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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

He is not... just one !!! he was there with me from my childhood though our friendship become stronger in 1996-97, while we were preparing for Kerala entrance. Almost everyday we meet either in my home or in his home. The known reason is combined study. that is true for most of the time. But we enjoyed a lot of movies (both in theater -best time for English Movies- and as Video cassette), chess, lot of fun. And when we came together for a cause, restructuring our CLC Parish Library, its a golden story of success.

We were there ,together, on same bunch in our sunday catechism, my name was followed by his name in th roll call (it is not maintained by alphabetical order but the joining date). we calls him 'White Devil', since he is so white compared to others, and of course his innocent 'devilish' thoughts.(sorry Ranjit, to remind your old nick name)

Finally, It was his marriage on last Sunday with Resmi from our college, (joined after we came out :-( working in same industry-civil/construction- and in same city-bangalore. that what he is looking for.

One Surprise happend on the wedding day. His chairman gifted him a red Maruti Alto !!!! Thats enough to prove that Ranjit value very much for his company. If somebody is gifting an Alto, it must be from his heart. someone must know the difference between gifting an Alto and expecting an Alto

It was YA marriage organizing experience for me. two more busy days in my life.


Yes Dear Friend..............
That was a very nice period when I had taken the Doctrate in the "Laziness". But we really enjoyed very much the period of time. The satisfaction in the renewal of the CLC Library, conducting the INDIA'S First COMPUTER BIBLE QUIZ, CLC Parish Library Cricket Tournment, BOOK Festival,,,,,,etc etc...........really that is the real Golden Period in my Life along with you.
Regarding the ALTO, now the Company is asking more out put.....GEEEEEEEEEE..........