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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Bangalore !!Famous for gorgeous girls. Nowadays I am not even bothering to visit MG Road or Brigade Road for “Chick hunting”.They are right in front of me, in flocks. In the company, near my apartment, they are everywhere :-)

I have noticed those 3 cute girls walking down the lane near to CV Raman Nagar; they talk like dolls. Do the dolls ever talk? I don't know.On the other day, I found them near BEML gate, carrying a bag on their shoulders…they looked like school girls. Is there any school near by?

The way they enjoy their walk reminded me of my “good old” school days. No tension about anything… Just take the school bag, ping my friends on the way to school, form a group, talk about whatever we like, pour comments on the girls walking to Infant Jesus Girls (only) High School. Those were “fun packed” life.

Does this girl belong to any college or something? Oh… who cares? Yesterday, I met one of them in my company itself. Wow... she is not a college girl. “Charmmam kandal praayam thonnilla. Santoor aaryirikkum upayogikkunnathu”.

Other thing I noticed about her is that the way she ogles at men. And she is a half-mallu too!!!. I appreciate her interest in morning walk to company...around 3KM ..may be more. Among those techies who are lazy to walk, she is an exception. Nice girl.

The story doesn’t end here. Mallu girls might be a centre of attraction everywhere! While sipping an orange juice on the terrace, we (a gang of mallu guys) saw her walking near to the Bagmane lake! Then one guy, he is a “Polymath” (Walking encyclopedia) described about her day-to-day schedule. Lunch at Punjabi dhabha or cafeteria, evening walks to the lake with some boys and chat-items on their money. So, I’ve added her "morning walk" to update his database.

The most surprising info about her (for me) was that she is an intern in our company. Just a final year UG student of some college. $H!T... I overestimated the magic of Santoor soap :-)


praayam kurae aayqlloo dey.... ee vaynookaal onnu nirithikoodae ;-)))

vaaya nokki nadannaal pore. athu nattukaare koodi ariyikkano.

venda mone ...venda mone ....