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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Day 1: Submitted the application through an Airtel sales guy.
Day 2: Waiting for Day 5 to use “The Great Airtel” Broadband connection.
Day 3: count down 2
Day 4: count down 1
Day 5: count down 0.
Where is the connection? Ok… lets call them.
He said that my address proof was not complete
(What the hell he was doing for the past two days... I wonder)
Handed over BSNL postpaid bill.

Day 6: A call from Airtel.
Application/Address Verification done.
Assigned the phone number. Oh.. So fast.

Day 7: A call from the same sales guy; said my BSNL bill was old.
(what he was looking for while I handed over the bill? )
[a query appeared in masala-mail-group in the company about airtel.
Suggested this agent’s number.(I feel sorry now; his “Day-1” started)]

Day 8: collected the complete rental agreement.
Where is he? Nobody there to collect it.

Day 9: Hello Hello…ohh man ..pick up the phone.

Day 10: Let’s try from somebody else’s phone.
He picked up the phone and wondered hearing my voice.
Claimed he was on leave.
He came and collected the "address proof" . I didn’t bother to ask him the purpose of this one
after verification is already done.

Day 11. Where are the wiring guys as he promised the previous day ?
Try to reach him. No answer. 1…2…3…4…calls. No reply.
Day 12:
1..2…3…..4……5……6……calls. No reply.
Got a call from him; said that the Airtel DP box in my building has 6 connections
and 3 were already assigned.
Why can’t he assign 4th one to me?
That’s the problem … he said that the box is not working!!!
Ahhh… what the other 3 persons are doing then.

Days 13; he promised he will send the person today.

Day 14: 1…2…3… calls.. No reply

Day 15: Already fed up; or I forgot to call him after giving endless tries.

Days 16: He called; send the wiring person. 2 and half hours wiring works.
(unlike what he said it is a matter of 1 hour).
Still no Telephone modem. What to do with just wires? To hang myself to death?

Day 17: yeah it is today.

By a frustrated Future Airtel user.
PS: My first Business with Airtel !!!

Part II => Airtel Magic.


Joju, this was really funny actually !! :-)

but ya, these airtel ppl just get on ur nerves sometimes..

Why do u go for the airtel wala if he had irritated u. Go for the bsnl broadband and be happy :).

Really interesting.. even I had applied for airtel broadband, may be 1 or 2 months back. They promised me that they will do some feasibility analysis and call me back. No one called me. And I dropped the idea of going for airtel. Great customer service indeed!!