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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I don't know why I am so excited this time. I am just counting down the days to go home. may be because of multiple reasons. My brother is coming from Bombay after 6 months and sister from cherthala after 3 months. And also planning to buy a new Ford Ikon Flair. totally excited !!!!

May be after long time. usually I count down the remaining hours as soon as Chemistry exam over. next day Maths I ,noon Maths II and go varantharapilli, mom's home, where I can play with my cousin, enjoy the beauty of a village, enjoy the fresh air,play in thodu (a small river) and.... the home made rice. you know... it was so pure that made us to say our grandfather that we will not go there if he stops harvesting. that much we, the city people, loved that soft/fresh meals :)

footnote: life stills goes on with out without ....
The village is now changed to a kind of town. fairly polluted. the surprising thing is that the road got tared !!! I ( my father as well) never thought about this thing in our wildest dreams :-)) . The sad thing is many people(including my grandfather) stopped harvesting in the field :-( we had lost an opportunity to play hide and seek in the ara (where the paddy stores) along with nice food.


Hey Joju....

Thanks for droppin by at Rumbling. The Pallikunnu I belong to islike 2 KM from Kannur Town. May be there are lots of Palli( Church & Mosque ) at lots of Kunnu (hill) around Kerala ;).Have a great Holday Season :)