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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

... for The girl in church choir.

Today she got "yet" another recognition for her talent. This time it is for composing music and preparing lyrics for a song along with others. but we just missed her song. it was in the very beginning.

Just a talk happened in my family.

"if you are not started searching a girl for me, I'll find one. But don't blame me if she is a Tam.", once I gave warning to my Mom.
"Marriage !!! Not at all. if you can, find one. I don't mind even if she is Tamil girl", she challenged me. I know what is in her mind. it can be read like this. "Wasted 4 year in Engineering college. taught in colleges, still didn't get anyone. Son... you are only good for playing with children". let me explain in her language. " naalu kollam engg college il padichittu.. verum kaiyode vannirikkunnu. padippikan poyi... ennittu entha karyam. onnineyum kittiyilledai. pinne enne pedipikkan vannirikkunnu. poyi valla pillerayum kalippichirikkadai."

It seems that she don't want to be a grandmother now. What to do!!!

foreground: many relatives gathered this time.
somebody put forwarded my case. and they started taking it seriously. Then I told them. "Don't worry about me. I had already found one in choir. looks ok to me. (our usual comment in code reviews). Only problem is that she is too young. may be around 18. I'll do one thing.ll wait for two years until she become 20".

Suddenly my cousin (12 years old) replied. "you will also get old by two years.. right. then ?". today's children are wiser. They will not allow you to comment something and escape from the situation.