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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Many reasons for people to get closer. or United. Here is a reason.

Monday morning I had got a call from my mom saying I must go to home that weekend. Reason- My Uncle was coming. yup. "machan" was coming from Dubai. He might have brought something for me. I thought. No train ticket in this last moment. I had thought about general compartment. NOPE. Last time itself it is more than enough. So I decided to travel either in volvo or cancel the journey.
Any how managed to get a Volvo ticket, costs Rs600 and a traveling time 13hour as per schedule. It started at 7.25pm and stopped at 10.00 for dinner. After the dinner I just circled around the bus. and noticed that 6 flags were painted on its body. Canada, US,UK, Australia, India and Pakistan with caption "Unity in Integrity" !!! I don't understand what unity is existing between these nations.

We continued traveling. This is my third time in Volvo. I had felt that this one was better than former two. They put some movie-Rush Hour 2- already seen twice. this time also I had completed the movie with a semi sleep. No Movie-No missing. That's my policy. Close to 1pm , I felt that AC is too much. still I didn't complaint. Like everybody I also thought that why should I ask them to reduce it. paid 600 mann. Let me utilize it ;-)

6 O'clock in morning, the bus was just jerked and driver stopped the vehicle. I thought that bus was collieded with something. No . It just breaks down. -somewhere in Coimbatore -in between some unknown villages. ... I checked my Mobile ...ohh its Gandhipuram. I had called my father and told this breakdown story and nobody else was around. Also added that I am in Gandhipuram. He might had wonder that How I knows about these places. ( my score in geography was very less !!!!).

after waiting a 1.30 hours people started arguing with authorities. it was a well show of "unity"!!!! Anyway reached Thrissur at 1.30. late by 4 hours :-(