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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

May 18th Wednesday
had planned to attend Tanuja's Marriage.( I don't want to miss my friend's/classmate's celebrations.). Got two days leave,But forgot to book ticket earlier. So a journey in local compartment, after almost an year. met a family to Alapuzha with 6year old kid. He might be a good example for proving that TV will make kids more smart as well as naughty. he should be a fan of Rajanikanth, since he made lengthier Rajani style tamil sentences. unfortunately I didn't understand most of them.or otherwise we can make fun on him. Shaji, my roommate was also with me. he slept very early in order to avoid this kid !!!.

May 19th
Reached TDM hall, Kochi at 11am for her marriage. as usual it is the time for "sadya". Marriage fuctions are already over. Dhanush and Raghu did came much before and give much propaganda about my style of attending functions. Usally I reaches the function location at the time of lunch !!! Is it my fault ?? NO ;-) Olny God knows the difficulty to reach the place at least for lunch :-) . for example she had 50 classmate and only 3 could attend the function. And I came from chennai only for this thing!!!! So they must appreciate me , right ?

Returned home with Dhanush, recollected our old days in collage. While in collage at least 4 times I did promised him that I will visit his home soon. still I couldn't make it. But I didn't forget to give him promise that I will visit his home soon :-)))

May 20th.
Played Shuttle after around 2 years with local mates. Even though it was tough for my overweighted body to move around the court, I won 3 games out of 6. Proved still I am fit for fire.
Ohh I nearly forgot to say a word about my brother. that day was his birthday. A "bakery-made" Cake and a "mother-made" biriyani. simple right !!!

May 21st, 22nd sat/sunday
home .. sweet home...
just spend time in home ...TV , movie , pure mallu food and sleeeeeep.