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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

July 15 Friday

I knew that Paul is coming to Chennai to go to US. His elder sister is living here around 12 KM away from where I am staying. So making use the benefit of flexi-timing, I went there to see off him.You might think that I missed his marriage.; that is why I went there !!!! Nope buddy.

July 9 Saturday

His marriage. This time Ranjit was there to run around and to arrange things. Yet another great function in Lourdes cathedral and a lunch there after in their Hall. I can easily claim that I am the only one attended this function in the category of his non-relative. Ok.. to be frank, i am one among the countable ones. So did I miss his betrothal ?

July 2 Saturday

His betrothal. Ranjt couldn't attend the function. But I was there. Actually My plan was to go to Munnar with Melvin and Bijoy. But cancelled due to heavy rain.added a lot of details in my earlier blog. So what else is missing in Paul's Marriage sequence ?

June 19 Sunday.

Fixing of his Marriage , date and all. That might be a lucky visit. My mother compelled me to meet my uncle; hence I was there in my home town. It seemed that My local network is still working. I got info that something is going on Ranjits home. First I thought that It was Ranjits marriage fixing or something. From another source I heard that Paul came to Ranjits House. So I guessed, it was his marriage fixing or related. that night we went to City Center and Jaya Palace for a grilled chicken.

Thats what I am saying. "With out me , What celebration !!!"