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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I am a kind of person with less complaint, more adaptable, I believe. but a few recent events made me unsatisfied. Surprisingly both events were related to marriage of my friends. I had attended one marriage starting from the previous day. a few classmates were also gathered at that time. so I naturally expected a "Old monk". but he didn't arranged it. Finally we bought it. If I had a sixth sense to know this before, frankly, I could have avoided that travel on the prev day. in fact I could spend more time with my sis.

Next one is about the transportation arranged to commute 150 KM, from Thrissur to Calicut. A three hour journey in an ordinary cab ??!!The traveling in that one was slightly uncomfortable. he could have arrange a video coach bus instead of two such junk cabs with a slightly more cost.

If these things happened 4 years before, probably I will not complain. So that means I am getting old :-( Or Should I Follow Buddha !!!!

The problems with those two events were simple. My expectations for some things/facilities. “Aagrahangalannu dhukhathinu kaaram” (expectation leads to worries)



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