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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I know...Bangalorians are spending pretty much money in Geysers. I don't think that I can take a bath without hot water in bangalore. But here, in Chennai, You needn't any such instrument to live. In fact, you need some reverse mechanism to a take a bath.

One day , in early May this year, I felt that somebody connected Geyser to our flat.( some kind of centralized Geyser system !!!!). The reason behind is that I got hot water on 8.30 AM while I opened the tape for a might think that I am trying to prove that I usualy wakes up atleast before 8.30. Or Are you thinking something else ???? Am I trying to prove that I am talking BATH !!!!.
No need of proof. What-e-ver-you-thi-nk-is-no-t-my-busin-ess. Ohh I am drifting away from the topic.

If water is so much hot at 8.30, when the sun is raising here? It is around 4.30AM. Only my guess. I never saw dawn in chennai. (please don't ask did I ever saw dawn in Thrissur ;-). But I can very well say that 6.00 AM in chennai is just equivalent to 8AM in Thrissur.

Many time, temperature here touched 42 degree at noon. Sure, you will sweat like a pig. definitely you need a one more round of bathing. After coming back from office ,say 8PM, give a try to bath. You might feel that you are in a hell. Hot Water shower again :-(

So... you have two choices. preserve one bucket full of water for the next bath. or if you are lazy to do that (or even forgot to follow this rule) , choose second. It is nothing but to agree with a mallu proverb "ushnam ushnene shanthi-krishna". (kadapadu -kalyanaraman).