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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Author believe that with out C programming language he can not live. Fact is that he didn't complete(even started) any great work in the same. hence he himself called YaSJ. Now his parents is in a search for a partner for him.

The problem is... how to kick start a talk with that girl.

After a round of discussion, 'budda dakkal' (TCR version for old people, means parents!!!), might ask 'YaSJ': "We guess you have something to ask/talk to the girl, havn't you?"

Reply:"Yes ofcourse" (a bit worried YaSJ)

What should I ask?

what about a 'viatnam colony' style "entha peru"(what is your name?).
or what about "Shobha, Shobhayude perenthaaa?!! (Shobha, what is your name?)
No no is all old fashion.

Anyway made sure in mind that I will never ask "evidaa veedu"(where is your home?) standing right inside her home.

So decided to chat with my cousin. Here it goes.

Cousin: "nee oru thamaasha paranju thudangu... "Hotel aanennu karuthi oru vridhan..." ormayille?
Reply: "Done"

Cousin: "college-il line undaayirunno ennu chodhikkedaa.."
Reply: "undayirunnu ennu paranju kettu enthinaa veruthe alle!!!"
Cousin: "Yaa yaa"

Reply: "entrayaa mark ennu enthayaalum chodikkilla"
Cousin: "ayyo thirichu chodicha nee kudungum"
Reply: "athaa... pinne serious ayyi enthenkilum chodikkano?
njan bhayankara serious aannennu chumma thonnikotte"

Cousin: "pinne randu C/C++ questions chodhikkeda... vivaram undo ennariyande?
Reply: "there you are...I have prepared one, very good question"

here it goes

"How to reverse a string in place?"


I think you should avoid C/C++ questions. What if she counter attack u with "what is the botanical name of rice?" sort of questions.. poyille maanam?? :-)

Haha... very good!

ennittu enthundaayi? :-)

@LF: no way..maanam onnum povilla... ariyilenkil ariyila ..athreyeyullooo ;-)

@Jo: athu chodikkenda aavasyam vannilla!

C/C++ okkae ippo vendadae.. adinallae honeymoon enoru sambhavam irikunnadhu ;-)