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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It is a company with "Freedom based on trust". Absolute freedom to net, chatting, mailing, blogging, Movies, games anything. Nobody is watching you from behind. We are keeping an unwritten rule not to do all these things in Business hours. Thats all. We needn't go anywhere else for computer related thing.

Everybody is very friendly. Will help you on everything (not only on request, but also in need basis). No work pressure most of the time. Hike is around 15% to 35 % depends on your experience and performance. gets a lot of time to do self study , if you want !!! Activities like Onam celebration, mime, Quiz, discussion aliases.

Personally, I am staying near to office; 5 minutes walk to room. May sleep after lunch. Flexi-timings. Good water, good food, good roommates. Playing football on morning in weekdays. Going for film on weekends. daily old movies under review in room on my PC. Jokes, hot discussions on hot subjects like politics, religion etc. May be this is the reason behind I put 20 Kg.; slightly overweight now.

Currently extra responsibility in interviewing people; more over they promoted me as Lead Engineer with a 30 % hike. Tell me ... How can I change the company?

It is already late to update this here. I got two consolation prizes for Azealots programming competition. It was a 10 weeks long competition, one question per week, separate prizes in each week and a final grand prize. I stood 8th in week-10 competition and 20th in week-4. Got a T-shirt and Cap respectively. See old blog here.

More over the prize, it was interesting and good pass time. It was a good way to avoid the boredom of bug fixing.

Also registered in Google code jam. It is a tough one. Only one day competition. Didn’t get much time on that day. Was busy with project priority :-( It is a rare thing in this company. Still it happened on that day. So I was not in a mood to try it out.

Not really mine. His Alto !!!

Briefing the story...
Today I happened to see Mr X's mobile in silent mode. (not revealing X's name on his request). Its new kind of Nokia Mobile; I don't know how to make it normal mode. So I tried my level best to change the mode to normal. while experimenting, I saw the previous call history and found that he dialed to "My Alto" most recently. I wonder who is Alto. He has no car, no dealing with car, no friends in Alto car company as far as I know.

I asked him about this. "Ohh its my Would be", he said. Why he put her name like this ? "Why can't you put it like My Ford or My Hyundai", I was curious.

He calmly said,"I am expecting only an Alto from her father."

Nice Logic, isn't it?


... to My Dream

"Many of life's failure are people
who did not realize how close
they were to success when they
gave up" - Thomas Edison

Chicken !!!!!!!!!!! My favourite dish through out my life. Beef has only second preference. If you "grep" my orders in a hotel, you will see Chicken in all lines. Chicken Tikka for starter, Hot and sour Chicken Soup, Chicken Fried Rice, with Ginger Chicken. I am really sad for not getting any Chicken Fruit Salad with Ice cream anywhere.

From my School days itself, (it is related to Kerala Christian culture), I restrained from eating meat items on Friday. So, obviously Chicken was included in that list. But nothing can stop me from eating Fish and Egg all days including Friday. Most of the people in my team, know my menu by heart. While my team plans a Dinner or Lunch on Friday, I used to just ask. "Guys, is it really on Friday. Confirmed ?!!! ". they know what I exactly meant. So, they will prepone the party to Thursday !!!!!! with a comment "Let Live Chicken on Friday"

Needn't tell much about the growing tennis star Sania Mirza. I agree that she is hot. Really HOT.Popular tennis player after Maria Sharapova. Everywhere here you may see her photos as wall paper, screen savers etc. But what motivating me to put her photo in MY blog is her attitude; attitude towards game, career and her ambition !!!!

One day I happened to see her match. 4 -5 months back. I liked the way she was played. her returns, placing were really nice. But her serves are not so good.Even though she lost the match, I was really happy to see an Indian girl on a good fight. 2days back I read about her, her target setting. She set a target of 100 while she was at 467th rank. Reached 167 very soon, Still no body thought that she could reach her target. Then while she was in 132nd Rank, she just raised the target bar to 50. Now she is expecting to reach in 47 in next rank list !!!! What will be her next target ?????

I went to Anish home on this weekend, main purpose was to see his son Aaron, a three and half year old boy. Heard a lot about that kid from Anish and Ramesh. BTB I am reporting to Anish in my organization, a Mallu guy, He is very jolly and technically an expert in the team. If he left the team, 25 % gone. Ramesh is my PL. yet another 25 %.

Ok Back to Aaron. When I saw him, I just said "Hi Aaron". He was so happy to see that I know him. Immediately he become my friend and started playing too. He is like that; open to anyone. He did the same thing when Raveesh joined us.After a round of play, Raveesh offered him a bike ride. Aaron was so interested to experience it. But Anish was not permitting him. Then the kid gave an offer to his father.

"Please pappa, I'll bring you an Ice-Cream while I return"
What an offer.

The story is basically life_of_a_college_student ; Wakes up lately , mother compelling to do some work; going college; late in the class room; making problems to teacher; meeting the lover; offering love; second hero came in between love; hero in sad; they sees heroine is going with third hero; both are sad; finally they find another girl ; running behind her ; END

Here Binny was the first Hero ; He was in stage 95% of the time. Done Extremely well
Meena - heroine . she needn't act. well experienced in the real life.
Me - Second Hero, friend of hero.
Dhanalaksmi - Teacher ; only 5 % in stage ; but got it was very catching performance.
Pavithra - Mother, another couple in the park, student
Sujith - Another couple in the park, Bath room door, tree
Arun - Mirror part, Third Hero
Raveesh - Shower(he named after this role) , Tree.
Ramkrishnan , Shiva -- bunch, tree, door.

Binny is requesting to sleep again to his mother (Pavitra).
Others are idle.

Take a Bath before going to college; Raveesh is the one with one hand up(shower), binny in front of him; two doors ; rest are resting

after a bath ; Make up; Only two are in the virtual stage; Binny and Arun; Arun imitating Binny in a mirror style.

Class room Seen; Binny is now standing idle; yet to join the class.
Teacher Dhanalakshmi is reading the notes; others writing.

This is a park seen.
Binny is requesting to forgive him for being late;

Dhana, Pavitra; idle
Raveesh , sujith; tree
Ramki and Siva; bunches.
Me ; idle

I am offering rose to Meena; She asked my heart back as she already asked to binny.
He is watching this scene behind the trees; Meena threw away Binny's heart and keeps mine.

Again trouble; Third Hero (Arun) offering his life ; Binny showing the scene to me. He is happy now ; am sad and frightened. she thorws my heart and keeps Arun's. and went with him.

After that we are so sad; and console each other; saw other girl; run behind her;
Then a final salute;

Thats it. Uday and Prabhu were laughing like anything.
"it is just like a professional performance" Their appreciation.
Yes ; we were; Done a good amount of practice for this.

See My interests in My Profile. You may see "Acting ; not in movies"

My friend had doubt that what does it means !!!! let me explain

It is fun to perform something in the stage. Acted in Drama while I was in 6th standard.
Performed many skits in College Class.Fun Kind; most of the time.

But I enjoyed Drama in real life. But it will take a lot of time to narrate. let be brief. One of my friend(Ali Akbar) threatened me and Nishad for some reason. After a minute of talk/analysis with Nishad , we understood that he is trying to fool us. But we are NOT sure.He might be correct, we were confused. From that point we started acting to know the truth and fool him on the same coin. It was a 36hour long drama. At the Climax, he just stared at us.Not even said a word. This is the biggest drama I ever played.

Ok Leave the past. Here in HCL, I had played a role of second hero in a mine; in front of Associate Vice President ( Uday) and DGM (Prabhu) of the company.

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