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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It started since 'I don't know'; but little George happily participated in Crib 'development' along with his father and cousins. Once George took ownership of this while he was in +2, and got no price, but learned important lession. "Do not wait for the last moment".

Just a 2 min power failure (short circuit) caused a disqualification. Next time he carefully finished all electric work much before and done a round of testing too. And won first price for the first time. Remaking of mini Roman city and a live volcano (thanks to his brother,Raju, for the stunning idea and implementation) attracted many in the parish.

From 1997 to till date he won 3 first, 4 second. there is no competition for last two years. Do you think George and his brother are the only people behind making of crib. A big NO. Father is the all time key player. A good support from Mother to make a hand-made paper-star and paddy fields. Sister is good in transporting tools and materials on demand and ofcourse good in cleaning ;-). Raju loves building palaces in cardboard, helps to make landscape. George, happily builds thermocol building, pulkoodu along with mother and once he built a ship that rows its oars by the help of a mini-motor( translation of rotating motion into linear motion ;-) . it took around one month for research until his mother impatiently asked, "ithu vallathum nadakkodai", Will it ever going to happen ?

I am getting bored of writing all this, don't you? So see our works (mostly re-works) here

First time we are participating in (they are conducting) a crib competition in CODC. Lookose, Anand, raveesh, Bijoy,Sujith, Paul, even Syam , an outsider, did a shoulder to shoulder work to get it done. The result was amazing. here is a view from a unique angle.

Click flickr to see our work.

This time it was a competition to wish her. I never thought that Raju migth have wish her @ mid-night. I was just 10 minutes late :-(

I don't know when we started wishing her (or father/raju/minu). but one thing is sure that the chapter in 7th standard influenced me much. there ( where ???... there :-))) .... there a little boy give a different gift to his father !!! I forgot the actual story though I am trying to continue. he rose up early in the morning around 4 am and he helped his father by milking the cows and cleaning the farm house so and so ... on the morning his father was amazed to see all these things . he wondered who did all these things and was so happy to see his son did it as a birthday gift for him :-) the catching photo in the chapter is the boy with a candle.

Similarly we woke up in the morning @ 5.30 and lighted a candle in the dinning table near to her birthday cake and kept a the greeting card too. and simply acted as sleeping. she usually gets up @5.45. She was surprised to see all these things and called father.he amazed and first suspected me !
"Is it Joju !!!"
"No no ..he is sleeping"
"yeah he only. ezhunelkkada "
---Start of Yet Another remarkable day !

I don't know why I am so excited this time. I am just counting down the days to go home. may be because of multiple reasons. My brother is coming from Bombay after 6 months and sister from cherthala after 3 months. And also planning to buy a new Ford Ikon Flair. totally excited !!!!

May be after long time. usually I count down the remaining hours as soon as Chemistry exam over. next day Maths I ,noon Maths II and go varantharapilli, mom's home, where I can play with my cousin, enjoy the beauty of a village, enjoy the fresh air,play in thodu (a small river) and.... the home made rice. you know... it was so pure that made us to say our grandfather that we will not go there if he stops harvesting. that much we, the city people, loved that soft/fresh meals :)

footnote: life stills goes on with out without ....
The village is now changed to a kind of town. fairly polluted. the surprising thing is that the road got tared !!! I ( my father as well) never thought about this thing in our wildest dreams :-)) . The sad thing is many people(including my grandfather) stopped harvesting in the field :-( we had lost an opportunity to play hide and seek in the ara (where the paddy stores) along with nice food.

It is amazing to see Taj Mahal, correct ?

But you can appreciate more if you knew that it built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz. More interested ? Taj Mahal was constructed over a period of 22 years, employing 20000 workers. It stands on a raised, square platform (186 x 186 feet) with its four corners truncated, forming an unequal octagon.

The more you knows about some thing you will get more interest. :-)

What prompt me to write this !!!
I had seen Achuvinte Amma . It is a Yet Another nice film in Malayalam.(Cast :Meera Jasmine, Urvashi and Sunil). Songs are also very good.But I got more interested on these songs after hearing these songs with an introduction by its Director(Satyan Anthikad).He simply narrated how the Music Director(Illayaraja ) created those songs. his efforts, his first melody with a trail lyrics. I am sure that you will be impressed more.
"Shwasathin Thaalam... Thennal Ariyumo... Poonthennal Ariyumo
Mounathin Nadham... Veena Ariyumo... Mani Veena Ariyumo"
listen it here

May be that is the reason why I liked Jackie chan's Movie. You may see the shooting of stunt scenes after the movie. Those impress many people.

Once Melvin had told me about the difference between calling something with and without name. Yeah It is a People management strategy. If you call a person by name, he will be more happy. But Mel was used a different example to prove it. In Discovery Channel, while they are giving running commentary, they just say one deer is running for its life from a tiger. cool .. we just enjoy the seen of tiger chasing that deer. at the end, tiger is catching the deer on its neck. wow what a move by that huge tiger. fantastic !!! Aren't we happy to see that? we can appreciate the photography and other things too.
But things are different in National Geographic Channel. They are giving name to that deer and tiger. and changing the commentary as "Sherkhan is chasing poor little Pintu ....". We are so sad to see that scene. at the end, poor Pintu is brutally killed by cruel Sherkhan. Aren't we so sad to see the broken neck of Pintu ??? There the different lies !!!

...I would like to say that it is a mere wastage of time, money and energy :-(

Watched Anandabhadram with Sandeep today. A Santhosh Sivan Movie(Director of Asoka) !!! As expected its photography is amazing. He did a superb work on Raja Ravi Verma's Paintings to make it visualize. If you take the movie as a series of 5-15 minutes clips, it is fantastic. It is good to see some good graphics work in Malayalam Movie.

But as a Director, he must know how to win the heart of audience. Otherwise, at the end of noon show some people like Sandeep might say, "We could have sleep in the room either !!!". Correct. I too felt the same thing.

I felt a bit desperate and decided to revisit, one of the Tom Hanks movie. 'You have got Mail'. I watched it at a stretch again, may be after 12th time !!! This is one of the movies that won my heart :-)

I need to think 2 times whether I should allow this guy to enter into my room.
Or even if he enters, I need to make sure that he is busy with something else.
Or I need to adjust with these kinds of activities from him

This is a Cartoon by Syam. weekend visitor to our room, old schoolmate of Bijoy and Shaji. Working as a Graphical Designer in Prasad Labs, One of the leading Movie Makers in Chennai. If you saw a stunt seen in 'Ayuda ezhuthu' (Tamil version of Yuva), the man behind the graphics is this guy. Also published some cartoons in Malayalam News Papers in his name.

footnote: He agreed with me that he will draw Shaji's cartoon in a Dinken Style.