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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Enjoyed Easter in Home again. Played Cards with Uncle/Cousins , Fought with Sister. These are the main items I am missing while in Chennai. Thrissur is also getting hot just like Chennai. My
skin colour is turning to black from brown :-(

Back to room.
Roommates are just waiting to see what I brought from home. we finished off Meat-Cutlet as soon as I reached the room. Wine -- we postponed to have after dinner. This time I fought a lot to get Pickles from "ammachi" , a different one from my mother - meat pickles!!! . She told earlier that until unless I brought the bottles back to home, she will not give pickles again. As usual I forgot ;-)

I couldn't see my PC in room. It had a problem with its RAM. So my beloved "sahamuriyanmar" (roommates) sent it to repair.

Then might wonder who my room mates are!!!
Bijoy MC , my old B.Tech Classmate... working in same company.
Shaji VS , Bijoy's Old schoolmate ..working in Visteon.
Pankaj, Working in my team.

Missing you ma...
title says it.

One Second Envy !!!
Did you ever felt envy to your best friend? I felt it. what a devil I am :-?

I forgive my father
Bangalore trip by Avenger gave me a chance to forgive...

Greetings to my Daughter
My daughter; with out marriage; How did the postal dept. found her?

Girl in the church Choir
I saw a lovely girl @ church

Lonely, tough times
My Interview stories.

OS installed
Got married or kya?

A Child's mind
Yeah...Children are too innocents ;-)

Hostel Life
title says it

George into blog
Why I became George.

Quitting Cola
I hate Cola. why ?

Touching 5 years after we split
our get together series.

March 23, 1931. Cost of our Freedom
I salute Bhagath Singh

Respected Sir
I love teaching

Calling... My Alto
one moment I ROTFL @ street

Reverse Offer
See how can a child gave an offer to his father.

Other side of coin...
A serious issue.

Short term memory !!!
Am I a Gajani ?

I-have-driven-my car !!!!
I owe to my father for his patience, effort put on me to teach how to drive.

First Kiss, George !!!
first experience will cherish for ever.

What I've done for my society ?
title says it

On the penultimate year of bachelor-ship...
My wish list. I wish to complete this before marriage.

Did I ever plant a tree?
Did I?

Life is like that Part I, Part II
Thala vara

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If I was Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness. Because I am busy with fixing bugs !!!
---edited on 11/01/06---

If I was Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Faisal was a senior in GEC , Thrissur. 98 passout-Mech . It is nice to see seniors around the same comapny. Had a chat with him for a while. He has been working here for 5 years!!!!

He also worked with Tony Davis ; my cousin; ( he was also my senior in GECT, 96 passout , EEE). FYI: I am a GECT passout , 1997 - 2001 , CSE. Currently working in HCL Technologies, Chennai.

Just created a blog now. Today my work was a bit boring.

am going to home today after a long 2 months :-). usually I visits home once in a three week. Planning to roam around with Ali akbar in Thrissur-my home town.

just stopping now.