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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Sorry...Life is not a Mime. whatever !!!

You can do anything on a mime. Want to fall in love !!! yes of course !
You want to propose the heroine in your own dream way... yup go ahead.
You want to re-join your heart broken by her ? Why worry... it is so easy.

Just change the script !!!

The same thing we can not do in the Life :-(
There is no Undo button ;-)

You have to carefully design the system and sadly 90% of things are out of your control.

If you knew things before it happen, what is the thrill on it !!!

That is the beauty of life. You can not predict it. face as it is !!!

George went for a shopping with his roommates to T.Nagar, Specifically Saravana Stores. it seems that every chennaites are spending 20% of their salary there;otherwise they need to spend 25% somewhere else. Items are so cheap to resist buying it. And George was a bit sad to see that his rbk chappal cost 250 less there :-( .The only man who didn't get a shoe of this choice might be his room mate,SMT ;-) I don't think that he could buy a shoe from somewhere else in the world.

Met my old student there with her mother, last time she was with her father. Is world too small ??
"Mother..this is 'George' sir ...", is she still shivering !!!! (FYI lab session were a bit tough with George; as he will not allow any of his students to eascape with out a quality code)
"yeah, I heard about you a lot...", seems that her mother is also not a step behind to praise George.
"ohh thanks..but I am not a proud teacher nowadays... just a yet another software junk now :-("

Want to see a crowd like Thrissur Pooram !!! come and visit SS.

Salim Kumar did an excellent job. superb selection, Lal Jose !

The movie simply narrated problem of conversion from one religion to another, the problems of over expectations over children, the society behaviours towards victims of brutal rapes, mental state of a middle-class family.

At any moment I didn't felt sentimental, though the theme was! That is the difference while compare to 'Thanmatra'. Personally I felt Salim kumar did a better job than what Mohan Lal did in Thanmatra. Final 10-20 minutes was amazing. You can not say that Salim was either Psychic or normal. He showed the thin line between those two.

Camera was also good and script/dialog as well!!

Am happy to see that Malayalam Movies are returning back in form.

For me if I am attempting to do something for the first time, I feel proud.

If you got succeeded, you can see a triumph on your face.
Otherwise your mind goes blank. you might feel a bit sad.

Yet I believe, no matter what the result was !!! keep going. Be proud what you have done. it is always better to do something than not doing anything.

I have been experienced both feeling in a few different occasions.

A bit pressure is always good. it is really nice to be busy with work. think... A few people are watching you, a few are waiting for your analysis, You are waiting for somebody else’s test result, you are waiting for somebody’s reply !!! it is a good feeling, isn't it.

Thanks Bill, Zulfiqar, Markand for your queries, doubts. Thanks Quang,Praveen,Vijay for your test results; Thanks Steve, Mark,alon,Anish for your support; Thanks Binny, Ram for making me busy with rehearsal for Cultural activities. Thanks Bijoy for calling me for a C evaluation; got a chance to see a good C guy again in company/

It is always good to be busy with something to forget your personal tension, anxiety etc. I always love to do 3 or 4 different things in a day/

"No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."
-Luke 9:62.

While I was in 10th I heard this sentence for the first time from my father.
"Kalappayil kai vachittu thirinju nokkunnavan swargarajyathinnu yogyanalla".
May be he noticed the lack of interest in my studies. It was the right time he had used this weapon. It motivated me a lot at that time. Also Even Now I am using this same old trick to complete something I had started. But surprisingly my dream for a Malayalam spell Checker is on the half way for last 4 years !!!! :-(

We celebrated sports day first time ever @ Nehru stadium. it is just like a collage day events. Around 23 events with 100/200/400 meter dash, high/long jumps, short put, javelin, sack race etc. surprisingly I did participated in 1500 m dash which was not scheduled earlier...and of course with bare boot. I don’t remember that I did anything similar to this in school/college days though I was interested in other games like Cricket, football, tt, chess, carom etc. We could see a good competition between 3 female athletes and 2 Male athletes.

The view from the top of stadium is impressive!!! Also we could see Central Railway station and International indoor stadium from this one.
Most importantly we re-made our college “TaTta TaTta .. eeyaa ovaa G E C” ( mathanga ..ithu engane manglishil ezhuthumadai !!!) . Done the same for our company. !!!

I am too was not interested much on this event since I was involved in a few interesting work and a critical bug as well. Luckily the bug got fixed in the previous day. This is the first time in the company I did neglected the mail threads about events ;-) Anyway Bijoy, Raveesh and all pulled me into the stadium. Otherwise my miss will be a miss ( ente nashtam oru nashtam thanne aayenne ennu ;-)

Current Song: Samayamam Radathil njan .... Is this a coincident ??!!!

George didn't give any permission to somebody to do this. look at his lips; how dare she was !!!

People have been told first experience will cherish for ever. Yes, it is his first experience. First time ever somebody is kissing him. Got a chance to know her curves a bit. Do not misunderstand George. He is a decent fellow and didn't like this at all ;-) intentionally or not happened.

He was driving his brand new Ikon from mission hospital to back home. His little cousin was admitted there for a minor head injury. He stopped the car at the signal near to Sakthan thamburan market. His intension was to drive straight to market as it is the short cut to home. As soon as the signal was cleared he slowly took his car a couple of meter forward, a splendor hit on his left side, and flew into the market!

How dare he was !!! to overtake a vehicle from left side. He was just behind George, coming from the same hospital,(His daughter was admitted there) and going to Thrissur Round. he *must* stop at the right side of the car, if his intension was to go to right side of the signal. It seems that it is all planned by somebody!!! both the parties were busy to return back from hospital as it is 2.30 noon and not taken the lunch. it is just like George went there from Chennai on that morning and gave his car to kissed by a splendor :-(
Not much injury to the splendor guy; just shaken his paint from the knee and the foot rest bent a little.
George didn't notice even a single scratch on the car, but later his mother showed a small pit near to headlight. a 1 cm miss ;-). On her word she can make a "kuzhi-appam" on that pit.

A second kiss happened on next day itself. but in a different way. On the way to ‘Cherthalla’, his sis is studying there, 115 Km away from Thrissur. George had driven around 160KM,himself. The road was very good and dividers made driving easy. And the car is so stable to drive in a 90KM/hr. The surprising thing is that his father, who didn't like to see his son driving above 60KM/hr, didn't noticed this !!! So he steadily raised the speed to touch 98KM/hr.
"Father, did you ever sat on a car which is flying in a speed of 100 ? "
"What ?"
"Nothing, you are going to experience it."
"Da da daa"
Dashboard speedometer safely kissed 100KM/hr. He had tried upto 105. The car was stable!!!



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