a number and one guy with that number ran towards him. What happened to him? "Will referee give him any punishment? What wrong he did?” little George enquired his father. He told “Coach is replacing that player, he might have felt that that player was not playing well”.. Yeah, he was correct that referee changed the plate with another number and that player got into the ground.

The first goal itself made all of us cheer like we being Argentineans. They screamed "Goal...goal", I couldn’t see that goal very well. But I also joined the party. "Kathayariyathe Aattam kanuka" (watching Kathakali without knowing the story).Other players were running towards Maradona spreading their hands to celebrate the goal.

"Shut up...". My grandmother, "...why are you making so much noise in the night. if you want to watch the game..keep quiet..otherwise leave the place." My grandmother woke up.
"Amma, Maradona scored a Goal". For a moment she might have got angry for Maradona. She became cool, however. She was a woman with sports (wo) man spirit.
A winner of 100 meter race, in high-school-district-level. But she didn't know Maradona though she was indeed happy to see all her 'aan tharikal' (male offsprings) were assembled to watch this game. While she entered the room, my uncle exempted himself from sofa to thara (floor) and she comfortably occupied the place. Suddenly somebody jumped into her lap calling "Ammamma (grandmother)"; her grand-daughter, my cousin. "ohh you too Meril" grandmom was surprised to see her enthusiasm.

Discussion about the first goal went on for a while. Why England players had appealed against the goal? What was the wrong in it. "Did Maradona play offside?" My uncle expressed his doubt. (14 hours later TV news declared that was a Goal by the Hand of GOD!!!)

Game went on and was interrupted for a few minutes by an Argentinean player-change. A new young player, No:28, jumped into the field. He looked too small. Camera focused on him. Oh man… it is me. George +10 Argentinean players that includes Maradona the football magician. wow !!! I was running towards Maradona spreading my hands and jumped into his waist.
"Goal ..what a goal ..", Dad shook my head and I woke up. Maradona scored a second goal. I had missed that goal too.

I had not realized that I failed to witness the Goal of the Century!!!

Did you miss it? Watch the last goal of this clip.

Surprised to see my post title? Here is the Adidas TV commercial; Jose +10, worth watching.

* - It’s my freedom to call my father by any name (even in front of him and his brothers). But...

Do you know why I am sticking on to the present company where I work?

It’s nothing but the ’Exit interview’ phobia. By any Chance, If I failed in the exit interview, I won’t be able to attend the same for the next 6 months ;-) Only God and myself knew how I got into this company. I had appeared for 18 unsuccessful interviews to get a good company to work for. Faced interview board from 12 major IT companies and 6 not-so-major companies. I had tried all the 18 tricks (pathinettadavum) and finally I heard "you got through; we would like you to offer..." Sorry I don't remember what he said after that.

Due to the busy schedule, most likely in the Library (only in administration not as a reader), Cricket, CLC etc, I had never imagined about sitting lonely. Once I had to face a ‘suppli’ (acronym for supplementary exam) in my life for the first time. Surprisingly that was my favorite lab- DS lab- I worked a lot for this. Do you know that I still keep its rough record. I loved that lab and I failed in that lab for getting some garbage values on the output in addition to the actual output. It was a ‘forgivable’ mistake, I would say. But that young lecturer didn’t consider that fact. Still, it didn't push myself into sad or lonely mood. Problems have piled up after the campus placements had begun.

I had nothing to put in the resume; no strong academic background; my marks had always swung between 68 -72%. The only asset was a consistent interest in C. Only plus point was a small C++ game. I couldn't even appear for around first 8 walk-ins since their expectation was very high. More than 75 % or 80%. pusthakapuzhu companikal ; just working in Java, DBMS, main frame etc. My dream was to get into a Unix/C oriented firm. I laughed at those giants. They just didn't deserve a 'brilliant' employee like me. I said in my mind. Ahankaaram; athente koodepirappanu.
But it grew up faster up to 6 feet 5inches while I had joined to GECT, itself. But I was just 5'5". Even though I failed to make the first few interviews, he was taller than me.

At that time prestigious companies arranged interviews at Abad plaza, Cochin. I wished if I could have been there for at least one interview (most of my classmates had appeared for interviews there. At last my turn came up. But I never expected it before. 3 interviews in two days. Entha sambhavichathu; entha nadannathu; oru pidiyumilla (I couldn’t remember what happened and what I did). Now, only thing I remember is that they (Abad) were playing Yaani’s live at acropolis in the background (in the reception, in corridors). I love those songs, especially “rain must fall”.

After my first interview(s) I couldn’t look back; I was sure that I’ll pass the written exam and I’ll reach up to the interview. I was sure that she (Abad Plaza) was waiting for me. Probably my technical talent and/or analytical skills were improved. Or all better guys might have got placed by that time. Anyway I became a regular visitor to Abad. Sometimes, I had to wait for longer time for my turn. Tension, tension, tension…; dhoodh peena mein tension; Sometimes I felt to scream at those ‘junk’ Yaani songs. ”rain must fall” appeared like “fire must fall”.

In a few occasion I was the topper in the test. Imagine how much I would have struggled - NOT to pass those interviews :-( Most of the time I was alone. Most of my friends, classmates were placed at that time. Take my ‘T(ea)’-mates; everyone got placed, except me. Take my cricket team; everyone got placed, except me. Take this; take that; everyone got placed, except me. But I was glad to represent my college all the time in interviews. My mind went blank after each interview; once I had even walked around 2 or 3 KM from Abad plaza to Mathrubhoomi Junction. (it could be even 4 or 5 KMs) . I didn’t know the exact distance.

On the way, I saw St.Antony’s church. Ini ippo ivide namichillennu venda. Many times I had walked in front of the church, never bother to get inside. Once I get inside, it was around 9 or 9.30PM. Nobody where there except a family. Very clam atmosphere. I could feel the gentle breeze on my face and my mind became cool.

What could be wrong?

Yeah, I did a few mistakes in technical side. My communication skills were poor. (junks !! they know only Queen’s and Clinton’s English. Poor guys they don’t know the stylish Thrissur accent; I am not blaming them since it was even not understandable by the people from the other part of Kerala)

And I analyzed more; it was not a problem of Communication skills only; they were ready to adjust. They were happy to see that I was answering most of the brilliant questions. Hence they were ready to forgive my mistakes. I remember one lady interviewer, Pooja, she did her maximum to motivate me, to bring best out me. But I resisted (njan vittukoduthilaa).

Yeah, problem was with my attitude.

My mind was much closed in interviews. Never picked up the clues; always kept boundary to the answers ( I knew what they are going to ask next; so I protested them not to ask further). I had miserably failed to understand their expectations. I failed to keep my head cool; I misunderstood that they were trying to find only my negative sides. Never bothered to give a reasonable explanation. One important thing is that I was not a fighting guy in interviews. I never tried to argue them technically. Somany times I couldn’t get what this junk guys were talking about? (may be they were trying to provoke me).

You need to feel the necessity of a job from your heart. Else whatever you do, it will not reach anywhere. Most of the time I wished like “God don’t give me this job if it doesn’t suit me”. Tell me, how will I get a job? So I changed my mind; “Ammini enkil ammini” (*).

Though my (present) company is a well-known IT giant in India, I didn’t know much about their work. I was not aware that this company’s client is a giant in internet and I didn’t know that they have a huge OS (5lakhs line of C code; spread across 30000 C files). And I was completely unaware that my job will be sustaining this code as a part of a prestigious team in the company.

One and only once I prayed like
“Oh GOD, rain must fall at this time.”; yes and it was an unexpected heavy rain!!!

(*) "Ammini enkil Ammini" is mallu local phrase : in fact,it is a 'state of mind' ;-)
backgroud:- One guy searches for a Aishwarya Roy kind of girl as Wife and failed. then finally he reached this state that he had to set his mind to marry any girl. Ammini is a local/common mallu name.

Simillar phrse: "inchi enkil inchi"

to be continued...
Part I :Touching 5 years after we split
Part II : Once WE lived there
Part III : Changes
Part IV : Hostel Life

(Releasing soon...)

Lonely, tough times :
My interview stories in short (just 3 pages only)

George +10:
Birth of an Argentinean Fan

One second envy:
The moment I felt envy (just for a second).

Dhanush's Tag:
A few secrets, my favourites

Confession of an Engg. Graduate
Title says it all.

My editors are busy. I thought... at least allow them to work.

(Athinayannu njan janichathu; satyathinu sakshyam vahikkan)

2000 years back; A busy morning at Gabathe ( a Roman auditorium).

Jews, led by Caiaphas - the High Priest in Sanhedrin and Annas- another priest and father-in-law of Caiaphas, were waiting for Pontius Pilate, The Roman Governor, to prosecute their ‘prisoner’.

Pilate: Do you always punish your prisoners before they have judged ?
What accusations do you bring against this man?

Caiaphas: Well, if he wasn’t a malefactor, we wouldn’t have brought him before you.

Pilate: That’s not what I asked. Why don’t you judge him according to your own laws?

Caiaphas: Consul, you know’s unlawful for us to condemn any man to death.

Pilate: To death ?... what has this man done to merit such a penalty?

Caiaphas: He has violated our sabath. He has seduced the people … taught foul, disgusting doctrines.

Pilate: Isn’t he the prophet you welcomed into Jerusalem only five days ago?
And now you want him dead?
Can any of you explain this madness to me?

He was referring to the Hosana Sunday.

Annas: your Excellency please…
So far the high priest hasn’t told you this man’s greatest crime.
He has become the leader of a large and dangerous sect who has hail him as Son of David!
He claims that he is the Messiah..the king promised to the Jews.
He has forbidden his followers to pay tribute to the emperor, Consul.

He beautifully changed the meaning of what Jesus had said about tax:
“Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.”
( Daivathinullathu daivathinum, Caesar inu ullathu Caesar inum kodukkuka. )

Pilate: Bring him here ! [I desire to talk to him alone]

In fact, Pilate was surprised to see that Jews were chained their foretold King!

Pilate to Jesus: Drink… (A Ruler's decency to other King)
Are you the King of the Jews?

Jesus: Does this question come from you or Do you ask me this because others have told you that is what I am?

Pilate: Why should I ask you that ?
Am I a Jew?
Your high priest, your own people delivered you upto me.
They want me to have you executed!!!

Are you a King?

Jesus: My Kingdom is not of this world.
If it were, do you think my followers would have let them hand me over ?

Pilate: Then you are a King ?!

Jesus : That is why I was born. To give testimony to the truth.
All Men who hear the truth hear my voice.

Pilate : Truth !!! what is truth ?

(Back to Gabathe)
Pilate: I have questioned this prisoner and find no cause in him.

"Shall, should, should have, should have been... why all these things yaar", SMT seemed so confused one day.
"’Should is enough, right?" he added.
"I'll kill the person who introduced all these nasty grammar". he couldn't control his rage.

Yeah, this was a common problem for both of us. So, I decided to start bloging. But the hidden agenda was to improve the grasp over the Queen's language (what that King was doing then ?!!!). Occasionally I have sent my entries to Bijoy for editing. I just wanted to avoid huge blunders. So he was the first person who used to read my post. I think he has never visited the URL Hence, there were no comments on this blog from him. Recently he has shifted his biological clock to 12 hours back from IST. Yeah, He is in US now.

I asked him to enquire his manager about all the possible chances for me.
But he never did.
I offered him to cook all the day.
It seemed he was not impressed with my offer. I even offered him punctual delivery of bed coffee.
No change.
He hit me on my face.
I didn't reply. In fact, I told him to hit more if he wishes.
I told him I'll make oil-less Chicken65.
rakshayila !!!
Finally, he left for US without me :-(
(P.S: if you could find this conversation similar to that of the movie, "Akkare akkare akkare", it is NOT a mere coincidence, I did it purposefully ;-)

I continued to write like

"Today onwards, Malayalam...only English"
"Achu, I make make vegitable curry..."
"nothing (difficult)... take vendakka(ladies finger)..."
"cut.. cut ... cut small pieces"
"take onion ..cut ..cut ..cut .. small pieces"
"take cheena chatti (cooking pan)...put it in the Aduppu(gas stove)..."
"put some coconut oil .... put some kaduku manies.."
"..little curry veppila...(then) kadukuvara kadukuvara ...kadukuvara...
"take vegitables ... put it in"
"put little chilli powder... little malli (Coriander) powder... little curry masala powder.."
"little uppu (salt)...close it...curry ready.. go"

I couldn't find any difference between Urvasi in "Achuvinte Amma" and myself.

At that time Anoop has offered his kind helping hands.

He wanted to make this blog technically perfect. So he doesn't like a single mistake in each post. After he has started editing, he has also vanished from my blog.He took tremendous pain to make it a ongoing success. I almost fainted down when I saw his edited document (with track changes) for the first time. If it were my corrected answer sheet, indian Railways could have used it for stopping a Train !!!!!

If you could see the last few entries as beautiful like a Technical document, it is all his effort. He deserves a BIG CLAP.

Footnote: The above said characters, along with me, share a 1500 Sq. Ft. living space in an old, dingy apartment in Vadapalani, Chennai (They call it Tinsel Capital of South India).
Take a look at Anoop's Blog: adventurekid