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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It started since 'I don't know'; but little George happily participated in Crib 'development' along with his father and cousins. Once George took ownership of this while he was in +2, and got no price, but learned important lession. "Do not wait for the last moment".

Just a 2 min power failure (short circuit) caused a disqualification. Next time he carefully finished all electric work much before and done a round of testing too. And won first price for the first time. Remaking of mini Roman city and a live volcano (thanks to his brother,Raju, for the stunning idea and implementation) attracted many in the parish.

From 1997 to till date he won 3 first, 4 second. there is no competition for last two years. Do you think George and his brother are the only people behind making of crib. A big NO. Father is the all time key player. A good support from Mother to make a hand-made paper-star and paddy fields. Sister is good in transporting tools and materials on demand and ofcourse good in cleaning ;-). Raju loves building palaces in cardboard, helps to make landscape. George, happily builds thermocol building, pulkoodu along with mother and once he built a ship that rows its oars by the help of a mini-motor( translation of rotating motion into linear motion ;-) . it took around one month for research until his mother impatiently asked, "ithu vallathum nadakkodai", Will it ever going to happen ?

I am getting bored of writing all this, don't you? So see our works (mostly re-works) here