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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

On that morning Kid & his whole family were very happy. 'Kid's Uncle got a job in a Bank!' Kid and his cousins forced their uncle for a treat. How could he reject his nephews' wish? But he was in trouble because he had no pocket money. He had just got his first job. No custom of pocket money existed at that time in the whole family.

However he had a collection of coins in his kudukka. He saved his money by several means.

Daily source: By walking 3-5KM every day he saved 5 paise bus charge (That was the student concession at that time). 5 + 5 =10 paise per day (up and down journey)

Deputation source: Grand father had a general store. Once in a while he used to sent his younger one there on the pay of one Masala Dosa plus tea. So it was a chance to save precious 50 paise by avoiding tea. He could also save 2 Rs by avoiding Masala Dosa. 'But some people live for food'.

Application Form Source: Had sent many applications for Job. Some applications never reached it's destination point.(saved 1 Re each)

So he packed all his scheduled 6 nephews + unscheduled 3 younger cousins to Hotel Bharat for his grand treat. Kid and gang lavishly ordered Masala Dosa, Vada etc. When Kids were going on ordering something, uncle was calculating the remaining money in his pocket. At one moment he realized that he had no more money for the tea or coffee for all. Kids were fastly approaching the finishing point of Dosa.

So he arose. Before Kids think about tea, he said "No money for Tea yaar". He continued, "while waiter ask for tea/coffee just say you don't need". and understandable Kids agreed with his suggestion.

After a while waiter came and inquired about beverages.
Uncle started asking one by one...
"Gince, do you want coffee ?... no!",
"Joe, do you want coffee ?... no!"
All Kids said 'NO'.

Then comes the million dollar order from Kid's Uncle !
"well .. coffee for (other) 4!"


Expect More J... :)

Onnum manassilayilla mashe ...
And dont use the word kid anymore , it doesnt suit you...

I am not a kid now :-) but this event happened while I was a KID; 15-20 years back stories.

why dont you write something in pure malayam (like kodakara puranam ) so that it will be more interesting...

enikku puranam parayan ariyillanne