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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Have you ever had a strong feeling of fear at a time when you are shifting to another city? You might be surprised to hear that I am girded with a strange aura of fear following my decision to shift to the Garden city of India. Yes…I am moving to Bangalore… Sorry it is Bangaluru (or something ) now. That is the difference might be.

It was not the same city that it was 4 ½ years back while I was hunting for a job. It was a lovely city then. Now, soaring skyline and the resulting pollution has changed the face of the city.…city of terrible traffic jam… cost of living is so high that even motivates common people for robbery … may be they will kill people for a few bucks … Heard that traveling at night is dangerous… even for men !!

Haa… Now I realize the value of Chennai… I was never afraid to live here… one reason is that the (metro) city life here ends at 9. Then City Police takes the control of roads… They are proud to roam around in their brand new Hyundai Accent donning square sirens just like the LAPD(Los Angeles Police Dept). They might stop you in the middle of night and enquire… "what are you doing in this odd hour…go home…”. I was really annoyed to hear such interferences to my personal freedom. I was not aware that they are making my life secure.

Fear… it might be born with me… take simple examples …

Before coming to Chennai I was afraid of the scorching Chennai heat… what will happen if my skin turns black ;-)

While I got admission to Engg. College for computer Science … I thought…Is it possible for me to understand the working of a Computer?... I was afraid about the micro processors…chips…blah blah…

May be most funniest fear is …
4th std boy to his classmate: "Man… from 5th std onwards we need to follow a time table… is it possible for us to follow this…what will happen if some other teacher comes to take her subject and what will happen if I don't have the textbook of her subject?"

silly silly things… but I am better than my old pal who usually get confused to wear his shoes. He usually takes 5 minutes to decide which shoe to wear first …right or left?


Ohhh!!! So you are comming to Bengaluru... "Welcome to Bengaluru"

I always have fight with my friendz and room mates regaurding bangalore(Bangaloru). Well i like chennai the most do u know why? Its the beach which i like the most.. Well what do u have in bangalore other than the giant shopping malls (That too u have in chennai!!!). Is it the climate?? Then yah climate is really good. But what about the pollution as u mentioned??? You are welcomed to the garden city!!!

So are you moving to Blore?