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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness. write a blog on night 2am.
might be !!!. I am trapped here in the company. it is raining outside. No way to go to room. it is nice feelings. Got a time to enjoy rain. Suddenly thought of study some thing. so I am back to seat. Now mood changed.

Work place is not a good place to study, is it?


The best thing I like is to eat parippuvada and tea and watch tv while it is heavily raining outside ..

May be in the office you cant do anything else other than read when you are stuck ;)

Just kidding :)

Studying when it is raining outside? and that too at 2am..Are you MAD (yes, I think you are)

it is nice to watch rain. and it is VERY nice watch it on night while you are sitting in a garden with illuminated light !!! you can not take eye from it. yeah.. you are right.. one can go mad. I am in fresh mind at that point time.(slept two hours and came back to work at 10pm)

Unfortunately there is no 'parippuvada' available inside company. So I took one cup of tea, two cups of water to outside. it took 30 minutes to finish. finally I threw off the cold tea.

why I thought of studying ??? I don't know. may be new work needs a lot to read and it seems it is the best time study while you are in a fresh mind.

But I failed to do so after I came back to 'closed work' seat.I felt so sad to see a dead environment. I *must* adjust with the current settings or it must change either :-(

am I going MAD again !!!