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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

If you want to enjoy some Indian movie...

1) No not expect anything. (Had studied the same thing in Pre-Degree in an English lesson)
2) Do not watch its base English Movie prior to the remake.

When talking about Gajini, I am desperate :-( It is no where near to its English original version, Memento. Imagine, A guy with a short term memory claims that he is clearly remembering the villain and is killing somebody else in the beginning !!! story says that he can remember all the people whoever met him before accident. but here his manager is showing his "photo signature" to make the hero understood their relation ??? why they are remaking movies like this :-(

Only relief is the scenes with Asin, heroine. She acted very well. It is her movie, not Surya's. she impressed us well. The first part of movie, where we can see less "remake section" and more their own make, is good. And a word about Nayanthara. She is not even good for "Number-Items".

S**t, I spend a quite few hours to see this movie first in Satyam, then in Besent nagar with Praseed and Thushara, then in my home town and finally in AVM. I *must* realise that this is not my movie after not getting ticket in first three attempts.



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