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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

This is not an open mail to those who taught me in school/college days. I had written earlier in this blog that this is for boasting only me up, nothing more.

Yesterday ( July 2nd, Saturday), I went to attend the betrothal of Paul (and Emilda) . Ranjit as said earlier couldn't attend the function. I, irrespective of what I said earlier, able to attend. The cost is just a cancellation of Munnar trip with Melvin and Bijoy. Due to heavy rain we cancelled the Munnar trip, but in front of Paul I 'll say that I cancelled this trip just to attend his function. you may take it in any way.

With out Ranjit, I had expected that this function might have boring to me. Anyway Vineeth, Cousin of Ranjit and Paul, was there, that brought me some relief. He was in-charge of a car to drive. Since there in no vacancy in his car, I went in a van to the Church. The Van driver was very good in driving and seems that the route is pretty clear to him. So we reached there so early.

That church was new to me. Even though the church was small, the front view impressed me much. Many people were already reached in church from both the parties. So I started reaching for a familiar faces in that crowed. It seems that a girl's face resembled to somebody I know. But couldn't recollect who she is. and yaa ... another girl standing nearby her also trigger some flash in memory. Still I failed to remember who they are.

"where is this vineeth gone!!!", I turned my face and started searching for his car. No. it is not reached yet. Bash !!!! Suddenly I noticed that a group of youngsters were around me. 2 boys and 6 girls. Ohhh they were my students-cum-juniors in Thrissur Engineering college. I forgot everybody's name other than Rajeev. And surprising part is I even forgot the beautiful faces of my students with in a time span of 16 months !!! too bad :-(

They are the classmates of Emilda's Sister. Means Emilda is elder sister of my student Gimilda. From the talks with my students I came to know that Teaching is the best profession in the world I know. Still they are giving respect to me. May not be fake. I mean need not be fake, since they are not expecting anymore session marks from me

The function went well. had a good mallu lunch. cool...

foot note:
you may call it as warning ; I'll update the benefits of a teaching profession later in this blog.


Teaching is nice; it's my experience that
there will always be a handful of students
who will always appreciate your effort.
But something should be done to make it more
attractive from the monetary point of view -
otherwise the software industry will gobble up all the good teachers.