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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Have you ever watched a movie 4 times at a stretch in 24 hours? I did.

DCH was the last one I watched in such a passion (First two were Manichithrathazhu and DDLJ)
And one dialog stuck in my mind is…
“apna bag pack kar. Mein sid ke saath khadi me thera inthezaar karronga”

We - Myself, Bijoy, Melvin, and Vikas couldn’t think much to plan a Goa trip the moment we saw the movie. But we landed up in different parts of the country after passing out from the college. Palakad, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. We never happenened to see together for 4 years after our graduation.

Now we three are in Chennai and one in Bangalore. So our heart were beating fast as the Deepavali long weekend was approaching. By character, my classmates were already put name to us. Nobody ever took time to name Vikas as sameer. And our the main headache was to arrange truck for his return trip… :-)

Suddenly, the plan was changed with a happy news …Vikas got engaged with Roshni on Deepavali Sunday. So we cancelled the truck booked for him.!!! And Anoop joined us.

Needn’t tell much about Goa. But a few things to point out.

Goa is a place very much like Kerala with Beautiful beaches. And never miss Palolem beach.

Sun, Sand and plenty of Skin !!! what else you want? The sunset @ Palolem is an extraordinary one. Also you will get a fairly good sun rise too !!! (Palolam is a curved beach). You may live in shack which is facing the beach. What about a ride in fisher men boat to see Dolphin island, Butterfly Island and Honeymoon beach? Oh… you want to fish? Get up early and go with them. Only your laziness to wakeup early will be there to block you!!!

Remember one thing. Don’t be in hurry. Everything is slow there. Surprisingly I took 2 and half hours to finish a scoop of rice!!! (my min speed to have a full meals is just 10min). It is very nice to enjoy the shore with a cool sea breeze on your hair. No wonder why these story writers are spending their time with sea. But for us reason might be different. Put a cooling glass to hide the moments of your eyes and simply sit down there. You will never aware about the time machine :-)
where is she going >>>

Foreigners are less complex than what we think. They just say “Hi How are you” unlike we keep our face serious. They wear two pieces while relaxing in sand is just to differentiate their skin with sand. Otherwise ‘bloody Indians’ might walk over them. Sorry the bloody Indians attitude is not from them. It is common in the restaurants. Only Indians could think like so!!!

Frankly I got a bit bored up with Goa. May be because of two reasons.
1) I don’t have any girl friend or spouse or whatever.
2) I was already relaxed. In the sense my work rarely demands busy schedule.

In short, Do not plan Goa trip much before. Are you held up with some dirty job? Did you finish any hell release? wanna some peace of mind?

Yes that is the right time to fly Goa. Don’t forget to call your girl friend too :-)


Illatha girlfriend-ne engane undaakkaanaa maashe.. Pinne Goan trip ente oru dream aanu with some of my classmates. Athu enthaayalum nadathanam. Kurachu relax aayillengil sheriyaakillaa... :) Cooling glass enthaayaalum edukkan marakkilla!!!

Thanks for dropping by :) I was in Goa last year, got bored too, nothing much to do but the beach.

hey nice article,we are goa freaks too (up to 7 times a year) mainly the north where the action is specially at club cabbana with its bikini nights on friday evenings and not to miss the massage by younus at Bosco's shack at Baga.Also varca in south is a good place to chill and write or think at peace and yes carrying a cellfone is a bad idea. Anuj