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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Yup.. You can add one more to tamil movie fan's count. Yesterday I saw "kana kanden" . A Srikanth , Gopika, PrithviRaj movie. It is OK for a one time watch. PrithviRaj is handling the villain and he done it well. A decent “in-decent” role.
The movie as a whole is far better than compare to new movies in Malayalam. Also it is a motivating kind of thing for tamilians.

May 18th Wednesday
had planned to attend Tanuja's Marriage.( I don't want to miss my friend's/classmate's celebrations.). Got two days leave,But forgot to book ticket earlier. So a journey in local compartment, after almost an year. met a family to Alapuzha with 6year old kid. He might be a good example for proving that TV will make kids more smart as well as naughty. he should be a fan of Rajanikanth, since he made lengthier Rajani style tamil sentences. unfortunately I didn't understand most of them.or otherwise we can make fun on him. Shaji, my roommate was also with me. he slept very early in order to avoid this kid !!!.

May 19th
Reached TDM hall, Kochi at 11am for her marriage. as usual it is the time for "sadya". Marriage fuctions are already over. Dhanush and Raghu did came much before and give much propaganda about my style of attending functions. Usally I reaches the function location at the time of lunch !!! Is it my fault ?? NO ;-) Olny God knows the difficulty to reach the place at least for lunch :-) . for example she had 50 classmate and only 3 could attend the function. And I came from chennai only for this thing!!!! So they must appreciate me , right ?

Returned home with Dhanush, recollected our old days in collage. While in collage at least 4 times I did promised him that I will visit his home soon. still I couldn't make it. But I didn't forget to give him promise that I will visit his home soon :-)))

May 20th.
Played Shuttle after around 2 years with local mates. Even though it was tough for my overweighted body to move around the court, I won 3 games out of 6. Proved still I am fit for fire.
Ohh I nearly forgot to say a word about my brother. that day was his birthday. A "bakery-made" Cake and a "mother-made" biriyani. simple right !!!

May 21st, 22nd sat/sunday
home .. sweet home...
just spend time in home ...TV , movie , pure mallu food and sleeeeeep.

I know...I needn't tell any word about this movie.It is still a evergreen movie!!!! It was released on 1996 if I am not wrong. It ran over more than 150 days in Ragam. But I failed to watch that movie in theater.

Now I Am paying it back. Today I just finished watching the movie for the 25th time!!!!
It may not be a wonder for you since you might have been watched this movie more than what I did.A month before I had read about DDLJ.It says that this movie is still running in some theater in Mumbai. Continuous 500 weeks. and Already beaten the record of "Sholey".

whenever I am watching this movie, I don't want to miss the songs as whole evenafter 25 times.(FYI: Usually I skips the songs whenever I am repeating the same movie). I believe the songs of this movie made it more successful. And of course SRK and Kajol did extremely well.

"bade bade deswam mai asi chotti chotti batti hote rehte hai"

"Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon mein
Undekha anjaana koyi, aane laga khayalon mein
Aankhon ki khidki par ek sayaa sa lehrata hai
Dil ke darwaze par koyi dastak de ke jaata hai
Gehri, gehri kaali aankhen, mujhse mujhko puchhti hain
Haathon ki rekhaaon mein ek chehra sa ban jaata hai
Uski saansen resham jaisi gaalon ko chhu jaati hain
Uske haathon ki khushboo hai ab tak mere baalon mein
Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon mein
Undekha anjaana koyi aane laga khayalon mein."

When I got placed in HCLtech, Chennai last year , I had expected this ... But last march was pretty cool... got rain in regular intervals ... I misunderstood the chennai whether. rather I may say 'underestimated the power of hot chennai sun'.

This May is really hot. not even dare to go out of canteen after lunch for a sleep in my room(FYI: it is too near- just 3 minute walk). I am very much fearing that I might turn out to ashes. with comparatively high humidity, the sun makes life more miserable here.

If you were here, You might feel that you are inside a burner !!!!!!

you might think about some nasty thing. but I am going to tallk about something else...About my nose !!!! Big NO .Nothing special I could find in my nose.

about my belly... ???? YUP. what is in my belly ? it is just like everybody's belly. But it was a special one almost 15 moths back. You might feel that it was touching my back bone !!!At that time, even after a heavy meal, my belly did not reflect the matter. My mother always says it was just like an "aalila". May be I got this kind of belly through an inheritance... from my father. Even in his 40s, his belly was like an "aalila". I was proud on my nice behaving stomach.

ahankaram ennallathe enthu parayan !!!!
"Paarambharyamayi kittiyathinne dhaanamayi kandu ahankarichu" ;-) [ contesy to Devasuram]

There is only one thing to blame. I and my profession !!! always sitting, eating, sleeping job. Not even to use head most of the time. being an "oottal" [ service sector] company, I didn't face much tension. No exercise , No physical games !!!
It took only 3 moths for me to get software professional's belly. I must proud of it, right !!!!

Now my belly is touching the wall before my nose touches.

Next Blog : UPS down

it happpened on two days back... I was in a meeting room for a technical training.when meeting was almost over, the light suddenly turned off. So the trainer concluded the session quickly and we came out the room.
We saw an amazing scene.. every body in that floor are standing and talking to the person standing in next cube. At first we couldn't understood, what happened!!!. Then soon we came to know that everybody machine went off. UPS down for a milli second !!!!!

Even we couldn't open the door to go out. Finally we 'escaped' through the emergency door. Next question is where to escape ???/ my machine was also down :-( So everybody came out from their cube and instantaneously we formed a big Q in front of our 'Butterfly' Tea Machine.

It happened on CODC 1 too in the morning. Same thing happened on evening here in CODC 3. The UPS is from the same vendor. Went wrong on almost same time. Is it a co-incident ???

Its a joke cracked today.

After Lunch we some mallu's happened met in my cube. Alex,Binni, Raveesh, Sujith.
Read the talk happed between us.

A:- Manju innu 'B'ye kure kaliyakki. Queen ennu sarikku parayan pattathathinnu.
C:- Avan sramikkanjittalla... parayan pattanjittalle !!!!!
D:- Enthokkeyayirunnu.. Qyuin, qeen, Kueen... Pavam 'B' kure bhudhimutti.
B:- (trying to escape by a usual mallu statement)
Ohh njagal pavangalanne .. enganeyenkillum jeevichu pokkotte.
E:- See.... athannu "poor" English.

Of course .. 'B' is neither I nor Binni.

Y'day Anilkumar- friend of shaji- came to Chennai, for Visteon interview. He came, got-selected, gave party, gone !!! He is a man of good personality, driven by emotions. When I came to know about his past history .I just amazed. "Was" a drug addict !!! married while he had a salary of Rs5000 ONLY in Bangalore. Expert in Hardware. Now he is a father of Amrutha, Going to an employee of Visteon with CTC 5 lakhs.

Today I went to Kumarakam - A mallu restaurant- with Syam. We had called Shaji too. "chidayan" he didn't came. Had a nice meal. Slept around 4 hours. I hate sleeping like this in noon. But I was too tierd after a heavy work with delicious meal and travel under hot sun.

Past Two weeks I was busy with Azealots Programming competition. The questions were Text book oriented, well known Algorithms. But it is interesting to solve/code the problems.
First week question was based on Shortest path problem.
This week question is based on a Max-flow-graph. First time I am reading through this kind of algorithm. But managed to implement a recursive version of my own. Not sure that it is same as any other well know implementation. But I designed this thing my self. The first implementation went into a "finite-infinite" loop. That time I experienced the power of discussion again. The problem was solved after discussing with Bijoy :-)
Now waiting for third week question.

Here is the link for competition.