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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

What is this? Ice Cubes? You might be wondering that this lake is at northern pole !!!

If you happen to take a short cut from HAL Airport to Bellandur Junction, you will never forget this lake and the bund road. The first reason is the stinky smell as soon as you enter to a small bride over lake side river. The village men wash their buffaloes, cows etc in this lake side area. And I guess, they have no shed for their cattle. so they dump cow dung on this lake. What you see in the picture is a kind of foam formed due to a bit heavy stream of water from the lake to this river.

Second things is the beauty of sky at evening, mist spread over the lake and of course a cool breeze...and how long this lake would be here in Bangalore? As long as someone thinks 361 hectare is good enough to start an industry!!! Somebody says that there exists a small lake in Koramangala. Now it is a sports village residential layout. [link]. Did anybody see it?

Third reason is that you can escape from Marathahalli signal and Samson's odometer indicates that this short cut saves 2KMs.


you are rt on the money da. i can see a lake slowly disappearing from my office window.