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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

After my seventh semester, I had attended a lot of interviews. A frightened deer in front of some "polite" tigers. The tigers actually want know about the deer. But the deer was thinking that they are going to eat it. This kind of fear conquered me many times in interviews that affected my performance badly. If they were telling me to write a program, I can very well write the best implementation of MY LEVEL. But if they asked me to explain the program or asked why I selected this implementation while there is an another implementation, I failed to explain. May be lack of communication skills :-( . But now I can communicate, Because I have no fear, the clarity of thinking is well improved. Now I am in position to explain why I choose this and why I am not.

The life is going on. The role is changing from one to another. Yesterday I acted the role of POLITE tiger, As a part of our Division's recruitment drive. It seems that one deer trying to eat me. He may not know... what kind of wrong answer he is saying. He was unaware about the trouble questions ahead. Most of the time he forgot that the tiger can eat him as well. Is it a brave movement ? is it shows the confidence !!!!

One thing I clearly understood from these two roles. Don't try to irritate tigers. You may try to explain your arguments in a cool head. try to catch the hints given by the interviewer. Most of the interviewer will not loose their POLITE head, but that doesn't mean that he is still interested in you. So be clear with what you want from the new employer. prepare for it. and aaaask. Thats it.


As a person who did watch you struggle against the tigers, I should say that you did a fantastic job at that time - you never lost your cool. I know you were frustrated. But I don't think at any point you gave in; I don't think you ever lost the spirit.

As you said in the other post, you never expected you could do what you do today. May be your attitude is the reason.

-- Your friend.

You are right my dear friend !!!

As you said, I never lost the spirit and of course I am frustrated. But I am not sure about my "coolness". I got this job only after I changed my "attitude". or it changed gradually.

Confidence matters all above. In my observation, many of Keralites (not everybody) lacks in this matter compare to others. May be because of our “in-born” politeness or others are not aware about the depth of things what they are going commit. Either of these cases, we lost!!! So take challenges, come to the front and fight!!! That what I am trying to do now. Succeeded in many case, still a lot in front :-)

Please let me know if you are not in this list : tony, pce, melvin, tenson, ranjit, joe.

waw...kaalam pokunnathe pokkuuu...hehee so today after all the struggle and frustrations and the joys of finding the right found yrself on the other side of the played the deer and the tiger...a complete circle...well Done !!!