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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I don't what happened last ten days that made me not to write in this blog. It might be because .... nothing happened interestingly those days. I was running behind a bug ... which is new to me-PHS -HA. it is a corner case. i don't know to debug this scenario. so I was just trying all methods I know. still failed :-(
let us see what I can do on this.

Last Thursday, Raveesh came to my seat and asked whether I am interested in Kung Fu or not !!! I was surprised "Where man where !!!".
"in CODC2 - Cafeteria.. Sujith, Arun , binny everybody is going...coming ???", he again asked.
"When", I was excited.
"Now .. at 4.30", he hurried up.
"Great... lets go then".
We already missed one class. The master started the class with stretching exercise. almost all muscles got some work. from toe to head. Also taught some basic kicks. All those things went well until he asked to do some push ups. I am really afraid... I know I can't go more than 10 push ups. I had thought that he might ask for 25 push ups. but he didn't. He started with some basics of push up only. He made us to stand in hand(Push-up mode) around 10 minutes with different styles. that will make our hands stronger. It was good experience. At least got a good warm up to the whole body.More over Master is a Mallu !!! He asked us why we were not tried to learn Kalari ?!!!

We had nothing to say !!!

And now I have nothing MORE to say !!!


Foot Note:
We have a half yearly appraisal on March/Sept end. So this is one appraisal time. Ramesh(my PL) told: "Ohh ..That means I need to take care. I'll inform Anish also. SO tell me frankly..what is your expectation about your rating. Excellent or Outstanding? "