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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Enjoyed Easter in Home again. Played Cards with Uncle/Cousins , Fought with Sister. These are the main items I am missing while in Chennai. Thrissur is also getting hot just like Chennai. My
skin colour is turning to black from brown :-(

Back to room.
Roommates are just waiting to see what I brought from home. we finished off Meat-Cutlet as soon as I reached the room. Wine -- we postponed to have after dinner. This time I fought a lot to get Pickles from "ammachi" , a different one from my mother - meat pickles!!! . She told earlier that until unless I brought the bottles back to home, she will not give pickles again. As usual I forgot ;-)

I couldn't see my PC in room. It had a problem with its RAM. So my beloved "sahamuriyanmar" (roommates) sent it to repair.

Then might wonder who my room mates are!!!
Bijoy MC , my old B.Tech Classmate... working in same company.
Shaji VS , Bijoy's Old schoolmate ..working in Visteon.
Pankaj, Working in my team.