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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

For me, New Year starts with this day. in fact my_age++;

A few dreams are fulfilled in the last year,
A few are still pending.
A few will be fulfilled on the course of time.
A few others need my whole hearted hardwork.
A few might not be fulfilled in my life.
A few were fulfilled without my knowledge !!!
A few dreams are forgotten :-(

A few gives me happiness.
A few are a surprise.
A few dreams are gifted.
A few are on wrong time.

A few good sleep to see all these dreams ;-)
A few loneliness to enjoy these dreams.
A few long travel to plan the dream
A few self trust to make the dream no more.

A few dreams demand to do something
A few others not to do
A few dreams need your patience
A few others your sudden act.

A few dreams takes long time
A few others take short time
A few takes no time
A few dreams never happens.

Resmi's new year is also starting on the same day !