Yet Another Software Junk | മറ്റൊരു പാഴ്‌ജന്മം

If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

you might think about some nasty thing. but I am going to tallk about something else...About my nose !!!! Big NO .Nothing special I could find in my nose.

about my belly... ???? YUP. what is in my belly ? it is just like everybody's belly. But it was a special one almost 15 moths back. You might feel that it was touching my back bone !!!At that time, even after a heavy meal, my belly did not reflect the matter. My mother always says it was just like an "aalila". May be I got this kind of belly through an inheritance... from my father. Even in his 40s, his belly was like an "aalila". I was proud on my nice behaving stomach.

ahankaram ennallathe enthu parayan !!!!
"Paarambharyamayi kittiyathinne dhaanamayi kandu ahankarichu" ;-) [ contesy to Devasuram]

There is only one thing to blame. I and my profession !!! always sitting, eating, sleeping job. Not even to use head most of the time. being an "oottal" [ service sector] company, I didn't face much tension. No exercise , No physical games !!!
It took only 3 moths for me to get software professional's belly. I must proud of it, right !!!!

Now my belly is touching the wall before my nose touches.

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